Agenda 21: What it is and Why “The People” MUST Fight It

Very few states have blocked Agenda 21 and the NGOs to date. If The People understood the real meaning of this bill, more states would have already put it in the bin where it belongs. It’s just one more way to strip freedom from the people.

Apathy will be the undoing of the American people if they don’t wake up, get involved and take action to create the future they deserve, rather than letting the Illuminati create it FOR them.

Keep in mind that the elite have people who can spin the worst possible initiatives into rhetoric that sounds like it’s going to create a bright new future for Humanity, but it’s all about themtaking from us and enslaving us.

We must get educated, take a stand and KILL THIS BILL—the sooner the better.Here’s a beginning to make it easier to understand the issues.


Watch the video Agenda 21 for Dummies and it should cut through a lot of the jargon and extraneous language so it’s clear what the issue is.

Agenda 21 is a United Nations program of centrally planned natural resource management and the management of people through land use restrictions and requirements.  It’s being implemented in our country – but you won’t find anybody who will talk about it – except the people who are fighting it.    

On the left, Mikhail Gorbachev, Al Gore and Maurice Strong – “the Three Musketeers’ are the leaders and promoters of this radical environmental agenda.  On the (theoretical) right – it’s Grover Norquist.  Supposedly the goal is to preserve resources for future generations – but in this country, Agenda 21 is being used to steal property rights from the owners and to ‘transform’ the American way of life.  

The United States has been participating in Agenda 21 in stealth mode since it’s adoption.  The radical Rio 92 Declaration and Earth Charter were the basis for Agenda 21.  The Rio Declaration was not legally binding but it didn’t matter because the Bush and Clinton-Gore Administrations began implementing it through third party, non-profits (i.e. public-private partnerships).  The third parties are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). 

Bill Clinton enabled this insurgency by finishing the job of restructuring the federal grant program that was begun under Bush I.  The change was to give grant money to NGO’s effectively forcing local and state governments to establish ‘public-private partnerships’ with the NGO’s to get the money for programs and development.  This scheme is the method through which our democratically elected governments are being subverted.  The NGO’s bring the money and the agenda – and elected representatives react in the predictable manner of Pavlov’s dogs.  Never mind that they are voting away their own jurisdictional authority and subverting constitutional government every time they empower a ‘public-private partnership’.   

The way it works is that the elected representatives vote to empower an unelected board, council or commission to oversee some aspect of our lives.  That group of people includes the NGO, plus selected members of the community who are supposed to be representative of the affected groups (i.e. stakeholders) and the government workers who can work the government side of the programs.  The government workers have no real power because the money is controlled by the NGO and they are outnumbered on the unelected boards, councils and  commissions. 

In effect, when our elected representatives vote to empower appointed groups of people who are not accountable to the public, they are voting for communism – because that’s how communism works.  It is unelected groups of people who are authorized to make public policy using the agenda of some unseen apparatus in the background coupled with the power of government to enforce it.  In the case of the U.S. transformation to communism, the agenda is coming from the United Nations.  

Some time back, I found a quote that was descriptive of a way to identify socialism.  It was something to the effect, “planning is the trademark of socialism”.  When I tried to find it again so I could give attribution, I found an even better one, “alliances are the trademark of communism”.  The alliances are the public-private partnerships and they are implementing the socialist agenda thus transforming our country into a communist country.

Communists are technocrats.  They seek to plan, organize and streamline all aspects of life through central planning.  Thus people aren’t considered as discrete independent individuals – rather, people are considered as assets of the state – factors of production, ‘human resources’ to be managed.  In other words, people are no different than a herd of sheep that have been bred for a specific purpose and it is the owners who decide what that purpose will be.  The owners are the state and the elite minions and useful idiots who administer the system.

The evidence is all around us if we choose to see it.  It is this writer’s belief that most people know it on some level but they choose not to see it because it would turn their worlds inside out to acknowledge that everything we thought was true about this country – was a lie. 

Men occasionally stumble on the truth,
but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off
as if nothing had happened.
– Winston Churchill –


Agenda 21 is being implemented in the U.S. under various names to deceive the unsuspecting public as to the source and real purpose of the program.  However identifying the programs is relatively easy.  All you have to do is look for the keywords:

Sustainable Development
Smart Growth
Friends Of…
Best Practices

Everything associated with this program is deceptive.  The language they use, the names they give the projects, the means by which they lure local governments into the trap and then slam the door – absolutely everything is deceptive from beginning to end.  The reason is obvious once you understand what they have in mind.  To understand what that is, you must look at the UN documents listed on the left hand side of this page. 

Watch the video on  how U.S. Sheriffs are Blocking Agenda 21
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NGO’s Implement Agenda 21

American Taxpayer Dollars Pay for our own Destruction

How does UN Agenda 21 get implemented in America?  UN Agenda 21 calls for the formation of NGO’s (Non-Government Organizations) to work on specific topics, never tying the projects together. This way the public thinks everything looks unrelated.  The taxpayer pays these NGO’s who use the phony science from the UN with American laws to regulate Americans out of jobs and off their land.  Unelected bureaucrats make up the restrictions, get communities to buy into these feel good rules.  The programs are extremely expensive causing massive tax increases, loss of private property and eventually the communities go bankrupt. There are over 2000 NGO’s in America with the destruction of America as their goal. Some know the goal, some do not but the net results will be the same unless they are stopped, which can be done.

Redevelopment schemes are the method of implementation (26)

Who are these alphabet agencies sanctioned by the United Nations determined to control our lives, liberty and the pursuit of happiness:

ICLEI-International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (1990 to Dec. 31, 2003)

ICLEI changed its name on Jan. 1, 2004 to Local Governments for Sustainable Development.  But make no mistake ICLEI is not proposing local initiatives.

ICLEI makes reference throughout its myriad of documents to Agenda 21, UN Habitat and UN Earth Charter.  The 16 principles listed in the UN Earth Charter are identical to the 16 principles listed in the ICLEI Charter of 2003 and 2009 posted on the ICLEI website.

ICLEI is funded by donations from Foundations, individual donors, the United Nations, The United States Government and city/county membership fees and consultation fees.  The state of Florida alone has 37 cities/counties listed on their website.  The total in dues collected from these 37 cities/counties is:  $296,250.

In order to achieve sustainability you must abolish the unsustainable.  Per the Global Biodiversity Assessment Report the attached are considered unsustainable.      Read Report

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