Blast Fax Campaign to Impeach Obama

Here’s an easy way to participate in the energies surrounding the removal of the cabal. It’s not just Operation American Spring that has been mobilized to bring about a regime change.

Check it out if you feel you may want to make this one, quick little investment of your time and put your 2 cents worth in. I hear the ROI is great! 

Will this be one of the dominoes?  ~ BP

From Western Journalism…

“Mr. President, it’s called an abrogation of duty. You have not taken your oath to honestly and faithfully execute the duties of your office. As commander in chief, you have NOT protected us. This dereliction of duty as Commander-in-Chief DEMANDS YOUR IMPEACHMENT.” -Judge Jeanine Pirro
But Judge Jeanine Pirro is not alone, the list of pundits, Washington insiders, celebrities and elected officials who are calling for the impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama is growing with each passing day.

And make no mistake: You’re driving this train. These further calls for Mr. Obama’s impeachment originate with the buzz that average Americans, like you, are generating, but the job is not done. In the coming days, we need to send 100,000 Blast Faxes to the Republican Leaders and Tea Party Members in Congress to make the Impeachment of Barack Obama a reality… and only you can make that happen.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership and the 50 Tea Party Members in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

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And Judge Jeanine Is Not Alone.

      But Judge Jeanine Pirro is not the only political or media elite who has recently jumped on the impeachment train.

- Andrew McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor and regular contributor to National Review is about to publish a major book that makes the case for Barack Obama’s impeachment. The Washington Times writes: “A new book written by a former top federal prosecutor — Andrew McCarthy — takes a look at all the scandals and secrecies that have plagued the Obama administration, dissects the facts and then sums: Impeachment is a valid notion.”

- Recently, twenty-two United States Senators penned a letter to Mr. Obama which said that his outrageous attempts to nullify our nation’s laws threatens our “entire constitutional system.”

- And even the liberal blogosphere is sounding the alarm. Here’s just one example. Several days ago, a major left-wing website, The Root, boldly ran the headline “Benghazi Panel: A Path to President Obama’s Impeachment?”

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The ONLY thing prohibiting Congress from REMOVING Barack Obama TODAY is THEIR delusion that YOU WON’T SUPPORT IT, and you are changing that dynamic with each passing day.

And truth be told, perhaps the greatest obstacle in the long quest to force Congress to impeach Barack Obama has been the unwillingness of political and media elites, like Pirro and McCarthy, to even mention the “I-word,” … and now, that is also changing, thanks to you.

But the work is far from done. We need another push. Will you make your voice heard and help us send 100,000 Blast Faxes to our Republican leaders and Members of the House and Senate who are bona-fide Tea Party Members?

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership and the 50 Tea Party Members in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

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Even The Left Knows It… The Time To Impeach Barack Obama Is Finally Upon Us And It Is Now.

We’ll be the first to admit it, pushing our elected officials to impeach Barack Obama has been a long, hard fight. Until a few months ago, it was impossible to even get an elected official or a pundit to even mention the “I-Word.”

But that’s changing… it’s changing big time, thanks to you:

When we ran a Google search on the term “Impeach Obama” Google returned over 4.6 million results and another Google search on the term “Benghazi Impeachment,” returned over 7.1 million results from Google.

Everyone is talking about impeachment and by the way, in addition to the headline from The Root quoted in the section above, here are just a few of the headlines that also popped up. Some even come from far-left websites:

- “John Boehner Joins The Impeachment Crowd By Claiming Obama is Lying About Benghazi…” -PoliticsUSA
- “Impeach-Obama Calls Grow After Latest Benghazi Revelations” -The New American
- “Benghazi Committee A Prelude To Impeachment?” -Outside The Beltway
- “Is A Drive To Impeach Barack Obama On Its Way?” -Washington Post

      And since we’re talking about Benghazi, don’t be fooled by media spin or talking points. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are running from the recently formed Benghazi House Select Committee as if it were the Black Death because they know, full well, that the formation of this committee could jump-start the movement to impeach Barack Obama.

Still don’t believe the left is scared? Consider the fact that over the past several months, the DNC has sent out several major appeals urging Democratic donors to help them place a Democrat majority in the House of Representatives to PREVENT BARACK OBAMA’S IMPEACHMENT.

Make no mistake. Republicans are finally starting to talk about impeachment. Conservative-establishment pundits and media elites are finally starting to talk about impeachment. And the far-left is finally starting to fear impeachment.

And the credit goes to you… but only you can make impeachment inevitable… only you can make it happen sooner, rather than later… and only you can make it happen now.

