Pleiadian Intel Confirms TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by US Navy Missile

There are no coincidences and the synchronicities abound for me these days.

I made a note to myself to visit Michael Horn’s “They Fly” web site which is dedicated to the Billy Meier information and as I was kicking around last night I saw a reference to a prophecy, and thread by thread, clicks led me to Flight 800.

Since I had posted about that just recently, I was interested to hear what Billy Meier had to say. One of the Pleiadians who educated Billy was named Ptaah, and I think you’ll be very interested to read the exchange.

It’s no wonder the government arrested and did everything in their power to shut up the witnesses who tried so hard to tell the public they saw a missile hit the plane that killed 253 people, and it also explains the ship that slunk away surreptitiously afterward and didn’t aid the rescue effort.

It’s also no surprise that the military scrambles fighter jets to get rid of the Galactics when they come around because they’re terrified they’re going to land and tell the truth about everything that’s transpired for—well… eternity. And that would be the end of the reign of terror at the hands of the reptilians.

The Pleiadians wanted the public to know. Be prepared to be angry when you’ve read this. I think it’s one more nail in the coffin of a government that lies, cheats, steals, and kills innocent people—either purposely or by mistake—and then kills more to keep it quiet. It’s not really a government, is it? There’s probably a more appropriate word.

My blog won’t accommodate the full width of the image containing the text of the interview, so please visit the web site to read it.

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