More Malaysia Flight 370 Theories for March 16th [video]

Man, the ideas that have come to light about this plane are all over the map! It’s the mystery of all mysteries and its unfolding before our very eyes. I’m so glad I’m not snoozing and missing all this.

Here are two more updates. Interesting reading, but I like the ET theory better.   ;0)   Besides, the Galactics will not let anything major go down. There will be no war or major false flags with mass casualties.

March is apparently the time when many significant battles and coups have been scheduled in the past; the superstitious Ides of March. Interesting.

Dahboo7 7 is convinced he knows what they’re up to and explains in his video.

I still don’t understand why, if they wanted to start WWIII with a staged attack on Israel, why they would need to commandeer a plane. I’m sure they could have got their hands on a Boeing 777 somewhere and painted it. It’s more complicated than that. Isn’t it always? 

BTW, someone left a comment on my blog that the plane carried a cargo worth $400 million, and someone else posted, “LaWS has only a mile clear weather range; not able to penetrate at 35K ft!”. ~ BP

Thank you, Jane, for this one.

MALASIA MH FL 370 was flown deliberately to Diego Garcia AFB
MARCH 15, 2014

[ Ed Note I just received a phone call from a close friend and correspondent source active agent with the CIA that the MH FL 370 was taken by the CIA and flown to Diego Garcia AFB the largest base in the Indian Ocean for purpose of arming it with atomic devices with China's notice of support for Russia in Ukraine.

Apparantly the passengers and crew were landed safely in the largest military base in the Indian Ocean.

The reports that the plane was shot with a laser beam by a cruiser was a redirect PsyOp and the MSM is covering the matter without any comment.

This is also including inquiring the 20 engineers going to Peking about scientific data too.

All for now

Arden Gifford, MD]


And thank you Richard for this one. Richard begins…

It has become clear that Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 did not crash. So what happened – and what is going to happen as a result?

I don’t know the answer to this, but I am beginning to see a few dots that seem to join up.

Firstly, this fascinating piece of analysis by Keith Ledgerwood which suggests MH370 joined the flight path of  Singapore Airlines SIA68 over the Andaman Sea.

I investigated further and plotted the exact coordinates of Singapore Airlines flight number 68’s location at 1815UTC onto the aviation map.  I quickly realized that SIA68 was in the immediate vicinity as the missing MH370 flight at precisely the same time.  Moreover, SIA68 was en-route on a heading towards the same IGREX waypoint on airway P628 that the Malaysian military radar had shown MH370 headed towards at precisely the same time.

It became apparent as I inspected SIA68’s flight path history that MH370 had manoeuvred itself directly behind SIA68 at approximately 18:00UTC and over the next 15 minutes had been following SIA68.   All the pieces of my theory had been fitting together with the facts that have been publically released and I began to feel a little uneasy.

To me, a very plausible strategy for hiding the passage of this plane across the Indian and Pakistani airspace undetected.

But for what purpose?

You may remember that the two who were flying on the false passports were claimed to be Iranians. My alarm bells went off. To me, this was a piece of data planted for some other purpose.

Then this video came across my desk – Israel Prepares for Possible Attack by Hijacked Flight. The reason for this preparation is they supposedly fear an Iranian attack upon them using this plane, loaded with nuclear weapons…

When I saw this, I smelled a very large rat.

I have not had the time to pull together several pieces for you, one of which is on the history of Israel and its behaviour in the world. To cut to the chase:

  • Israel is the creation of the Rothschilds, engineered through WWI and WWII and the manipulation and persecution of the Jewish people (when I have time, I will pull this picture together for you)
  • It was created and expanded through terrorism, tolerated through the embarrassment and shame foisted upon the goyim for the Holocaust
  • They have become a nuclear power, well understood by the world but not officially acknowledged, yet remain the only country with nuclear weapons who has not become a signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (makes their posturing over Iran all the more ironic)
  • Mossad and their agents have been responsible for many so-called truck bomb or car bomb events around the world, which have actually been mini or micro-nuclear events. Dimitri Khalezov details much of this in his book on 9/11. (More on this another time – and you need to read the most recent version of this released in December 2013)

To me, this smells like a possible Mossad false flag attack on Israel, to be blamed on Iran for the purpose of triggering war with Iran.

So, let us see what happens.   (

Mass Arrests, The Event, Bankster Update from Drake’s FB Page; Dec. 26th

Thank you, Jane. This is a transcript from Drake’s Cosmic Voice FB page for a recent teleconference. Take it for what you will.   ~ BP

Thomas has said this is not an endorsement but it is interesting. I have listened this morning and decided to make notes so we could consider some key points [in the order they were presented and not necessarily logical] – and for those who can’t listen for 1hr 40mins. Please don’t shoot the messenger as I don’t have 2nd amendment rights LOL…and I have tried my best to record the names of your legislation and acts ….seem to be learning more about US law the UK … Took 3 hrs!

• There are currently Russian, Chinese and German troops in the US, to go to DC to make arrests and prevent WWIII

• There is a 4th player who is unseen and very powerful – quote ‘and I think we know who this is but most people refuse to accept it’….[my question are they referring to ET?]

