The Fascinating History Of Civil Law Versus Divine Common Law

Drake has been going into some depth about this, and I think the article below puts it in plain language we can all understand and ties it into the stories we’re following.

The Fascinating Process of Self Liberation under Common Law  by Arend Lamertink

In the past months, David Wilcock posted an epic work on Financial Tyranny. One of the most interesting parts of that story is a lawsuit against the central banking system that has been filed by Neil Keenan and Keith Scott, a story that had been covered by Benjamin Fulford for quite some time already.

When I investigated this story further, I found out that current International Civil law and thus all the nations operating under this jurisdiction (including the corporate US government) ultimately are legally nothing but vassals of the Vatican. In other words: (virtually) all nations are legally operated as (de-facto) corporations under the jurisdiction of the Vatican. And as we will see, that gives some very interesting possibilities that may offer some solutions to the problems we are facing.

The story starts with the Keenan lawsuit, which uses a powerful commercial lien process under Common Law. One of the advisors in that process is Winston Shrout, who is considered to be an expert in this field. In an interview with Wilcock, Shrout referred to the Bible as his source for the legal processes he was using, but Shrout was not aware of any books people may read for more information.

So, I went looking on the internet what I could find, and I found the book “Pied Pipers of Babylon” (pdf) by Verl K. Speer, which goes into the history and fundamental principles of Common Law, the law system used by the Anglo-Saxons in England. He claims that this system originates from the Israelites, which migrated to Northern Europe and that it is the same system one can find in the Bible.

Another part of this story, is the process talked about by a fellow named Drake. He talks about returning the US to common law before Law Enforcement agencies in the US will perform mass arrests of the bankers in the US. In this process, juries are formed (an important feature of common law) in various states, which file some paperwork by which the states declare their independence of the corporate Washington government and return to their original constitution and bill of rights.

Because of the intriguing nature of this process, I started studying the history of our own constitution and found out that the 1798 constitution of the Batavian Republic is the only Dutch constitution that has been lawfully ratified by the people under common law. All later ones, including the 1801 version under Napoleon, were either illegal or not ratified under the authority of the people but under the authority of someone else. Interestingly, the constitution OF the Batavian Republic and the 1801 one were the only constitutions OF The Netherlands. ALL the later constitutions are constitutions FOR The Netherlands and thus OF someone else….

Further investigations revealed that the authority the current Kingdom of The Netherlands, as well as the rest of Europe and (most of) the World, legally operates under up to this day is none less than the Vatican, which gives us some very interesting possibilities to liberate the people of this planet from literally ages of (financial) tyranny under jurisdiction, authority, sovereignty and responsibility of the Vatican.

One of the most revealing clues on how to do this can be found in the Treaty of Paris of 1815 (also see this section below):

The flags of the Dutch Batavian Republic (source)

The Allied Powers having by their united efforts, and by the success of their arms, preserved France and Europe from the convulsions with which they were menaced by the late enterprise of Napoleon Bonaparte, and by the Revolutionary system reproduced in France, to promote its success;

What this says is basically that the French and thus Dutch and United States revolutions are a direct and severe threat to the Vatican’s objectives and therefore a blessing to all freedom loving people on this planet, even though the whole French revolution may (initially) have been a kind of false flag operation along the lines set out by Prof. Veith. Either way, here is why these revolutions actually ARE a deadly weapon against the dark Cabal:

The essential trick for a nation to liberate itself, is to declare a bill of rights and a republican constitution by referendum under common law and under the authority of the people themselves, after the example that has been set in the late 1700s by all three mentioned republics. As far as I am aware, the US did not use a referendum, but the Dutch Batavian Republic definitely did. It may be possible to use some other process, but with a constitution ratified by the people of a nation by referendum there is no question about the legal validity nor authority of said constitution. In other words: NO ONE can legally prevent the people of a nation to declare their independence under common law.

