Large Object Circling the Eclipsed Moon April 15th [video]

Wow… there is a LOT happening above our planet that “they” don’t want us to know about.

Thanks to for sharing this video from SecureTeam10.  This sucker is BIG!   ~ BP

Published on Apr 15, 2014

4/15/2014 – An amateur astronomer sent us this footage displaying an object coming up from the surface of the moon and going around to the back side. This is one of the BEST pieces of evidence we have ever found, displaying once again, the anomalous activity going on outside of our planet, and on our moon. We are working on an update at this moment and have received a new video from another source showing the same object. We will have new videos up soon, so be sure to check back.

Witnesses in Two States Report Golf Ball-size UFO Shooting Laser Beams

Witnesses in Ohio and New Jersey reported a golf ball-sized UFO hovering in the early morning sky that emitted light on April 10, 2014, according to testimony in cases 55339 and 55342 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

At 1:15 a.m. today in Mahoning County, OH, the witness looked out a window facing west and saw what first appeared to be a flickering star in Case 55339.

“I retrieved binoculars and discovered it was golf ball-shaped and flickering different colors hovering in the sky,” the witness stated. “It lasted for about 25 minutes slowly moving west.”

The woman woke up her husband to look at the object.

“While I was trying to find out who to contact, I lost sight of it. My camera would not zoom in close enough to video or capture a photo of it.”

Then one hour and 45 minutes later, at 3 a.m. in Hewitt, NJ, an unrelated witness stepped outside and saw a bright object in the sky in Case 55342.

“It looked liked two things attached to each other, but I thought it was a result of looking through tree branches,” the witness stated.

The witness then went back inside and stepped out onto a second floor outdoor deck with an unobstructed view on the sky.

“I found the object,” the witness stated. “It was high in altitude. It was white-ish, with an orange-ish color. It looked like a baseball on top with a golf ball attached on the bottom. It was not the color of the other stars. It was brighter than any object in the sky. At first I thought it could be a planet, except it had two circular objects connected to each. An airplane flew below it flashing lights, green, red and white.”

The object then began to shoot laser-like beams.

“It shot one, two or three beams at a time. Never more than three at a time, and only from one side at a time. On the left, it shot a 45-degree beam upwards. On the left, it shot two beams making a 90-degree angle; one up, the other down. On the right, it shot a 45-degree angle. On the right it shot two beams making a 90-degree angle. One time it shot three beams with the 90-degree angle and one at the center. The beams/rays were 10-15 times the length of the larger circle.”

After about five minutes, the witness became cold and went inside.

“The object looked liked it was over Waywayanda State Park/Clinton Reservoir. This is the first time in 48 years I can say I have seen a UFO. I was a NYC Protestant minister for five years. I have been a NYC teacher for 14 years and I swear this is what I saw.”

Mahoning County, OH, has a population of 238,823. Hewitt is an unincorporated community within West Milford in Passaic County, NJ, population 7,639. Ohio and New Jersey MUFON are investigating.



Flight 370: There Was No UFO Involved, says Cobra

Apocalyptic Aurora
Hope you like the photo. I thought it a good illustration for the Flight 370 story. My husband took this a few weeks ago when he was seeing aurora nearly every night in Iceland—including the more rare red colours. He and a couple of other photographers were playing with light inside the wreckage that night and snapped a shot that’s been very popular on Facebook with many shares.  ~ BP
Conversations with Cobra, Chapter II
Interview Transcription: Elizabeth Whitney and Cobra
Recorded via Skype, Point Reyes Station, March 16, 2014
[Red Resonant Earth]

Elizabeth: …The mystery of this airplane 370. I’m wondering what you’d like to say about that because it is certainly a huge topic…Where can you go with that? What can you share?