• Nuclear arsenals in the Middle East are not working – no access codes are working or targeting facilities

• Prosperity Packages (PP’s) are ‘in the hat’ – and have been reassigned to the Provost Marshall of the US military in Virginia – so unusual move that the military are now in control of the PP situation

• Sudan: US troops there [because?] bankers are trying to start WWIII – which will not be allowed to happen. They planned to use any or a combination of Chemical/Bio/Nukes and other countries said not acceptable.

• Federal Reserve – as of midnight all $ notes became counterfeit – really not a rumour true. No need to panic the US economy is still accepting them and they will be taken in and exchanged when the new currency is put into the banks. The only thing that would create a problem is if someone turned up at a bank with huge amounts of cash not commensurate with their standing and income otherwise ok to exchange for new currency when arrives.

• The ‘big boys’ – trillion dollar people (Bankers and Congress]– cashed out large quantities of Dinars

• NESARA – he has been hearing that they are trying to bring this on-line if not directly ..but quietly There has been high level meetings in the Indian Ocean (British Indian territory) at a tiny atoll named Diego Garcia – nothing there only a landing strip. O’B has been holidaying a lot for extended vacations to Hawaii…said to have been going to Diego Garcia as first priority before vacations.

• Nov 2009(?) O’B passed an executive order for every alphabet agency (?) except NDAA and US DOD issuing orders to regulate the banking system. People have been mad at the NSA – but in actual fact the surveillance has not been to deal with the ordinary people but to get the Bankers. Not just the CIA, FBI, Dept of the Feds, Navy intel. but everybody involved to nail the bankers.

• O’B has been passing executive orders and putting Czars in place – he is not a dictator but has been strategically moving people around to clean up the system. In 1991 George Bush sold the infrastructure of the USA under executive order and O’B has passed an order to re-nationalise the infrastructure. The NDDA is to deal with those in power under Section 802. ‘those that intimate and cohort with Judges and prosecution’… etc. of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and Prosecution – who have been lazy and behaving unethically. The latter have been trying to minimise events in case they are charged with aiding and abetting. So trying to protect themselves. There has been 10 million records seized covering every judge in the state of California.

• The Pope’s decree has eliminated immunity so that now we can go retro-actively and deal with them.

• There exists online an abridged copy of the Patriot Act – everyone needs to read this to see there is nothing in there to do with the American people but to deal with money laundering, RICO and depopulation programmes.

• We can now go to foreign countries and ask them to hand over illicit money or be dubbed terrorists and receive a military response. Switzerland, Cayman Isles, Jamaica, Bahamas and the Caribbean banking havens have been forced by a military presence around the shorelines. The Cayman Isles were entered and they couldn’t explain account holders…found to be belong to dead people and even in dog’s names. Lots of bank accounts were cleaned out – 10’s of 1000’s – and bankers in Switzerland committed suicide.

• A report last week from Bloomberg detailed that pressure was being put on Swiss Bankers who had been put on notice by the IRS and the Govt. to turn over all questionable US citizens’ bank accounts. Other banks (Rothschilds) had assigned 450 lawyers to fight the request. The Rothschilds were told if there are irregularities and hidden money from the US Govt. They must hand over or else they would be penalised with fines and jail sentences. The Swiss bankers are still debating the choice but they have little time left now to decide.

• It must have been something huge because the Rothschilds answer to no one and don’t usually respond to Govts. This Govt. Has 12 of the 22 aircraft carriers that exist worldwide and sail the oceans. The smallest is twice the size of anyone else’s. So if the Rothschilds don’t comply they will be responded to as terrorists under the Patriot Act – the military can go in and there will be backs against the wall. Bankers have been dealt with in China and Vietnam but the details differ (1 executed and 3 in prison in China and 2 shot in Vietnam…or alternatively all executed).

• Karen Hudes had stated that there were underground banks in Hawaii with 70,000 tons of gold to back the new $, and at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs – Russian troops were guarding another gold deposit. Fort Knox – has seen large troop movement during the last 12 months. So there is gold in 3 locations in large amounts to back the new $ so don’t worry about money. This has been a grand 5 years plan in the making [circa 2008 collapse?]

• The Federal Reserve cessation is not in writing yet it is taking place as we speak so you will not find evidence of it until it gets on TV or in Wall St Journal. It’s breaking news. All the new money will not be on the street at the same time but the 12 central banks are full of money.

• Under the ‘Trading with the Enemy’ Act Section 6 – O’B could deal with all the ‘big boys’ who have cashed in the Dinars. There is a chance he could seize this money under the Act. These people have been running amok and have become the enemy of the country. The US has been under a state of emergency since 1933 so he can do that. This would solve the US’s financial problems right now. Apparently there is a cap in place for the elite of $1 trillion.

• Caller comment: Troops are landing in the USA ‘armed and ready for bear’ – is this indicating martial law? Answer: Firstly, the US has been under Martial Law since 1877 with the Reconstruction Act and a state of emergency. Secondly in 1933, the bankruptcy situation invoked a second state of emergency and the US has been under martial law since that.

• The influx of foreign military are from friendly military governments and the troops are out in the community enjoying football and watching baseball. They are guarding the Colorado Springs gold reserves. There is a need to take people down because of DC passing Posse Comitatus. It was passed to allow the military to enforce law but the 1902 Dicat and the constitution gives the authority to call up the military. So Putin etc. can be used to solve problems by using overseas troops to deal with areas that are owned.