Use the hyperlink below to send your urgent Blast Faxes to each and every Member of the Republican Leadership and the 50 Tea Party Members in the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives.

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Floyd Brown

Floyd Brown

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update for Jan. 6, 2014

Benjamin Fulford – January 6, 2014: Final offensive against cabal continues, resistance fading but nasty incidents still possible

In order to make the year 2014 the year of final defeat for the fascist Sabbatean cabal, relentless pressure has to continue to be applied until their final defeat is certain. Over the New Year’s holidays US militia types, Italian P2 lodge honchos, pentagon officials, CIA officials and others made it clear in contacts to the White Dragon Society that they intend to do just that.

The problem many face is that they do not know specifically where to direct their anger or legal action. For that reason the first newsletter of 2014 will try to pinpoint some specific individuals and organizations that need to be removed from power and influence.

For example, one obvious soft target is the Sulzberger family that owns the New York Times. By refusing to write the truth or let their reporters write the truth about murder of close to 3000 New York residents on September 11, 2001, they made themselves criminal accessories to mass murder. Forcing them to start reporting the truth about that event would be one way to break the corporate media denial about this atrocity.

Other media moguls who can be found criminally guilty as accessories to mass murder include Walt Disney chairman Michael Eisner, Time Warner chairman Gerald Levin, Viacom head Sumner Redstone and Washington Post head Katherine Meyer Graham. These people need to be told in no uncertain terms to either start reporting the truth or go to jail; if judicial authorities are too corrupt to act, the extra-judicial action is justified.

Then there is a group of known terrorist masterminds including former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, former Pentagon advisor Richard Perle and other top neocons such as William Kristol, Elliott Abrams, Kenneth Adelman and Robert Kagan. These men are a menace to humanity and need to be removed.

These are just a few examples of the sort of people who no decent civilized nation should allow to be free. From a military and strategic point of view, in addition to this, to liberate the United States from Sabbatean mafia fascist control the following actions are required:

  1. Occupy and nationalize the 12 Federal Reserve Board Bank branches
  2. Audit the Senate and Congress and arrest all who have been bribed
  3. Replace the Supreme Court judges who allowed the fraudulent election of George Bush Jr. to take place
  4. Shut down the United States of America Corporation and restore the Republic of the United States of America
  5. Nationalize any bank that has been carrying out fraudulent derivatives trading
  6. Remove all military and agency personnel who have been bribed
  7. Write off all debts public and private
  8. Start rebuilding the United States with government issue currency (no taxes, no debt needed)

That is all that is needed to free the people of the United States of America from a regime that is run through debt slavery, bribery, blackmail and murder by a family mafia.

If President Barack Obama fails to do this, then he will go down, that is a mathematical certainty.
It has been calculated that every person on earth is connected to each other via 8 people, through friends of friends so we can make this happen by directly contacting people we know and trust and forming action networks.

Remember the only relatively safe form of communications is hand-written, hand-delivered messages. Nothing digital is safe and most verbal conversations are also now monitored. If you want to talk in relative privacy, get out of mobile phone range sit by a waterfall or in the middle of a very loud and crowded public space. Your credit cards, bank cards and mobiles can all serve as listening devices so leave them behind.

Finally, remember the illegal mafia occupiers of the United States Government are concentrated in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The cornered cabal is still capable of doing dangerous and nasty things and extreme vigilance is needed. The most realistic threats of a mass terrorist attack are now being directed against Tokyo and against the upcoming Sochi Olympics in Russia.

The government of the United Kingdom and the Obama regime have both ordered their agents to cooperate with Russia to prevent terrorist attacks against the Olympics. The British, having experienced nuclear terror threats against the London Olympics, seem to be sincere in helping Russia. However, since much of the terrorism against Russia has been orchestrated by the Nazi faction within the US government, it is unclear how welcome US help should be.

In Japan, the gnostic illuminati are making repeated threats to set off a nuclear bomb in Tokyo. This is disturbing because the Japanese Minister in charge of Nuclear Reactors and Environment is Nobuteru Ishihara, is a member of the Zionist created apocalyptic cult Makuhari. This cult is one of many created by the Zionists, such as Christian Zionism, belief in the Planet X, Niburu, the Photon belt etc. all with the theme that most people on the planet will die but a few chosen believers will be saved.

Abe himself is linked to the Moonie Unification church that has a ranch next to the Bush ranch in Paraguay. This group has been implicated in the smuggling of drugs and weapons among other crimes. The Abe regime is a fascist government set up through stolen elections and run by religious fanatics who take their orders from Zionist Mafiosi. This is a very dangerous and regrettable situation.

However, Abe and his regime are more vulnerable than they realize because their overseas masters are being steadily purged around the world.

