M.T. Keshe on the Situation in Korea

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We need to send a lot of positive energy and intent to this.

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 M.T. Keshe wrote today: 4-3-2013
What is your view?

“We have made contact with USA official and Korean military attaché to make our technology available if they mean and are sincere in protection of lives from any missile attack by any outside forces.

We have informed their governments, that the same technology and more advanced version as captured the US planes are now available to their nations for protection of lives and not for use in aggression.

We do not expect any response as we are aware that war and superiority is the plan of this action, as we have seen in Middle East in the recent past.

We are here to support the path away from wars.”The same our technology is available for feeding and for the North Korean population too.

“I have been to the conflict border and have given talk in South Korean nuclear institute and have had in-depth talk with their scientists and lunched with them and understand their concerns, I understand their problems and how much they have bent backwards to help their fellow brothers in North.

I have had breakfast meeting with minster of unification of Korea and know how sincere they are in trying to achieve peace.

“Now the tool to enforce peace is in their hand, see if they chose the path of more death or peace.”

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