Full Moon Energies for Sept 29th

I’m thinking that if we each took advantage of this exceptionally powerful full moon to transmute all our fears into the antithesis, which is LOVE—wow! Now THAT would be a transformation worth writing home about. Peace and love to all this fall.

Mystic Mama says… Ok, so here’s the scoop. There is so much talk and fear being drummed up for this upcoming FULL MOON in Aries. I am here to remind you that fear is not what it’s about. Say peace to the drama. Change that channel. Tune in to a different frequency.

Things might be getting shaken up a bit but we are being undergoing a powerful transformation/emergence, individually and collectively. We are letting go of things that are not working and moving into creating solutions that will ultimately help to co-create our new Reality.

It’s very helpful to use astrology as an energetic weather report, so we can know which way the wind is blowing, but we must not let it zap us with fear! We are all making great bounds and leaps and transmuting a lot! We need courage in times like these, and en-courage-ment! So here is the tip of report as always from the most insightful readers of the stars…

First from the Astro Twins and their AstroStyle.com:

“Much ado has been made of the upcoming Aries full moon on September 29, 2012…”

“Why the hype? Well, the Aries full moon moon will be conjunct (joined with) Uranus, planet of change, and will form a tense square to transformational Pluto in Capricorn…”

“Full moons are always illuminating, and with these two destabilizing planets in the mix, we may not be able to avoid making necessary changes in our lives.”

“However, who says change is bad? Some things need to evolve, shape-shift, be alchemized from lead into gold. With transformational Pluto in the mix, it’s time to question the things we take for granted—and whether they serve our best interests anymore. Perhaps they don’t, at least, not in their current form. This full moon gives you the gusto to revolutionize that stale relationship, make over your living situation, heal a rift with a family, or move on from a toxic situation.”

“… The square to Pluto in Capricorn, ruler of government and hierarchies, could stir up some civil unrest. But let’s face it: do we eally want our government to remain status quo? Or for banks and corporations to not be held accountable for their impact on the economy and environment? Perhaps this full moon will incite the necessary dialogue that helps our society evolve.”

“And remember: even though astrology has a predictive element, there is still plenty of free will in all of our lives. Cowering in the corner waiting for your worst fears to manifest? No thank you! By knowing the energies that are coming, you can empower yourself to make the best possible use of them. This Aries full moon invites you to reinvent, be bold, take a radical step toward expressing your individuality. Go forth!”

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