What this does is that it establishes a new legal entity, a free and really independent Republic, under the jurisdiction of Common Law instead of under the jurisdiction of international civil law, which up to this day still operates under authority and sovereignty of the Vatican. In other words: you now have two DIFFERENT legal entities governing over one and the same country, of which only one is really free and independent and operates under the authority of the People now actually OWNING their land instead of legally STILL being a vassal of the Vatican. The latter STILL being the case for at least all previous colonies of the United Kingdom, France, The Netherlands and Spain as well as ALL of Europe and Russia.

The other side of this is that the legal entity that still exists as a vassal of the Vatican no longer has any subjects nor any possessions within the now liberated country, BUT it is still burdened with ALL of its obligations and liabilities established under the authority and responsibility of the Vatican. So, these are NOT the problem of the now liberated people, which were after all just subjects ruled under the sovereignty of the Vatican.

In other words: we now have not only a nice trick to liberate a nation, but also a convenient way to get rid of the problem of nation’s debt, which is now the problem of the Vatican and not of the nation’s self-liberated people.

How nice!

What’s even more interesting, is that this process could in principle also be done at a global level by the UN. If the general assembly would make a statement in which they declare the whole planet to be free and independent under Common Law by declaring a bill of rights and a global constitution after the example set by the US and the Dutch Batavian Republic, then all people would be free from suppression by the Dark Cabal. And the burden of ALL global debts established under the authority and responsibility of the Vatican would no longer be the problem of the people of this planet.

Now THAT would be something I would love to see. 🙂

It turns out that Benjamin Fulford and his fellowship is aware of this principle, too:

Yes, we are aware of this. If the US removes the P2 fascist government run via the United States of America corporation, then all US external debts will not have to be paid by the American people. We are trying to bankrupt that war mongering and murdering corporation and their fascist overseers at the P2 Roman empire headquarters. This in no way implies we are opposed to the beliefs held by the majority of Catholics.

Benjamin Fulford古歩道ベンジャミン

This P2 lodge can indeed be linked to the Vatican as well as various (international) crimes, as you can read in this paragraph.

The Pied Pipers of Babylon

In “Pied Pipers of Babylon” (pdf) by Verl K. Speer you can read all about how “common law” is essentially the law God passed to the Israelites, which is contained in the Bible in various ways:

The Doctor of Common Law, Verl K. Speer released his book Pied Pipers of Babylon in 1985. Out of print with limited used copies in circulation, this book needs to be in the hands of all who care for their future, the world we live in, and the system we are subjects to/of.

Much of what Winston Shrout teaches is based on Dr. Speers work. He was way ahead of his time in respects to understanding the truth about law and the mercantile system, Dr. Speer experienced the destruction first hand through the subsidies and controls inflicted upon his family farm in Kansas.

From the intro of Speers book:

The key discovery of Dr. Speer is that Americans have become subject to a foreign system of law – essentially a form of the Roman civil law.

This jurisdiction, he says, was imposed on our country by England. He Contrasts this with the “other great system,” the common law.

“Common law,” as Speer defines it, is based on reason and the immutable laws of God and nature.

It is the law of conscience – and as such, it can not be written, only written about.


One of the first things of interest this reviewer learned from “Pipers” was the cause of the American Revolution. It was not, as most people think, the tax on tea or “taxation without representation.”
Rather, as is mentioned in two separate places in the Declaration of Independence, it was England’s attempt to subject Americans to the civil law.


Today, says Speer, maritime law has come ashore and threatens to squeeze Out all our rights.
How then have Americans been tricked out of their common-law rights and into the admiralty courts, just as happened more than 200 years ago?

Speer explains this in his book. Furthermore, he examines the principles applicabl e to the resolution of this dilemma, and how they may be invoked and implemented.

Among the topics covered in great detail by Speer are the “malady of paper money” and the powers of the jury to judge the facts and the law , and to nullifv the law where necessary-that is, whenever the law is unjust. Also covered at length is the subject of land patents and alodial land title .

