Media Begins Covering Anti-Fourth Amendment Boston Martial Law

Through extensive coverage by the alternative news and the vocal concerns of concerned citizens, the blatantly anti-constitutional searches conducted at gunpoint amid the Boston lockdown are breaking through into the international media.

Media Begins Covering Anti-Fourth Amendment Boston Martial Law

I was happy to join Russia Today’s “The Truthseeker” to discuss not only the warrantless home searches that openly defied the Fourth Amendment and the entire Constitution at large, but also the introduction of a bill that seeks to regulate gunpowder. Just as was predicted by an anonymous poster before the manhunt for 19-year-old suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that included a martial law lockdown, Senator Frank Lautenberg quickly introduced a bill seeking to regulate the sale of gunpowder — a substance that has been in use for thousands of years since its 7th century invention.

And it was this information that I broke down and analyzed on The Truthseeker, a program broadcast out to a large portion of the 550 million people around the world who have access to Russia Today.

The gunpowder regulation bill uses the Boston Marathon bombings as a scapegoat to push the bill, which blames gunpowder for the explosions — despite the fact that countless legal substances can be used to create explosives. Explosives that can actually be much more dangerous than those created by gunpowder. This was also discussed in a great piece on the website Reason, in which writer J.D. Tuccille highlights the numerous substances (like flour) that can be used as an ‘explosive’. Products like fertilizer, which is a component of many powerful homemade bombs.

For example, the famous Oklahoma City bombing was accomplished through using fertilizer and diesel fuel. Two substances that, when combined together properly, amount to what is a deadly bomb. Yet we don’t see people blaming fertilizer and diesel fuel for being potential bomb instruments, nor politicians enacting legislation to regulate the sale of these items. We do, however, see people signing petitions to ban pressure cookers following the Boston bombings in a display of just how far people will go to ban anything and everything used in a fatal event.

But despite the overall insanity that we’re seeing on a daily basis, we have begun to force issues into the media that are now being broadcast to millions worldwide. What’s more, the information is reaching a demographic that may have otherwise never sought out an alternative view on the issue. Like a massive battering ram of knowledge, we have effectively knocked down the proverbial castle gates of the media through a concentrated effort of reporting on subjects that matter.

Whether it’s a portion of the 550 million people that tune into Russia Today, or the the increasing number of talk radio listeners, people are being exposed to the truth at record numbers. Always remember that amid the craziness we are also helping millions every minute come to realize that something isn’t right.


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