Learn the Truth about Healing & Protective Pyramid Energy: Free Disclosure eBook

I’m passing on this message and free eBook from a group I belong to. I think you’ll find it extremely interesting. It’s time this information became mainstream.

If you’ve read older posts on my blog about the many pyramids on the planet—some subterranean—you know that there is astonishing, measurable energy emanating from their apex (see the rendering in the image) and people who work at internal excavations have found relief from health issues.

This eBook shares what everyone on this planet should know about the power of Pyramids to help heal us, control violent weather, provide free power and many other vital functions needed to help all of us move into the Golden Age we are all destined for.

We have posted this very informative eBook for Russ Michael due to his website access issues. The file is at this time unedited and will be replaced with the edited version when it is available.

This link will allow you to download a FREE COPY of this important booklet in PDF format; 115 pages.

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This and other books available at:  http://www.GoldenKeyLibrary.info

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