• FEMA Camps or military detention facilities. Originally was said these would be used against the US people – look online there are 800 pages in the Army Field Manual – ‘Capturing and Detaining of People’ and the use of multiple theatres of operation. Multiple meaning multiple countries. The manual tells how to identify ID badges, the country the person is captured in and location. It is not for citizens but to deal with the corrupt. The UN have stood up to these people (he can’t disclose how he knows). Interpol have been fighting in Europe for decades and getting their butts kicked. So O’B asked the UN the help as allies (including Russia and China) in order to prevent WWIII. After all a war of this magnitude would be bad for world health and business.

• Camps have 3 facility types: 1 for criminals and having a court inside – Bankers and the like. 1 as a temporary holding facility to calm people down but not to hurt them just contain them and lastly 1 as a refugee camp for the families of the people that get arrested…when this blows up and soon..the families will be in danger of being lynched and will need to be kept safe.

• Some people from foreign countries including the US, bankers etc. have already been arrested by Interpol and are in camps. The police work for private corporations so they cannot be relied upon or trusted – there was a need to bring someone else in.

• O’B passed an order to create a civilian army (that was propagandised) and this got blocked so had to look to the alternative.

• DC doesn’t care if you have a gun – it is the states that are in rebellion against Congress and their oath against the constitution. He could come and arrest every governor and local cop on the street for treason and espionage, rebellion and insurrection under the Patriot Act and pick them all up.

• No normal people going to camps. The military have said no….otherwise the ‘tanks will be rolling’ and if 50,000 tanks start coming at you let’s see what happens’.

• They have recalled a bunch of people in the military generals etc. and this started around 2 years ago roughly. It has been noticed that there is no-one on the golf courses and O’B is weeding out the ones that won’t stay on message. He is taking others and placing them where he can use them. Apparently a group of military have just been on 2 weeks’ training (rumour not confirmed) these being the US Army Rangers, Green Berets and Reconnaissance Marines who came back with Uniforms for the Dept. Of Justice US Marshalls.

• When this goes down there will be a need for people to step in where state governors are removed and an Agitant General Command Grade Officer might be put in place.

• The Rumours of Nukes being moved are false – the protocol for nukes to be moved around is too tight without major paperwork.

• Caller Question: I have sons and daughters in the military who were told at a big meeting that they would be getting rid of [black?] military officers so it has to be true?…another caller answered and said I am from a black family and I don’t think it’s true. [I didn’t understand this reference and the sound quality wasn’t good]

• There is a major international incident going on now in the US – people have volunteered to assist from overseas. We cannot go on much longer with bankers actively trying to start WWIII and they must be stopped and this will need Russian and other troops to do so.

• Caller Question: If O’B is so the good guy and a white hat or something, we need to judge a fruit by its tree… Why did he pass the NDAA to make people disappear and has offered no transparency that he had promised? Second question what if the troops are here to take over the US. Answer: O’B made a statement in a video where he said ‘there are terrorists out there that cannot be tried because their crimes are beyond comprehension’ and that there is no way to try such as Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Rothschilds et al. as no one will testify against them. So he enacted the NDAA to give authority to do so. Another thing; there is a military base in Cyprus that can be used. [My comment: if he means North Cyprus that would be because they are not recognised as a country after the ‘military coup in 1974 in the north of the island by Turkey. The south remains Greek and is recognised internationally and by the EU – the north is not].

• There are people that he knows have trained with the International troops, if they were coming after the US as a country, the International troops do not have enough force, e.g. 65,000 Russian troops would mean 1,000 per state and that wouldn’t go very far. The speaker lives in a city with 21,000 people for example. There has been propaganda to scare people that O’B is coming after you and the biggest weapon against the people has been the fear mongering.

• In 2011 the US sold near on 49.5 million hunting licences, along with 38 million guns too and that’s just registered. Foreign troops would have no chance against the people…In 1941 it was said ‘there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass’…so think of the scale now.

• Suggest that people go and read O’B’s executive orders and see what he is intending as a military operation to secure infrastructure. When the event goes down the US will shift from a democracy to a republic and it will take about a week for people to really know what happened. The Plan started back in the 1970’s.

• There is reason to believe that the COG (Continuity of Government) has been activated by O’B. He cannot ascertain but believes it is in place. So that if anything goes down the people (levels of military) that have been on long term vacation for over a year at times, can be reactivated and brought back out.

• One of radio people’s comments: the HJR 192 (House Joint Resolution) will keep currency safe. The real money is starting to come out. There was a big shipment 7-8 months ago. Cyprus especially and others have been putting in the prosperity packages in position to complete around March/April 2014. Generals and Sergeants and soldiers are ready to go on Supreme Court panels to sort things out. The Basel plan (finance) is coming into place. Last night a news article said that a plane had been grounded full of gold and the people on board arrested. There was a picture of them standing naked(?) in front of gold bars. The price will go down tremendously. Snowden has been key to the exposure.

• There is a website named ‘1461 days’ showing all the Executive Orders to comply with the 802 Patriot Act from past presidents to present.