Closest to home, North Korea’s Kim Jon Un has been purging Zionists linked personnel from North Korea and the North Korean network in Japan will come next. The same is true of South Korea where the Zionists are being kicked out.

Nor does Abe have the support of the Emperor as proven by the fact Abe visited the Yasukuni Shrine. The Japanese Emperor refuses to visit the shrine because Zionists ordered that war criminals be interred there in the 1970’s.

In other words, what we see in the Abe regime is the last stand of the foreigners who colonized Japan in the 1860’s and set up the neo-Babylonian State Shinto system of dictatorship.

The three legged crow secret society that has existed since Japan was first inhabited by humans is watching the situation very carefully. Their members never register the birth of their children with the authorities and they are all given a special education involving secret Tibetan lore. They rarely intervene in politics but will soon.

The New Year starts in earnest this week as holidays end and events will be picking up pace again soon. There already anti-fascist demonstrations and attacks Italy, the US, France, Thailand, Cambodia, Turkey, Ukraine etc.


Harper Government Manipulating MPs

A friend in Victoria, Canada sent this. The Harper government is doing everything it can to diminish the effectiveness of minority parties and thwart positive change.

True representation for The People is as unavailable as it is in the U.S. with scam elections and absurd laws about how bills can be introduced and implemented from honest politicians. Generally their aim is to make life miserable for MPs. 

Elizabeth May sent the following email to her constituents yesterday to let them know what’s going on and what she’s up against; asking for their help.  ~ BP

Protecting the Rights of MPs

October 31, 2013

While the front pages of this week’s papers contain further allegations in the Senate scandal – a scandal that is deeply rooted in the PMO’s obsession with controlling all aspects of government – I am writing to update you on another example of Stephen Harper’s efforts at total control; one that affects my ability to do my job as MP.

I have previously written to you about a procedure that enabled an MP – such as myself – who is not allowed to sit on committees to put forward substantive amendments at the Report Stage of bills. I was the first MP to notice this rule and have made good use of it. Since being elected as an MP in 2011, my amendments have been a constant thorn in the side of the Harper administration.

This spring, the Harper administration found a way to block my use of this provision by “inviting” me to submit my amendments in committee. If I didn’t accept the invitation, any amendments presented to the House would be ruled out of order because I had been offered an earlier “opportunity”. I was not allowed to participate in the committee meetings, beyond having 60 seconds to introduce an amendment.

As a result, I was forced to race from committee to committee for the ritual rejection of all my amendments, which in turn took me away from my desk in the House. Other members were more than willing to take advantage of these rare absences.

Now the Conservatives have taken it even further by introducing a motion to require that members, who are either independent or are members of recognized parties with fewer than 12 MPs, submit amendments to committee 48 hours prior to the start of clause by clause consideration of any bill. The clear purpose of this motion is to reduce rights of Members of Parliament.

Yesterday this motion passed in four committees simultaneously and identical motions have already been tabled in multiple other committees with votes still to come.

I need you to stand with me and tell Stephen Harper’s Conservatives that this motion is in flagrant violation of one of the most important traditions of Canadian democracy: that all Members, regardless of their affiliation, should have an equal voice in Parliament.

The Conservative approach, of rejecting any and all amendments while simultaneously abbreviating debate opportunities, is a perversion of the parliamentary process. It is a new and hyper-partisan approach to the legislative process.

Please add your name to the list of Canadians who believe that each MP must have an equal opportunity to fully represent the concerns of our constituents:

Thank you for your continued support.
Elizabeth May, O.C., M.P.

Canadians Demanding Action to Stop the Senate Expense Scandal Coverup

While the fact that the RCMP is investigating doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies, as there is corruption within their ranks at higher levels, I guess it’s better than nothing. Who is holding them accountable, though?  ~ BP

Visit the web site to send a quick online form letter to add your voice to the demand for action from the Canadian government.

This week, new allegations are breaking of a conspiracy at the highest levels of Canada’s government, directly implicating Prime Minister Harper himself and his top officials in a scheme to cover-up the senate expense scandal.

After personally appointing these top Conservative Party fundraisers to the Senate, Prime Minister Harper and key leaders in his government are now trying to place all of the blame on Senators Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy, and thereby escape accountability for their own actions.

The best way to make sure that the full truth comes to light is for the RCMP to conduct a full investigation that goes right to the top, including the Prime Minister and his key officials, with public reports, followed by criminal charges wherever warranted.

The RCMP are facing enormous back-room political pressure. They have a duty to respond to complaints from citizens, yet time and again, we’ve seen that ever greater numbers of public complaints are necessary before the RCMP will fully investigate sensitive political matters.