COBRA: It was definitely not a UFO because the Light Forces are not working that way. There was no extraterritorial involvement in that, that’s all I can say right now. There was a lot of information released about the patents and advanced military technologies. It is actually a conflict between the Unites States and China about those technologies. And according to some sources they are behind the downing of that plane. But I would say the whole story is actually a distraction because there are many things happening that are more important than that right now.

E: Almost an intentional distraction?
C: Yes. In a way, yes. Because people have a tendency to focus on the most sensational aspects of a whole situation, and this tends to diffuse the focus, which is now needed for the planetary liberation.

E: But the event in itself of the plane is fairly sensational. It eludes so much of our tracking skills or is…
C: You see, military technology can easily disrupt a radar signal. That’s not a big deal. It was happening since World War II. Events like this were happening quite regularly during the war. In World War II and onwards—it’s nothing unusual. Many planes have “disappeared” during military conflicts.

E: To me, it has created such a lot of attention, as you said, whatever resolution arrives, when it comes out, whether the people are alive or not, will also create a lot of attention. If it’s an ending that is positive that will have an impact on people, or the other way around. It was kind of remarkable to see this thing develop….
C: OK.

E: Not a UFO. OK.
C: No. It was not an UFO. I can confirm that. There was zero extraterrestrial involvement in the whole scenario.

E: No involvement, negative or positive. OK. We can go on from there.


Something Fishy in the South China Sea: Another Analysis of Malaysian Flight 370′s Fate

Thanks, Jane.

Here we go… the varying analyses are coming out now. The trolls/cabal minions will be out too. 

If you haven’t seen the video yet by Dahboo7, it’s here.  I wondered about that circular blip that morphed into a plane—and as for a plane that just stops mid-flight at the periphery of the radar scope?

Did the military industrial complex use some of their sophisticated, above-top-secret technology to take out that plane? And if so… why?  ~ BP

Radar Readings Shown in this
Clip Captured Signals from
What for Now, Can Only Be
Termed a UFO

Alexandra Bruce
March 9, 2014

By now, everybody has heard about how two passengers using European passports, stolen from tourists in Thailand suggest that the greatest likelihood for the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 from the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, China and was that these two people using these stolen passports were suicide bombers.

Family and friends awaiting their loved ones at Beijing International Airport complain that they were “treated like dogs” by Malaysia Airlines, when they were not informed of any problems with the flight until several hours after it was supposed to have landed.

Seeing the radar playback of the moments leading up to the plane’s disappearance, one may forgive Malaysia Airlines for not being more forward, in this case – because the radar playback is not only baffling, it shows two distinct anomalies, as pointed out by Intrepid citizen-reporter and YouTube popstar, DAHBOO7.

The radar playback depicts dozens of planes in flight over the region at the time. The first peculiarity is seen in the lower left of the screen. A round object appears in the vicinity of Flight 370 (and amid several others), which the radar does not automatically “read” as airplane. Suddenly, this round object take the form of a “plane” on the radar screen and accelerates at a rate of speed that must be at least five times the speed of the surrounding planes, heading eastward, over the South China Sea – and just as suddenly the object stops and appears to hover in place.

During this same time, there is some evidence that shortly after crossing the Malaysian Peninsula, Flight 370 was in trouble. The radar playback shows that the plane took three sharp turns: right, left, right at an altitude of 35,000 feet and at a speed of 473 knots – just before the radar readings instantly go from 35,000 feet to 0, with the plane still traveling at that speed for a few moments more, at 0 feet altitude before it vanishes from the screen. As of this writing, this plane remains missing, even though the sea is relatively shallow in the area where the lane went missing.

As for the other object described here, it disappears as well. There have been no reports about this object – or plane, or what have you; whether it was a commercial airliner, like the many others in flight during the final moments preceding the disappearance of Flight 370 – but the object in question certainly didn’t behave like a commercial airliner.

Regardless of whether or not this mystery object had anything to do with the demise of of Flight 370 – what IS evident is that the radar readings shown in this clip captured signals from what for now, can only be termed a UFO.