• Caller Question: What about the 2nd amendment, Benghazi and IRS abuse – why hasn’t O’B dealt with this? Answer: Blanket arrests have not happened because the Govt. Has been taken over. We are getting ready to clean house. Have you thought about the amount of $ it takes to run the propaganda machine to go against O’B on TV, right wing radio, internet and websites? The people manipulating us with this propaganda are the same ones who would have you enslaved.

Closing Statement: Executive Orders do not apply to the American people they are only of the administration. O’B is the CEO and executive of the corporation. The Vice President is President of Congress and the Senate. The new $100 bill was printed in 2009 and is still a reserve note so as worthless as toilet paper. No-one will be taking the guns – the military wouldn’t even consider it.

COBRA Update: Q & A with Alexandra Meadors from Oct 29th, 2013

More fascinating updates from a great team. Thank you Alexandra and COBRA for your efforts to keep us all abreast of new developments and ahead of the mis/disinfo.  ~ BP

Anyone having a desire to assist the masses at the time of the Event, please visit

Published on 29 Oct 2013

* White House Congressmen (2:30)
* 22 Generals Resignation & Cabal’s Plan to get Rid of the Good Guys (3:30) (16:33)
* NASA – A Negative Military Organization (4:10)
* 3 Dimensional Objects Docking Behind the Moon (5:30)
* James Mccanney & Comet Ison (6:30) (23:40)
* Pope’s Refusal to Meet Benjamin Netanyahu (8:00)
* Putin Refusal to Meet Kissinger (8:55)
* Saudi Arabia’s Government Revaluation of PetroDollars (9:40)
* Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Disappearance & Loss of his Power (10:40)
* Drastic Geopolitical Changes & Illuminati’s Removal (11:20)
* USA – Europe Schism & NSA Spying (11:50)
* Cabal, Jesuits, Illuminati etc, Losing Power (12:40)
* Europian Union & USA Suspension from SWIFT International Database (12:50)
* New Financial System & the New Society (13:30)
* Isreal Release of 26 Palestinian Prisoners (13:50)
* Zionists Still in Power (15:00)
* Nuclear Weapon Explosion over Atlantic Ocean & Divine Intervention (15:15)
* Etheric Archons & Black Hole Implants Technology (17:00)
* Humanity will Be Free from this Technology Soon (20:00)
* Helio-Centric vs Geo-Centric Charts & Star Tetrahedron November 23th (20:20)
* Pope’s Francis Document Release on July 9th (22:10)
* Fukushima & Cabal’s Dirty Games (25:30)
* Orion System, Matrix & Government Shutdown Goal (27:00)
* Dimensional Levels within Dimensions & Sub-Dimensions (28:50)
* The Higher Fourth Dimension Clear from Dark Forces (29:40)
* 90% of Humanity Possessed by Foreign Energies & Demons (30:20)
* Solitude a Walk Around to Avoid Etheric Contamination (31:10)
* Politicians Arrests Rumors (31:45)
* Situation in Syria & Rebel Forces Infiltration (32:08)
* World Peace, Event & Chemical Weapons Removal (34:30)
* Anonymous & Resistance Collaboration (34:34)
* Fractions in USA & Israel against all the other Fractions of our World (35:15)
* Cabal Lost 50% of its Power Worldwide (36:15)
* GMOS, Monsanto, Illuminati’s Project & Anti GMO Movement (36:30)
* Galactic Intervention, Cabal Craziness & World’s Equilibrium (38:40)
* Financial Changes, Big Banks & Cabal’s Attempt to Steal the Money (39:40)
* Ireland’s Actions & Collective Consciousness (41:10)
* Shutdown in China (42:00)
* Chemtrail Plain Crash in India – 4-year Old News (43:30)
* USA Veterans March, Truckers and Americans’ Awakening (44:00)
* Snowden & Future Revelations (44:30)
* NSA Power Surges Meltdown & Divine Intervention (45:30)
* Hollands, Russians, and Activists Imprisonment (45:50)
* Washington DC Police & Archons Influence (47:30)
* Bitcoins Website Shutdown by FBI (48:15)
* Isreal Cabal Intent to Remove some Scientists from the Game (49:00)
* Matrix and Dimensions (50:00)
* THE EVENT & Mass Media Contribution to Awaken Humans (51:15)
* Keshe Foundation & Mass Distribution Breakthrough (52:30)
* Tips to Get New Technology Devices out for Public Mass Production (53:30)
* AION Portal Activation on 23th of November – Please Join Forces (55:30)

COBRA ‘Event’ & State-of-the-Planet Update Interview with Alexandra Meadors – Sept 17th

It looks like the transcript isn’t ready yet, but here you go!

COBRA is a member of the Galactic Confederation. He says there is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about the Galactic Federation of Light. There is only one entity, called the Galactic Confederation comprising many groups and races, and what people call it doesn’t really matter.

You really need to listen to this! I think you’ll feel a lot better and more secure if you do.

One thing they discussed: Comet Ison—COBRA says it’s NOT ships. It’s a comet. So does that mean Tolec has been compromised? I DID wonder why the ships would need to travel for so long, since they don’t need to because they can travel almost instantaneously. Ain’t life fun right now?

And he confirmed that all the false flag attacks are created by triggering MKULTRA victims and their purpose is to distract us from more important things going on. Possibly they hope to distract the amnesiacs on the planet from awakening to what is truly going on?