This is a moment where we can have a big impact, but only if we speak out together now, before media attention fades.

Please send a message right now to the RCMP, calling on them to expand their investigation to include Prime Minister Harper and key PMO and Conservative Party officials, and to make sure Mr Harper is compelled to testify under oath about his personal role in this alleged cover-up.


Prime Minister Harper’s government was first elected amidst promises to clean up Ottawa. Now, it looks like they are trying to sweep this scandal under the rug.

The key question is: what are they trying to cover up? Senator Duffy was a key fundraiser for the Conservative Party of Canada, and it looks like the dirty secret is that he may have been paying himself public money while giving partisan speeches to fill his party’s warchest.

The RCMP are already investigating Senators Brazeau, Wallin and Duffy. Now, with the new revelations this week, it’s time for them to expand the investigation to include Prime Minister Harper and his top officials.

Ultimately, this is about much more than just a few senators’ expenses; this is about the potential cover-up of the widespread abuse of public money to pay for partisan events.

Send your message now so we can learn the full truth and hold these politicians accountable.


There is No Debt Ceiling in Place, and Here’s Why

Reblogged from AmericanKabuki

Have you ever heard such nonsense as the games they play in the US government? What a farce! No other corporation could possibly function this way.  If you can’t find a way to fix a problem sensibly, just change the laws?  No wonder they’re disfunctional.   ~ BP

Posted: 18 Oct 2013 08:54 AM PDT

After 16 days of a partial government shutdown, the House and Senate finally, on Wednesday night, agreed on legislation to fund the government.

And according to almost every report, the funding legislation, which was quickly signed into law by President Barack Obama, also raised the nation’s debt ceiling.

Except, that’s not exactly true.

What actually happened was that Congress voted to effectively suspend the debt ceiling from Oct. 17, 2013, through Feb. 7, 2014. In other words, they didn’t raise the debt ceiling ― they eliminated it altogether until Feb 7 of next year.

As it turns out, this is the second time this year that Congress has essentially turned over the keys on debt spending. And there’s every reason to believe it will do so again when both sides pick up this fight in a few months.

Allowing the White House to raise the debt ceiling without congressional approval is a move reportedly favored by Obama, but conservative critics say it will lead to disastrous and unchecked increases in spending.

In 1917, Congress created the debt ceiling, technically known as the Second Liberty Bond Act.

Before the first debt ceiling was created, Congress has to approve each individual bond and increase in national debt. Passage of the first debt ceiling began the slow march of handing over power to the executive branch, allowing the president to issue bonds without congressional approval. The only requirement is that the total amount of bonds issued stay within the debt ceiling amount mandated by Congress.

But during the 2012 debt ceiling debate, Congress took this handover of power one step further by giving President Obama a set period of time to increase the debt ceiling at his discretion. The No Budget, No Pay Act of 2013 suspended the debt ceiling from Feb. 4, 2013, to May, 19, 2013. After that, the actual debt ceiling was raised, but only enough to allow the government to safely pay its debts through October 17.

As the Daily Caller explains, now most Americans effectively have no idea how much debt the government will accrue between now and the February deadline. And without a debt ceiling, Congress and the White House could conceivably raise the debt without limit.

The Washington Post explains that suspending the debt ceiling actually stems from an idea floated by Mitch McConnell back in 2011. Under McConnell’s proposal, the president would have the sole authority to raise the debt ceiling. Congress would then vote to approve or disapprove of the change. If it voted to disapprove, the president could then veto the disapproval. And as with any presidential veto, Congress would then have to pass a two-thirds majority vote to overturn the veto and effectively block raising the debt ceiling.

Regardless of which path Congress and the White House take, they’re likely to be wrestling with massive debt for a long time to come.

Technically, the U.S. has carried a national debt every year going back to 1835. The dollar amount continues to grow each year, even as it has become a smaller percentage of the overall federal budget in recent years. The federal debt reached its peak as a percentage of the U.S. budget during World War II.

That fact has led several respected economists, including former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan, to question why we even have a debt ceiling.

“Why do we have a debt limit in the first place? We appropriate funds, we have tax law, and one reasonably adept at arithmetic can calculate what the debt change is going to be,” Greenspan said during an April, 2011, appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“The Congress and the president have signed legislation predetermining what that number is,” Greenspan continued. “Why we need suspenders and belts is something I’ve never understood.”

Still Work to Do to Protect America from Government Tyranny: Time Sensitive Update

ANH-USA LogoHelp out TODAY—just $5 if that’s all you can afford, and get yourself some swag!  This is important and we need to keep the momentum going.  ~ BP

Donate before September 27, and we’ll send
you an ANH tote bag, a BPA-free Nalgene bottle, a
yoga mat, or a picnic blanket. It’s just our way of
saying “Thanks!” for your support. Please
make your donation today!