It is very fascinating to see the legal battle currently being fought (by Neil Keenan a.o.) essentially deals about restoring common law, Biblical Anglo-Saxon law, which law can be summarized in one sentence:

“Love your neighbor like yourself”.

Since common law is described in the Bible, it is interesting to take a look at this video by prof. Walter Veith, in which he gives an excellent analysis of the French revolution based on the bible. And he also shows how astonishingly accurate the Bible predicted the French revolution:


Now the essential difference between common law and civil law is the *authority* under which the legal system operates. With common law AND trial by jury, the government is under control of the people, because a proper jury cannot only sentence according to the law, it can ALSO judge the law itself. VERY important detail. See Speer for all the details.

An interesting detail is that, according to a comment on David Wilcock’s site, “maritime law” refers to the See as in Holy See:

This whole thing about “Admiralty Law” is a fraud. Admiralty law is also known as Maritime law and it was formed in the 13th Century by the the Venetian/Magyar trading families.
The word “Maritime” is a 13th Century word formed from two Latin words maris meaning “sea and see as in Holy See” and timeo meaning “to fear, be afraid (of)”. Hence the literal original meaning of “maritime law” is to “be fearful and afraid of the Law of the Holy See (Vatican)”.
If you want to learn more, read the Canons of Positive Law.

In other words: we are looking at a war between the peoples authority and centralized authority, with the Vatican, the Holy See, at the ultimate control, hiding behind the scenes. The woman (a church) that rides the beast (a kingdom) in Biblical symbolism. Interestingly, this can be (legally) confirmed based on a/o the 1815 treaties of Paris and Vienna, as you can read in this section.

Now in the symbolism of the pyramid with the capstone with all seeing eye floating above the pyramid, you have the symbol for the hidden force behind the scenes, the Vatican.

All right. Now according to Veith, the Huguenots were the true followers of the word of God, the Bible. Translated into law terms this means: the Huguenots were the proponents of Common Law, while Napoleon, probably a Freemason who apparently actually worked for the Vatican and the Jesuits, was a proponent of Civil Law.

In other words: accordingly, the Feemasons setup the French revolution as agents of the Vatican in order to hide and regroup, because the printing and widespread availability of the (Gutenberg) Bible blew their cover. The idea that the Freemasons were involved in the French Revolution is further substantiated by Albert Pike’s book, as you can read in this paragraph.

Either way, the protestants identified the anti-christ very clearly to be none other than the Vatican, as is clearly witnessed by the statue at the Nurnberg city hall:

In this image, you clearly see the beast at the right side of the statue to be identified with the Roman Empire, which is in accordance with the so-called protestant historicist interpretation of the Bible:

The Protestant reformation was born of the rediscovery of Christ’s salvation and identifying the papacy as the Antichrist. Protestant historicists saw prophecy fulfilled down through the centuries and into the modern era. Rather than expecting a single Antichrist to rule the earth during a future Tribulation period, Martin Luther, John Calvin and other Protestant Reformers saw the Antichrist as a present feature in the world of their time, fulfilled in the papacy. They were unanimous in this interpretation lending emphasis to their reformation. It led them to protest against Rome and it became their rally and battle cry.
Controversial features of the Reformationist Historicist interpretations is the identification of the Antichrist (1 and 2 John), the Beasts of Revelation 13, the Man of Sin or Man of Lawlessness in 2 Thessalonians 2, the “Little horn” of Daniel 7 and 8, and the Whore of Babylon (Revelation 17) with the Roman Catholic Church, the Papacy and Papal States, and each successive Pope himself.

So, now that their cover was blown, the Roman Empire had to use another strategy in order to suppress the Divine Common law and the vehicle they chose was the French declaration of human rights, whereby the people were to be governed by civil law instead of Biblical common law:

Read the rest of the article…


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