Here’s the link to the audio:

****Please go to COBRA’s blog and send him a thank you for all he does, and one for Alexandra would be great, too. It takes a lot of work to compile all the questions from us.****

COBRA says Part 2 of the update that he was going to share this week will come next week as there is so much going on right now.

Victory of the Light!

Existence of a U.S. Military “Space Force” Confirmed

Thanks to for sharing.

Of course, there are MANY reasons why the secret military craft have been hidden from the public, but one reason is explored in this portion of the hearing.

It’s also important to note that most of the people at this hearing are not aware of the other facets of what is going on in the world; of the 2012 phenomenon—or our spiritual awakening—of the fact that reptilians have been in control of our planetary governing forces, that the plan to remove them with the help of the star nations and restore our freedom is under way, etc. For that reason, they can only see the issue from a limited perspective and their opinions and level of understanding reflect that.

In this segment of the Citizens Hearing for UFO Disclosure, held in April-May, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, we learn that for the past several decades, UFOs have been shutting off nuclear warheads and the suspected reason for this is that whoever
is shutting them off would prefer for us to get rid of our nuclear weapons.

Also, former Alaska Senator and US Presidential Candidate, Mike Gravel acknowledges the existence of a space-based military force, tasked with defending the space above airspace.

In the ensuing discussion as to why this information has been withheld from the public, the answer offered is that those who have access to the antigravity and other back-engineered alien technologies is due to the power these afford them and basic, human greed.

Video (5:35 mins):

“We Have a Space Military Force, it is in Existence”



Illuminati Mind-Controlled Super-Soldiers Spill the Beans: Interview with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

Interview May 19, 2013. This is a doozie. Just when I think I’m getting close to having a handle on the truth, the Universe throws me a fast one—and there’s a lotta junk on this ball.

This interview raises a few questions, as well as providing answers and fleshing out a few details. Kerry shares a few nuggets of her own, too. I doubt if anything would faze her any more.

The first question might be, why would the Illuminati permit the sharing of this information? We know they like to leave clues in movies and television shows, but this is pretty blatant, isn’t it?

I suspect it’s the fear-factor. They want to scare us, and share some disinformation along with the truth. That’s their M.O. 

This information was released to Kerry Cassidy for the alternative media—not the masses. It’s intended for the awakened ones. It’s their little psy-op.

Some of what they say explains current events and rumours we’ve heard. I don’t believe everything they say because the Illuminati always work according to their agenda. These are Illuminati soldiers doing their job. There’s a war going on, and they’re not stupid enough to share all their secrets. They are masters of disinformation and creating false realities. The Internet is rife with examples.

Other insiders have come forward and revealed many things about the egotistical tyrants running the world and their plans for us. They like to measure out certain levels of intel as though to make themselves appear superior to us—like we need an advantage to play the game.

I found it interesting that they said it was a nuclear blast that leveled the factory and a large area of West, Texas several weeks ago. I posted a video that showed what looked like a “wave” of energy sweep across the ground—and then there was that mushroom cloud… but we’ve also been told the Galactics wouldn’t permit any nuclear weapons to be detonated, so there’s a conflict there. They may have been testing a new weapon.

If this interview is the first you’ve heard of clones, mind-control, underground bases, cyborgs, extraterrestrial wars, reptilians, space ships, trips to Mars, the Fall of Atlantis… well… sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s our reality.

We’ve been lied to for a VERY long time. Denial is what has enabled the Illuminati to advance the current global events to the precarious stage at which they now rest—and they know it. We can’t afford to have our heads in the sand any longer. We need to be on our game.

The individual who sent this video to me and a few others, included the following comments:

Another extraordinary expose from the super soldier conference. Here we have two guys raised from birth inside the mind controlled world, again discussing the bloodlines that dominate these circles, and many other amazing subjects. A couple of comments:

  • These guys are deeply programmed, so what persona are they working from here?
  • Why are those who control them allowing them to go public in this way? Is it just that their controllers undertake to reveal to the public in some manner what they are planning to do? This is often done in movies.
  • Most people don’t yet seem to get that those pursuing the NWO agenda have an objective of a human population of half a billion people (e.g.  see the Georgia Guidestones) . That’s a big drop from about seven billion – how would they go about it? If you reflect upon it for a moment, you realise that it’s likely to include underhanded ways, such as:

o   Food supply (read GMO and food additives e.g.  aspartame) that impacts fertility and life expectancy

o   Disease (see the comments in this on the creation of AIDS to depopulate Africa)

o   Spent uranium weaponry (see the ongoing devastation in Iraq)

o   The many activities related to the activities of the pharmaceutical industry

o   Warfare and intergroup violence and hatred

Unless you understand this, it’s hard to make sense of so much we see going on in the world. You have to recognise that these people do not place value on individual human life – quite the contrary.

  • They acknowledge the fall in consciousness associated with Atlantis some 13,000 years ago
  • The NSA had underground mind control programming facilities in Canada over 30 years ago.

Again, I share this video with you because unless you begin to grasp the agenda of these people, you cannot understand what is going on in our world and where these people want to take it, and you are likely to be asleep at the wheel as they take it there. Frankly, I would like to see a different future for my children than these people are planning, and perhaps you do also.

