Whole Foods’ Bait & Switch Scam Exposed by Sting Op

I’ve never been in a Whole Foods store, so I can’t comment, but this is very interesting—and timely! Thank goodness for watchdogs.

New Organic Spies Video: Whole Foods Hidden Camera GMO Sting – Bait Organic, Switch to GMO

Not all of Whole Foods Market’s employees are aware that they’re selling unlabeled GMO foods, and Organic Spies has now caught many on camera, swearing up and down that Whole Foods is a GMO-free store.

It’s the old “bait-and-switch.” Whole Foods lures customers in on the promise of local, organic and non-GMO products, then sends them out of the store with bags full of overpriced, so-called “natural” versions of the same genetically engineered foods sold in conventional supermarkets.

Is it any wonder that Whole Foods hasn’t given any money to Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative to label genetically engineered foods?

They’re just not ready to give up the money they’re making selling Monsanto’s GMOs.

Are you a Whole Foods shopper? Let them know what you think. They’ve provided a darn good form letter that you can modify to suit yourself. Take Action

Whole Foods: Respect Our Right to Know About GMOs!

Whole Foods Market has endorsed Proposition 37, the California ballot initiative for our right to know about genetically engineered food, but it has done so with reservations that are strikingly similar to the lies the opposition has been spreading about “consumer confusion” and “costly litigation”. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Is Whole Foods really on our side?
Whole Foods isn’t chipping in to support the initiative financially. Could this be because the company is currently profiting from unlabeled genetically engineered food that’s fraudulently labeled “natural”? Organic Spies went undercover to find out what’s really going on at Whole Foods. Watch their video, then use the form below to let Whole Foods know what you think.
This video says that in Chicago, Whole Foods drove out the smaller natural food markets and they have far more GMO products than the stores in L.A.

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  2. […] Whole Foods’ Bait & Switch Scam Exposed by Sting Op (2012thebigpicture.wordpress.com) […]

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