Interview With a Syrian Soldier – “We’re fighting for the whole world”

Devastation in Damascus

Thanks, Richard.

A tremendous number of new readers have arrived on my blog in the past few days and I believe some of them may just now be turning to alternative news sites on the Internet to seek answers because they realize the lamestream media is not doing its job.

SyrianGirlPartisan has uploaded a new video in which Syrians drop a bombshell on America (figuratively speaking): “AlQaeda is run by the US”.

If you didn’t already know that, you may be rubbing your eyes in disbelief or may be ready to click away to your favourite web site, but those of us who rely on the Internet for our news have known this for some time and are waiting for the rest to catch on.

I find it interesting that it is increasingly the youth of the world who are brave enough and savvy enough to blurt out the truth on many topics—and finally adults listen when they never seemed to take notice before.

“Syrian Girl” and this soldier deserve your attention. Also, note the images; the devastation. Is it alright with you that the US has caused this; that they repeatedly force themselves into country after country in the Middle East and interfere as part of their own agenda? The death toll is staggering.

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