Be prepared to be shocked by some of the content, and I encourage you to bring your discernment – although not your prejudices and your denial.


Message from Matthew for March 11th

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. How we wish that you could view Earth from our vantage point so you could see that her tumultuous travels are over and she is in calm waters. Most likely “calm” is not how you would think about your world, but “When are all the marvels of the Golden Age coming?” well may be.

Many civilizations were authorized by God to help Earth reach safe harbor at this point in your linear time, but throughout her ascension process, her residents have been in charge of societal changes. No other civilization may do this on your behalf because Earth is your world and must be the kind of world that you, collectively, want.

Lightworkers, including the souls who don’t think of themselves as such but indeed they are by living in godly ways, managed nobly during the extremely difficult ascension decades. All of you have the greatest admiration and respect of light beings throughout this universe.

And we know how eager you are for the promised glories of the Golden Age to be manifested, so you are distressed because there’s little evidence that they are underway. Actually, a great deal is progressing in numerous areas behind the scenes, and even mainstream media are reporting instances that indicate an encouraging upward trend. Still, huge changes will not come as swiftly as you would like.

You know that everything is energy vibrating at one frequency or another, and because energy is neutral and has no reasoning capacity, it can’t differentiate between what is wanted and what is not. Consequently, as people’s thoughts and feelings shoot out into space, the universe provides individuals with circumstances whose energy matches the energy of whatever they have been focusing on—the law of attraction that’s in constant motion.

But most souls in your world do not know that’s how energy and their innate powers of co-creation work. They’re concentrating on situations that they don’t want to continue, thereby making more of them. Because so many people are sending out the energy of sad, angry and despairing thoughts and feelings about world situations, your society as a whole is affected by the result: the slow pace of change.

Another reason that things may seem to be moving at a snail pace also is due to lack of knowledge. Because most people in your world still are confined within third density’s limited consciousness, they don’t know to ask within, where all truths are known. Without that soul level knowingness, the consciousness processes information from the ego’s perspective; and since the ego supports personal ideas and perceptions, which often are rigidly set, rarely can the ego see a situation from other perspectives or discern between truth and falsehood.

We shall give you an example. We and many other messengers in the light have told you the truth about Barack Obama, a highly evolved soul from a civilization far advanced in spirituality, intelligence and ancient wisdom. The highest universal council asked him to leave his homeland and accept the mission of leading the United States and your world into an era of peace, prosperity and unity.

We have explained that his mission, which transcends politics worldwide, is a provision of the Golden Age master plan that is aligned with Gaia’s vision of Earth’s residents living in harmony with each other and with Nature. Then Gaia’s planetary body and all of its life forms will be in balance, wherein all is light. We have asked you to send light to President Obama because it will hasten the day when that balance is attained.

Also we have mentioned in previous messages that the tenacity of the dark ones caused about a ten-year delay in your progress as a society. The delay didn’t deter Earth’s ascension one whit—her timing was predestined—but it severely curtailed Obama’s ability to carry out his mission because powerful individuals within the Illuminati still had the power to derail, distort or detour his efforts.

A large part of their effectiveness has come from people whose third density perceptions have been sending forth the energy of “anti-Obama” thoughts and feelings. That energy has been refueling the dark ones and enabling them to keep a strong chokehold on the president’s endeavors to move your world toward Gaia’s vision.

It is natural to question why that would include killing, and many feel that Obama’s approval of using drones shows that he is not of the light. That perspective omits this essential element: The drones’ purpose is to kill as few persons as possible while ending warfare as quickly as possible.

Always military forces in Earth’s civilizations have operated within the third density mentality that says eliminating the enemy is a patriotic responsibility and you keep at it until you’ve won. So for millennia both sides in wars annihilated each other, using the most current weaponry. Now that includes drones, which target individuals who are considered the masterminds of terrorism and cause fewer casualties than drawn-out ground battles would.

Indeed it is lamentable that those weapons claim the lives of women, men and children who are not harming anyone. A brutal fact of war is, many civilians are injured and killed along with combat troops—we won’t go into the immeasurable psychic damage experienced by all souls in war zones.

Be uplifted by knowing that as hearts and minds continue to open, no soul will want to kill another by any means for any purpose.

We also cite Hugo Chavez, recently deceased president of Venezuela, whom mainstream media in the United States have portrayed as a bad guy who worked against that country’s best interests. What Chavez worked against was the Illuminati’s dark influence in that country, his own and other Latin American nations, and he was quite successful in driving them out of Venezuela.

Chavez was not wrong in thinking that his cancer did not occur naturally. The media under Illuminati control labeled him a “conspiracy theorist” because they have conditioned you to believe that anything with that designation is pure nonsense. Chavez’ determination to rid his country of their tentacles and to improve the lives of those who are down-trodden did not fit with the dark ones’ agenda. They felt that a public assassination could start a firestorm instead of making it easy for them to regain control of Venezuela’s abundant natural resources, and since they had the means to initiate cancer, that’s what they did. His body just didn’t give out nearly as fast as they expected.

We know the truth about these two men whom third density minds perceive at best as controversial figures with political and ideological “pro” supporters and “con” opponents. But by no means are “sides” limited to national leaders—it is the very same in all divisive issues that are besieging your world! The “right” and “left” of any situation keep generating fuel for each other—heated feelings are intensified and the imbalance of stalemates is prolonged.

