All Aboard the Freedom Train!

Are you ready? Are you ready to start BEing and Doing your part to let Humanity know they are now FREE of the tyranny?

If so, get on over to American Kabuki and have a boo at the exhaustive list of media email addresses Brian Kelly has provided for us! Holy Cow! You have to see it to believe it.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of ways people are coming up with to make this happen. Brilliant. Simply brilliant. Thanks, Brian!


“Last week I posted this article as a Call-to-Action pledge to vie for OPPT supporters to contact their local media with the objective of pushing this story out into the mainstream.

In an attempt to cut down on folks needing to find the media contacts on their own, I’ve decided to fuel the fire and increase participation, by removing the need to research from the equation.

If you’re inspired to take action and ready to play a role in the free’ing of Humanity, the official Press Release that went out on Feb 4th, can be downloaded from Scrib’d at the link to last week’s post above. Once downloaded it can be saved as an attachment to an email. In the body of the email, copy and paste the below draft, ending with “Contact Brian Kelly for questions or to schedule an interview.”

At the bottom of this post, thanks to Rumor Mill News, we now have access  thousands of emails to the Press and Government bodies, representing many countries all around the world….are YOU ready to have some serious FUN? Copy and paste whichever emails that resonate with you from the bottom of this post. Let’s get this out in everyway imaginable. Let us collective SCREAM as ONE with LOVE, so that it permeates through the ethers of Creation’s Universe…

This act is my own little way of showing that we no longer have ANYTHING to fear…if we did I would never agree to putting my name out there in this type of fashion.

Here’s the message — THE GIG IS UP. NO MORE GAMES!

The time is NOW for EVERYONE to KNOW this TRUTH once and for ALL.

I part ways for now with one simple question….Are YOU Ready??


OPPT Frees Humanity from Debt Slavery System

To disperse this wealth, OPPT formed 194 Creator’s Value Asset Centers that supplant corporate governments.
CVACs are a powerful system using mechanisms already put in place, paid for, and built by the people.
Soaring OPPT Movement
Lends Ear to Record Live Listenership
The One People’s Public Trust followers flock to hear founders and faces of the organization on the radio. The movement is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • OPPT had a record one million + live listeners worldwide on The Morning Brew Show Feb 13th. Here is the link to the show:
  • OPPT broke a second record with 190,000 live listeners on Freedom Reigns week of Feb 11th, up from 145,000 live listeners the previous week.
  • A google search for “One People’s Public Trust” currently produces 33M results in .28 sec
Radio Credits:
Morning Brew, with
Brian Kelly of as recurring guest
Wednesdays starting Feb 13, 2013 at 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Host Gwyn Caldwell invited OPPT back as special guests every Wednesday until this story becomes mainstream, achieving transparency and disclosure!
Tuesday Evenings in the US, Wednesday Mornings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, Santos Bonacci, D, Brian Kelly, and OPPT roundtable.
Freedom Reigns on BlogTalkradio
Monday Evenings in the US, Tuesday Mornings in Australia
Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, Bob Wright, D, Brian, AK, Lois Tucci, and Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf.
Surviving the Matrix on
Host Max Igan OPPT podcast:

A detailed unfolding of this event can be found here on

Please contact Brian Kelly with any questions, or to schedule an interview at

Note: (Each section below is partitioned after each group of emails, before the next section begins. Copy and pasting directly from the Rumor Mill News link above may be more efficient, than copy from the below list).


This page of email addresses is NOT designed to be used to send individual emails. It is designed so you can copy and paste them into your emails! This could be compared to sending a bulk mailing via the post office! THE PREFERRED WAY There is NO preferred way to use this list. Some people send emails to their Congressional Representatives and CC (copy) all the media email addresses. Other people prefer to BCC (Blind copy) the email addresses. The reason for this is because they want whoever is reading the email to actually READ what they have to say! With thousands of email addresses appearing BEFORE the actual message, it is less likely the Congressional staffer will ever read the email, therefore your email may NEVER be counted! If you want to let your Congressional Representatives know that you have also emailed the media, you can now include the link to this page and write a p.s. at the bottom of your email telling them you have BCC’d the email to thousands of media people!”

Go there now to get that list and start tapping away if you’re up for it!



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