Current Update: Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve Bank

The complete legal document concerning the liens against the Federal Reserve. . . thanks to B., who suggests: If you will look at paragraph 5 on page 117, it appears that the claim is that the Federal Reserve is holding the assets that are in dispute. The form in the Wilcock blog ties into the claim. The lien is to prevent the assets from getting away before plaintiff is able to collect.

See that document here

And now this…


A $700,000,000,000.00, (Seven Hundred Billion U S Dollars) Offset Bond Has been delivered / issued to the UNITED STATES TREASURY DEPARTMENT. Timothy Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury has taken possession of it for the benefit of I, Phillip Vernon Crowell

Appeared in: Washington Post on Wednesday, 06/27/2012

4 thoughts on “Current Update: Liens Filed Against the Federal Reserve Bank

  1. Bruce says:

    What about Yohannes Ryadi and the 15 TRILLION..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I can’t know everything about everything. Finance is not my forté. Keep your comments civil or don’t comment.

  3. Lisa shusta says:

    I don’t understand, can someone fill me in?

  4. First of all, Lisa, congratulations for being aware enough to research and seek understanding.

    I don’t get too deeply into the financial details, but you can get a reasonable understanding and background at David Wilcock’s website:

    If you need to know the whole story about how we even got to this state of affairs, read his articles about Financial Tyranny and the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit.

    Basically, it’s about all the legal paperwork required to legitimately shut down the cabal and their daily efforts to steal money from the world’s people and enslave them; the final result being that we will all be set free.

    Neil Keenan, Winston Shrout and Keith Scott have been taking care of the legalities and there is an interview posted on my blog that you can listen to if you like:

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