Consider: Governments with a stockpile of nuclear weapons tell other governments, It’s OK for us to have these but you can’t because we don’t trust you. The governments that are told You can’t are expected to trust the motives of the governments that do have these weapons?

If the most vociferous spokespersons in “have-weapon” countries would meet with equally intransigent national leaders that want to develop them, they could begin to rationally discuss their “unassailable” perspectives. Only by doing so can the sides move forward from their respective positions and reach the common sense conclusion that total nuclear disarmament is the only way to assure that never will those weapons be used.

Especially in the United States, gun violence is a hot controversy. The side that wants to ban sales of specific guns and ammunition is as stubbornly rooted in their view as are those who parrot their “second amendment right” to have all the guns and bullets they want. The two sides need to discuss their differing opinions so they can proceed from the shared desire to lessen shooting deaths.

Neither of those two issues will be resolved overnight, but there will be a starting point in both that ultimately will result in banning weapons of all kinds. Remember, the world you’re still co-creating in linear time already exists in the continuum exactly the way you want it and, as you shall see, your choice is that weapons have no place in Earth’s Golden Age.

Abortion is another issue with widely different views and so are capital punishment and dealing with national economies, unemployment and safe sources of energy. Because all of those and many other vital world situations are causing serious unrest does not mean that the dark ones still are in charge! Some who defected from the ranks of the Illuminati became lightworkers. Some have died, and those who absorbed enough light during the December solstice to keep their bodies viable either will continue to embrace the light or they will die. However, those who formerly were able to cause widespread havoc have been removed from those positions or their influence is nil.

Civil wars still are raging because both sides wholeheartedly believe their cause is just. In some cases, the necessity of avenging assaults on their ancestors was inculcated in the fighters when they were little children. Equally strong feelings undergird the people who are fighting for freedom from tyrannical rulers, who view the fighters as traitors for destabilizing the country. Other individuals are fighting to keep their concept of religion, however twisted, from being overturned by nonbelievers. Gradually the strident sides in these various situations will be motivated to negotiate and cooperate for mutual benefit.

There are greatly differing opinions of how to govern countries that recently gained independence after a long dynastic reign, but again, there is no darkness in the hearts of the citizens. Simply, self-rule, or democracy, is new and the people are striving to find governing methods that can serve everyone’s best interests.

The most adamant persons on both sides of other issues we’ve mentioned have no dark intentions either. It is not with malice toward those who disagree with them that the people involved are “sticking to their guns,” so to speak. Like all other minds operating at third density consciousness, they are ego-bound by their beliefs and want their side to win at all costs.

Our beloved Earth family, we are not saying that all souls in your world need to have the very same opinion about everything before turmoil ends. What we are saying is that a willingness to listen and comprehend each other’s convictions must precede resolutions to conflicts. And this will come!

Earth keeps rising into the successively higher vibrations that are conducive to lightening—enlightening!—what you call “human nature.” Attitudes on both sides of all issues will change gradually from vehemently contentious to reasonable, setting the stage for the harmonious discourse that will lead to “parts of the problem” becoming “parts of the solution” for the good of all.

This is why you lightworkers are needed every bit as much now as before! The light you generate simply by BEing radiates out into the world and touches all other lives. By steadfastly focusing only on what will enhance life in your world, you expand light in the collective consciousness and hasten the manifestation of Golden Age glories.

Earth’s peoples must let go of the ego’s self-centeredness and often mean-spirited perspective and start living from the heart. LOVE, the most powerful force in the cosmos, is the key to ending the divisiveness, hatred, poverty, ignorance and violence that have kept your world out of balance. Love is the key to peace, abundance, unity of spirit and soul evolvement.

It is logical to wonder: Earth has reached fourth density, so how can it be that most of her residents still are in third? There are two types of density, scientifically speaking. One pertains to mass and the location of a mass— Earth is in the low “edge” of fourth density and will continue ascending until she reaches her destination in fifth.

The other density refers to the evolutionary status of a soul—that is, the level of spiritual and conscious awareness attained, and those two aspects can vary considerably. Some civilizations that are far advanced in consciousness, or intelligence level, haven’t an iota of spiritual awareness.

Earth’s population today ranges from third density through seventh in soul evolvement. Dedicated lightworkers are at fourth spiritually—they are steadily on the spiritual pathway—but some are lagging consciously; they still are working on becoming nonjudgmental, forgiving self and others for perceived wrongs, and getting past guilt, remorse, possessiveness and other feelings that emit low vibrations. The comparatively few souls in fifth and higher densities are those you call Crystal or Indigo or are members of other civilizations living with you.

Now then, we have spoken about the primary factors that are affecting the pace of change in your world, but there are others, too. For instance, all legal matters must run the normal course of your legal and justice systems, and you don’t need us to tell you that those wheels do not turn swiftly.

Some legal situations are economically-based, and switching from the old systems to the new is intentionally coming about slowly to prevent fear and chaos. This far-reaching process includes not only retrieving the Illuminati’s vast stolen fortunes and allocating those monies to the impoverished billions, but also moving to a global economy based on precious metals; instituting banking regulations worldwide; and establishing fairness in trade, tariffs, taxation, wages and salaries.