On behalf of the ANH-USA staff, thank you so much for your incredible support.

I’ve told you how we must raise $50,000 for our fall 2013 advocacy campaign, particularly given the urgency of the Monsanto Protection Act. Hundreds of supporters like you have responded generously, showing their confidence in us by making donations ranging from $5 to $1,000.

We’re rapidly approaching our goal—but we still need your help:

Progress: 40%

Progress: 40%
Raised: $ 20140     Goal: $ 50000

Why donate? Here’s what’s at stake:

  • 30,000+ dietary supplements. On their own, both Senator Durbin’s anti-supplement Labeling Act and the NDI Draft Guidance could remove tens of thousands of supplements from the market.
  • Your judicial rights. The Monsanto Protection Act says the biotech industry is no longer subject to the courts. 
  • Your access to natural health treatments. Bills in both the House and Senate threaten individualized drugs and bioidentical hormones—giving Big Pharma even more of a monopoly. 
  • An opportunity to label GMOs. We’re working on a successful, national campaign to label GMOs, state-by-state. Could your state be next?  

ANH-USA exists solely to protect natural health consumers and practitioners—not Big Business or the government. We rely on the financial support of the public so we can answer only to you.

There are only a few hours left to make a donation. Won’t you consider
giving even a few dollars? Every bit will be matched by a generous individual
donor, and every cent will go to our fight on Capitol Hill—not overhead,
sandwiches, or staff salaries. Please give today!

And don’t forget—for gifts made through September 27, we’re thanking our qualifying donors with an ANH-USA tote bag, BPA-free Nalgene bottle, yoga mat, or travel blanket!

Thank you again for your activism and generosity; it is so deeply appreciated by me, Gretchen, Darrell, Nandini, and Beth—the team that you inspire to stand up for real, lasting change here in Washington D.C., across the country, and even around the world.

Yours in the fight,

Liz Ardagna
Membership Director, ANH-USA

P.S.: Please don’t wait to take action: this campaign ends in just a few hours! We won’t be sending you any more reminders, so make your donation right away!


VICTORY!! Senate to Kill Monsanto Protection Act Amid Outrage

Woo-hoo! We did it again, my friends!  Anthony, you ROCK!  Millions against Monsanto spoke out and gave our mandate to our representatives. They now know that we, here in North America are onto them and we will not stand for their murderous, treasonous ways. Monsanto is going DOWN! 

I’d like to give a big pat on the back to the alternative news community for their part in this unprecedented victory.  WE MATTER. (even if we’re not journalists)   ;0)     We ARE the new mainstream media.    ~ BP

Sept 26, 2013

In a major victory brought upon by serious activism and public outrage, new legislation changes will shut down the Monsanto Protection Act rider that granted Monsanto protection from legal action and was set to renew on September 30th.

This unprecedented move shows the true power of the anti-GMO, anti-Monsanto movement, and how elected officials are now being forced to side with the concerned population over the money-spewing Monsanto. After all, it was Monsanto who purchased its way into the initial Senate spending bill legislation via a rider dubbed the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’  through Senator Roy Blunt.

Officially labeled the Farmer Assurance Provision under Sec. 735 of the Senate Continuing Resolution spending bill, Senator Blunt was conveniently given over $64,000 by Monsanto before he handed the biotech corporation the ability to write its own legislation for the Monsanto Protection Act. And as I told you back in March here on the frontlines of anti-GMO activism, the financial payload dished out by Monsanto was enough to secure a major victory for corporations over both the public and even the federal government.

It was last March that Obama signed the initial Senate spending bill into law, subsequently bringing the Monsanto Protection Act rider into legal validity as well. But the rider only extended until September 30th of this year, and it was up to Monsanto to pull another slippery legislative trick out of their sleeves in order to pass a Monsanto Protection Act 2.0 renewal. Once again, however, Monsanto executives underestimated the power of the alternative news community and the intelligence of those who do not want to eat contaminated food.

And as a result, Senators are being forced to respond in a big way. As one Senator put it:

“That provision will be gone,” said Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) told Politico.

There is even discussion of how the Monsanto Protection Act came to exist in the first place, and more importantly how we can hold the politicians responsible.

“Short-term appropriations bills are not an excuse for Congress to grandfather in bad policy,” said Colin O’Neil, director of government affairs for the Center for Food Safety.

Once again, we have achieved a major victory in the fight against Monsanto and GMOs at large. As information on the subject continues to spread like intellectual wildfire, Monsanto’s days as a food supply hog consistently dwindle.