- See more at:

The UFO Coverup in 10 Minutes from Richard Dolan [video]

If you haven’t yet seen this factual video from one of the premier UFO researchers, I highly recommend it. Richard presents irrefutable information with a unique humourous edge that makes fun of those doing the covering, not the believers and witnesses. 

His book, ‘After Disclosure’, sounds like it would be a good one. ~ BP



Some Very Interesting UFO Activity Linking Right into Place over Syria [video]

Hello? Is anybody out there? Man, it’s been quiet lately. Kind of eerie. And there have been all sorts of odd things going on with electronics, TV broadcasts, etc. I read something, somewhere in the last few days that said we can expect plenty of that as old Sol’s pole shift develops.

The folks at Syncrenicity have put together an interesting piece, mostly video.

Is the New World Order deranged enough to think they can still pull off a fake alien invasion at this point?  What do YOU think?

At this point we have no idea what kind of ships they may have perfected.

COBRA said an invasion would never happen. Won’t be permitted.

So many of us would be laughing our guts out at a pathetic ploy like that. I think it just might trigger The Event!  Do it! DO IT! Bring it on!  ~ BP


Sync Info: Clearly Some Very Interesting UFO Activity Linking Right Into Place Over Syria. Can We Say It Look’s Like A – F. F. A. I. Prelude? (Video)

“False Flag Alien Invasion – (F. F. A. I.)”


Sync has warned many many times that we have technologies “they” are not telling you about.  Previously, (as in many posts in Sync Archives.)  There are links to some of them there for your edification or other lower down the page.

From Ralf Ring, Otis T Carr, Professor Johnathon Searl and many more have indeed developed, flown and demonstrated their designs in these technologies time and time again, all of which have been stolen by the Industrial Military Complex (Jesuit Based.)  We know these things and we know how they plan to use them to “Trick” the populations into a full blown “New Wold Order” of global control where everything you do is controlled and regulated to the MAX.  Consciousness is rising very fast and we know why, we are waking up!

We show you the “Tools” they plan to use and how they plan to use them from smart Meters to Microchips, H. A. A. R. P. and many other aspects of the “Plan” so you have had the information and it’s encoded all around you to see.  The Solutions to ALL of the problems are here for the taking and the opportunity to take them is right there in your hands.  The only question remains Will You?  What can you do?  Simple, just,

Help Us To Get The Information Out To As Many As People As Possible. That’s It.

The Point is will most of the people fall for this? Obviously those who “know” won’t be rushing to the BBC to get our “news” will we…

The Scenario is below and the “News” is the next few videos down.  Thank you for helping others awaken…


Please go to to see all the other videos…

Mothership Impersonating a Star? [video]

Thanks to for sharing.

Here’s another interesting thing in the heavens. What do you think?  We certainly are seeing a lot more anomalies in the skies these days. ~ BP

Published on 8 Dec 2013

UFO Sightings: Huge Mother Ship Cloaked As A Star? Incredible Evidence Dec 8 2013.

Incredible Call into ThirdPhaseofMoon Radio via Vince Pounds -  Captures Shocking Photos of What He Claims is a Mother ship Of L.A. Cloaked as A Star!

Oklahoma Moore Edmonton Video – Permission granted to Thirdphaseofmoon by Mr. Anderson. Visit original link…

UFO (Centaurian Ship) Near Buffalo, New York

Colleen and Sheldan Nidle sent this. Thank you for sharing! 

What a wonderful surprise to find a lightship in a photo when you didn’t know it was there…  ~  BP

Greetings from Galactic Heart. . .

We received the photo below of a UFO from a friend who lives near Buffalo, NY.  She wanted to take a picture with her phone of the sun’s rays from outside her home. She didn’t see the ship until after taking the photo. Well, it is not unidentified any more. Sheldan tells us it is a Centaurian ship. Cool!

Selamat Ja!

ufo photo by dawn