Current Update: Drake Correction and Status June 5

My apologies for the confusion on Drake, Deatra and Freedom Reigns. My favorite fellow-blogger set the record straight in a comment to my retraction, and I share that with you here:

“I’ve still got my Facebook account. A lot of what the FWH said was true. Drake parted ways with Deatra, so he’s got a new FB group & a new radio show. Drake claims it was due to Deatra’s censorship of the group, and I’m inclined to believe. I left the old group after a week or two, and do not plan on joining the new one. Drake has already said that it’s going to be a free-for-all. I’ve had some contact with Lady Dragon–not sure what to think of her.

I think we’re at a point where none of this will matter in another month. We’re seeing the eurozone starting to collapse, BRICS is in-place, China & Japan are now trading yuan, instead of US dollars, China is buying oil from Iran to annoy the US, and now the US banks are starting to collapse. I think we’re in for some very big changes, this month.

The BRICS nations and the Middle East are about to have front-row seats to the collapse of the US dollar & the entire G7 banking system. I expect this will be the trigger for the release of the prosperity funds. The Postmaster General of North America indicates that everything is in-place for the prosperity funds to be released through the post office.

Now is definitely the time to look away from all the problems, and start focusing on what life will be like when the old systems of lack & limitation are gone, and new systems of unlimited abundance are in their place.” :)

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