This post appeared at NaturalSociety

About Anthony Gucciardi:
Google Plus Profile Anthony is the Editor of NaturalSociety, producer, consultant, and seeker of truth. Anthony’s work has been read by millions worldwide and is routinely featured on major alternative and mainstream news website alike, like the powerful Drudge Report, NaturalNews, Infowars, and many others. Anthony has appeared, oftentimes routinely, on programs like Russia Today (RT), The Alex Jones Show, Coast to Coast AM, and others. Anthony is also a founding member of Natural Attitude and the creator of the independent political website Storyleak


Urgent Action Alert! Revised Compounding Bill Vote Possible Tomorrow!


They may try to slip another one by us, folks. It wouldn’t be the first time. They love to have their lawyers bury nasty legislation in huge piles of paper so no one will read them and  pass them anyway.

You can use the green button at the bottom of this post if you feel guided to intervene.

From The Alliance for Natural Health

July 30, 2013

The reworked version of the bill is nearly four times longer—and is even more of a threat to your access to bioidentical hormones, non-standard thyroid medications, and other compounded medications that millions of people rely on.  Action Alert!

S.959, the compounding bill we’ve been telling you about, has been rewritten, and it’s now 189 pages long, up from its original 50 pages. It’s technically a substitute bill in the form of an amendment. This means that when the old bill comes to the floor of the Senate, there will be a motion to substitute this new version. It will likely all happen very quickly—as early as tomorrow. There is a big push to get it through the Senate before the August recess on Friday. That’s why your immediate action is urgently needed!

Several new provisions in the bill are especially troubling. For example, in this new draft, traditional pharmacies that do compounding for doctors’ office use will need to limit their compounding to no more than ten percent of the products they dispense in any thirty-day period! In addition, compounders must receive, within fourteen days, the name of each patient who received the compounded medication.

This is an administrative and logistical nightmare. First, the number of a doctor’s patients given compounded prescriptions in the office will almost certainly ebb and flow; it’s unlikely they will neatly fit the ten percent cut-off within the rolling thirty-day period. And to place arbitrary restrictions on how many of one’s patients can receive a particular medication interferes with the practice of medicine, to put it bluntly.

Furthermore, in the states that allow for the office use of compounded drugs, there are no such requirements. So this law will override the state laws currently in place. On top of that, having to match each patient, by name, to the compounder that supplied the medication, and do so within fourteen days, would be logistically difficult if not impossible. The drafters of the bill realize this. Their intent must be to eliminate this use of compounded medication indirectly by making it so difficult to comply.

In another provision, “compounding manufacturers”—a term that includes any compounder who ships by interstate commerce—will only be able to compound those non-sterile drugs that are included on a list to be developed by the FDA. In other words, these drugs must be pre-approved. You can be sure the FDA will create this list with an eye to ending competition with drugs that the agency has approved.

On top of these new difficulties, our previous concerns remain:

  • Bulk ingredients. The bill would allow FDA to identify bulk ingredients not suitable for compounding based on “public health concerns,” which is an impossibly vague standard. FDA has attempted to ban bioidentical estriol because of such “health concerns” even though it has a USP monograph!
  • “Copies of drugs.” Compounded versions of FDA-approved drugs may be banned as “copies” of the drugs depending on how strictly that term is interpreted. This could eliminate access to the much less expensive 17P in favor of the FDA-approved Makena drug. Remember that pharmaceutical companies view compounding pharmacies as a threat to their market share. On the upside, the new version of the bill says that if the FDA-approved drug is in short supply, a pharmacy can compound the drug—it only needs to provide one notice per year. Of course, “short supply” has to be defined by the FDA.
  • “Difficult to compound.” The bill allows the FDA to disallow entire categories of drugs that are supposedly “difficult to compound,” and specifically names “complex dosage forms” as an example. This targets products such as extended-release products and transdermal patches (for example, many consumers rely on time-release thyroid medication, which is not available in standard drug form).

Some small victories, however: in the previous version of the bill, there was no clear definition of what “difficult to compound” really meant. We had requested that bill include language that exists in current law, and at least use a standard based on safety or effectiveness. In the new version of the bill, compounding must be “reasonably likely to lead to an adverse effect on the safety or effectiveness of that drug or category of drugs, taking into account the risks and benefits to patients.” We also got them to remove the provision that compounders needed to perform random controlled trials in order to meet a “safety and efficacy” standard, as well as the requirement that doctors must substantiate the need for a compounded prescription.

What this means is that your messages are working! Your legislators really do listen to you.

