FEMA/Internment Camps Active in America for Homeless and Dissidents [videos]

A member of the Einsatzgruppe D prepares to shoot a Ukrainian Jew kneeling on the edge of a mass grave filled with the bodies of previous victims. German soldiers of the Waffen-SS and the Reich Labor Service look on.

Thank you, Richard.

I don’t recall if I posted the first video before but regardless, with the flood of new eyes on the Internet on sites such as this one looking for the truth about what’s become of America, it’s the ideal occasion to repost.

The time for denial is long past, my friends. There are millions of Americans who HAVE realized what has transpired; who stole this country and what they have been up to behind our backs to further their agenda, but sadly, far too many citizens have NOT understood the dire straits we are in. It is far worse than most people know, and indeed—almost too late. There is a solution, but that is another story.

The Zionists will NOT be permitted to execute their heinous plans to their full extent, but we still need to stand guard and prevent the terrorism on as many levels as possible.

One might ask how our military could cooperate with plans such as these which are treasonous, to say the least. The bulk of the U.S. military are focused on only one small aspect of the big plan; THEIR part in it—and they are not apprised of the strategic objectives. They only know what they are told, and information is shared on a “need to know” basis. They follow orders; nothing more. That’s how they earn a paycheque.

If they knew what they were helping to prepare for, they would not do it. It is only the negative factions of the military at the Pentagon level who are in on the final desired outcome.

And please don’t say, “The US government would never do that.” For one thing, it’s not the US government. It doesn’t really exist. The People’s government has been hijacked. These people CAN do this, and have—and far worse, besides. The evidence is in front of you and it is but the tip of the iceberg.

It was done at least once, a long time ago, in Nazi Germany. Afterward, many of those elitests immigrated secretly to America and South America through a shadow government programme called “Operation Paperclip”. This enabled them to continue their evil domination with great patience, waiting for the day when they would control us completely; when they would silence the dissidents in these concentration camps which they camouflage with their flowery language, calling them “resettlement” or “re-education” facilities, internment and FEMA camps. They are not FEMA camps in the true sense of that term. That was never their intended purpose and was but a disguise.

FEMA camp locations in the USA

Call these prisons what you like. They were designed for Americans who blow the whistle on what the dark forces are up to, or anyone, for any reason, who becomes a “problem”.

We are now at the point where we must ALL become a “problem”, or we are doomed.

You may also ask why the media hasn’t exposed them. The answer is simple. The media is owned by these sociopaths. Nothing is broadcast by the largest mass media that the government does not approve. They read scripts. That is about to change as well, but for now, you have US—the ‘alternative media’. We, along with social media sites are facilitating the uniting of the masses to raise awareness and organize action.

Thousands—perhaps millions—will march on Washington this weekend; October 11 – 13th, to show these evil schemers that we are onto them and we will halt their reprehensible plans for Humanity. Their days of control are done.

Please support these efforts in any way you can. If there are marches or demonstrations in your locale to protest the government shutdown, please participate. or end the tyranny in whatever way you are able. 

If you are unaware of the holocaust or need a refresher as to what concentration camps were like and what these terrorists are capable of, check out this pictorial web site.  ~ BP

Below is a more current representation of the situation as it progresses. Please share this information with others. It’s important for as many as possible to be awake to the truth so they understand the events that are about to unfold.

You may or may not be aware of the network of FEMA internment camps that have been set up across the United States – but they are there. This video discusses the content of a 2010 manual describing the facilities. You can download that document from here. A little searching on Google will give you lots more about them.

And some cities have begun to round up the homeless and imprison them there.


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