There is conflicting information on when the bill will come up for a vote. Last week our sources indicated it wouldn’t come up until after the August recess. Yesterday, however, we heard that it might come up for a vote as early as tomorrow. The bill’s Senate supporters are pushing hard for a floor vote before the August recess, whereas Sen. Coburn said that more time was needed to review the new language and have industry weigh in.

No time to lose, then! If this comes up for a vote this week, the Senate needs to hear from you TODAY! Your message is simple: ask your senators to oppose S.959.


Visit the Source Page to Tweet, Share on FB, email, share this notice

Texas Senator Wendy Davis Saved the Day!

There is much controversy around abortion.  I was listening to Tanaath and Sunfire on Drake’s Wednesday evening show because it’s always fascinating to hear Tanaath’s insights as to how our star brethren see our world, and one of the questions from listeners was about terminating pregnancies.

They asked how those in other realms view this practice. Tanaath said first off that they view the needs of the living above those of the unborn and that the incidence of a non-consensual birth is very rare in their world.

She continued that suffering requires consciousness, and since a soul does not enter a new-born’s body until it takes it’s first breath, suffering cannot take place prior, so a fetus does not experience suffering as  we know it. 

It’s the “shedding of blood” that is frowned upon in the higher realms, and there are ways to terminate a pregnancy without shedding blood, but those methods have been withheld from us, Tanaath said.

A woman who brings a child into the world is impacted in so many ways that it is a serious consequence to bear if it is not a planned birth. Women’s rights have been withheld in countless arenas, but now they are taking them back.

The establishment has created so many laws to control us and to engender guilt where none is required. Why do we embrace those laws rather than exercize our free will to choose individually? Why must we always sit in judgment of others?

No matter; an amazing woman in Texas is leading the way to freedom of choice, and freedom for women. She chose to abide by the absurd guidelines for a filibuster and succeeded in her goal on behalf of Americans. What a woman—one more woman who is leading the way into our new and higher consciousness. The Divine Feminine is rising.

Something amazing is happening in Texas. And Wendy Davis is a national hero.

On Sunday, as Texas Republicans used a special session to pass one of the country’s most extreme, far-reaching abortion bans, more than 600 people flooded the state house to stop the Texas GOP from passing it. Despite the groundswell of grassroots opposition, Republicans pushed it through in the middle of the night.1

But yesterday morning, State Senator Wendy Davis, a Fort Worth Democrat, launched a herculean effort to block that bill from becoming law. She filibustered it by speaking on the Senate floor for more than 12 hours to delay the vote until after the special session closed–and she succeeded!2

Texas Senate rules dictated that to maintain the filibuster, she had to stand the entire time, she couldn’t stop for food or water, and she couldn’t even take a bathroom break.3 And she used her time on the Senate floor to read the stories from the women and their doctors who would be affected by this bill–it was powerful.4

Late last night, Sen. Davis won–as did women in Texas and across America. This dangerous bill has been tabled, for now.5 When a champion like Sen. Davis stands up for women–especially in a state as hostile to women’s health as Texas–we need to stand up for her, too. Can you sign on to our thank you card to Sen. Davis?

Sign the thank you card.

Senate Bill 5 is sweeping legislation would be the most stringent set of laws impacting millions of women.6 It lumps together several anti-abortion measures that failed during the regular session. But since it’s a special session, the bill could pass with a simple majority instead of the two-thirds that Texas normally requires.7 According the Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, it would “virtually ban” abortion in the state.8

Among other restrictions, the bill would require that any abortion facility be a licensed surgical center, even though most providers performed abortions with a pill–no surgery is involved. Even a woman who could be prescribed medication to take at home would have to travel to a surgical center to take the pill. Most Texas abortion facilities would need to relocate and spend millions of dollars to comply. The number of abortion providers operating in the state would go from 47 to just 5–leaving much of the state hundreds of miles from the nearest provider.9 It’s an extreme agenda aimed at ending abortion access for millions of women.

Sen. Davis never backed down and bravely challenged her Republican colleagues on the floor, saying, “You can imagine, or maybe you can’t, that a woman can be told that her feelings on these issues, that if she can’t fit into every one of the square pegs she’s being asked to fit into by this bill she’s not going to be able to exercise her constitutional right.”10

Wendy Davis is a national hero. She successfully filibustered one of the most restrictive anti-women bills in the country for more than 12 hours with no rest, no water, and no fear.  Will you send her a humongous heartfelt thank you?

Sen. Davis’s marathon filibuster became a sensation in the Texas statehouse and all over the country on social media. More than 180,000 people watched the livestream form the Texas Senate floor.11 The hashtag #StandWithWendy was trending on Twitter as people tweeted messages of support.12 In Austin, hundreds of people stood in the state house to watch the filibuster and support her.13

Sen. Davis–along with hundreds of other Texans–stood up and said no to Republicans’ extreme, anti-woman agenda. Now we all need to stand with her. Can you sign the thank you card?

Add your name.

Thanks for speaking out.

–Nita, Shaunna, Kat, Malinda and Karin, the UltraViolet team


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Farm Bill Vote Resumes Today: Contact Your Senators about GMO Labeling, Factory Farms, and More!

Today, Monday, June 3, the Senate returns from its Memorial Day recess to vote on more amendments to the 2013 Farm Bill. Your Senators’ votes will have an impact on everything from labeling genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and banning genetically engineered salmon, to protecting honeybees, curbing the over-use of antibiotics on factory farm animals and allowing U.S. farmers to grow industrial hemp.

Please choose the issues you’re most concerned about (grouped below by topic), then call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 (click here to send an email) to let them know how you’d like them to vote, and why.

You can say:

“Hello, my name is ___ and I’m a constituent and a voter. I would like to leave a message for Senator ___’s agriculture staffer. Can you take a message for me, please? When amendments to the 2013 Farm Bill are voted on this week, I’d like Senator ___ to vote to …

• … label genetically engineered food.” (Support Boxer Amendments 1025 and 1026)
• … repeal the Monsanto Protection Act.” (Support Merkley Amendment 978)
• … ban genetically engineered salmon.” (Support Begich Amendment 934)

• … save the honeybees.” (Support Boxer Amendment 1027)

• … give organic farmers equal access to funds for environmental improvement.” (Support Leahy Amendment 1093)

• … add climate change mitigation to conservation programs.” (Support Whitehouse Amendment 1058)

• … address factory farms’ drug abuse problem, responsible for antibiotic-resistant superbugs that infect hundreds of thousands and kill tens of thousands of Americans each year.” (Support Gillibrand Amendment 940)
• … reign in the factory farm and meatpacking cartels that subject contract farmers to abusive practices that reduce food quality, animal welfare and worker safety.” (Support Grassley Amendment 969, Rockefeller Amendment 993, Tester Amendment 971, and Enzi Amendments 981 and 982)

• … legalize industrial hemp.” (Support Wyden Amendment 952)

• … increase funding for eat-local and farm-to-consumer programs.” (Support Brown Amendment 1088)

• … stop attempts to take food assistance from hungry families.” (Oppose Sessions Amendments 946 and 947, Roberts Amendments 949 and 950, Thune Amendment 991, Coburn Amendments 100, 1002, 1005, and 1009, and Vitter Amendment 1056)

• … place long-overdue limits of $50,000 on crop insurance premium subsidies for America’s wealthiest large-scale farmers.” (Support Shaheen Amendment 926)

• … make sure farmers who get federal money for irrigation aren’t wasting water.” (Support Udall Amendment 1049)

Thanks for calling (202-224-3121) and emailing (click here) your Senators!

If you read Organic Bytes on Thursday, you know that Monsanto has been getting its way with the Senate. Lawmakers voted down an amendment to affirm the existing right of states to label genetically engineered food and have, so far, blocked a vote on repealing the Monsanto Protection Act.

If you haven’t already…

Please find out how your Senators voted on the Sanders Amendment in support of states’ rights to label GMOs and call and email them to let them know what you think.

Please call and email Senators Cochran and Blunt to ask them to stop blocking a vote on Senator Merkley’s Amendment to repeal the Monsanto Protection Act.

Sign our petition opposing the King Amendment and any other attempt by Congress to take away states’ rights to label GMOs.

More bad news…

The Food Research and Action Center reports that Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s (D-NY) amendment to restore $4.1 billion/ten year in cuts to nutrition assistance for hungry families was defeated by a 70-26 vote.

Some good news…

At least one good thing has happened during Senate votes on Farm Bill amendments. The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition reports:

“Because of calls from grassroots advocates like you, the Senate passed an amendment – the Durbin-Coburn amendment – that takes a bold first step towards reforming ballooning crop insurance subsidies for wealthy mega-farms in the 2013 Farm Bill!

“Calls from constituents helped encourage 59 Senators to support this common-sense, long overdue amendment.  Even better, it will save taxpayers over 1.3 billion dollars and will ensure maximum support goes only to those who need it, not a handful of mega-farms.”

Constituent communications work! Please call (202-224-3121) and email (click here) your Senators today!

Alexis Baden-Mayer, Esq.
Political Director

Organic Consumers Association6771 South Silver Hill Drive – Finland, MN 55603 – Phone: 218-226-4164 – Fax: 218-353-7652