In this economic vein, NESARA, the acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act, is well known in some circles but not necessarily well understood, and no wonder. The US government’s Web site, where NESARA is given the name National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, is total DISinformation, and channeled messages from dark entities that claim to be respected messengers of the light also contain falsehoods.

Misunderstandings include the notion that the Act is the entirety of NESARA. How wrong that is! NESARA is no less than world transformation and spiritual renewal—it is the master plan for Earth’s Golden Age.

Also, there are various interpretations of some terminology in messages from light sources, such as “prosperity packages” or similar references to the economic aspects of NESARA. Misinterpretations include a large amount of money given directly to every person on the planet, huge sums given to some individuals for funding specific projects, and everyone’s debts wiped out in one fell swoop.

Part of NESARA does pertain to eradicating usurious interest rates, reducing some loans and eliminating others—in particular, IMF loans—and removing large bank accounts from the Illuminati’s “hold order.” But the economic thrust of the Act is ending the unconscionable disparity between the “haves” and “have-nots” in your world. That imbalance will be rectified as the Illuminati’s illegally amassed fortunes are used to relieve the plight of impoverished peoples as rapidly as possible and put them on firm footing henceforth.

The provision of NESARA that calls for the resignation of the entire US government no longer applies. The act was written more than a dozen years ago when the president was a top-ranking Illuminati—he is among the defectors who became active lightworkers—and almost everyone in Congress was either a member or under the control of Illuminati outside the government. Rejoice with us that this is not the case today!

Mother, for readers who want to know more about NESARA, perhaps why this transformative worldwide plan began as a United States law, please add the date of the message with comprehensive information. [August 13, 2006, Special NESARA Edition] Thank you.

We repeat our many assurances that whatever adversely affects life in your world will cease incrementally. This includes slave labor and oppression of women; unjust laws, policies, regulations and cruel cultural customs; all forms of pollution, from industrial sources, chemtrails and chemicals in food to pornography and mind control, including monstrous portrayal of aliens in entertainment venues; corporate monopolies; homelessness; false imprisonment. Whatever is harmful to you in mind, body or spirit will meet its end as your society continues to rid your world of everything that is incompatible with life in the Golden Age.

All light beings in this universe hold you in highest honor for your unwavering courage, ingenuity, patience and dedicated lightworking. Never have you been alone in your endeavors—all along you have been assisted by universal family members living among you and those in your skies. Until the crews can join you, they’re using their ships’ technologies to assist in the myriad ways we have recounted in previous messages.

Now we say farewell in unconditional love, which always has been and is forevermore.

Suzanne Ward

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There are two ways to be fooled: one is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what IS true.  ~ Soren Kierkegaard

Explosive Testimony by actual government insiders proves that UFOs are real ~ 4 Hour Witness DVD – Part 1 of 2

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Message from Jeshua About HETs

This is from a super web site I could spend hours investigating. Suggest you check it out.


Message from Jeshua; Father’s Day, June 17, 2012

Since the dropping of the Hiroshima bomb in 1945, extraterrestrial beings, who look quite human but of a more perfected form, began to congregate around Planet Earth.  For the sake of efficiency in words, they shall be referred to as “HETs” or Human Extraterrestrials.

Many of those HETs then began serving as ambassadors to a most troubled planet.  As you might expect, first contacts were made with Alpha Leaders.  A most notable example of this was a meeting shortly after the Korean War with President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower.

A very kind and loving offer was made by the HETs to help quell the violence and assist with the resurrection of the hearts and souls and minds of men from the ashes and turmoil resulting from too much fighting and too much use of deadly technology.  The only thing that was asked of mankind was to cease all use of nuclear weaponry.

The Alpha Leader and his top military advisors rejected the offer and soon thereafter negotiated with renegade ETs that mankind refers to simply as “The Greys.”

Alpha Leaders

“Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts”

When the offer of the HETs was rejected, a different tactical move had to be initiated.  It was hoped that sanity could be brought back to Planet Earth by contacting common people, particularly those with higher mental and spiritual vibrations.  In other words, a plan was initiated to defuse a violent planet from the base up.

Thousands upon thousands of so called common people of the world were contacted by the HETs hoping to inspire positive changes on Planet Earth.  A notable example is Billy Meier who has had numerous face-to-face meetings with HET ambassadors to the planet.

Regretfully, the deviant plans of the Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts have almost totally extinguished that contact and his information through assassination attempts and assaults upon the man’s character and credibility.

In the broader arena, the Alpha Dogs and their Grey Cohorts have created a plague of fear that is suffocating the hearts and souls and minds of men.

The Greys have come to represent all ETs.  They have abducted countless human beings for an array of experiments focused primarily on genetic manipulations.  They have killed cattle for the biological tissues that they need.  They have invaded peoples’ lives in most terrifying ways, and so much more.

We know that mankind quivers in fear dreading what might happen next and for that reason this message comes.  It comes to let mankind know that the HETs outnumber the Alpha Leaders and their Grey Cohorts.

HETs walk the planet and have infiltrated the restricted halls and underground facilities of the Alpha Dogs.  They serve as secret agents and have been able to accomplish much through their undercover operations to foil the plans of the Alpha Dogs.

While such HETs operate upon the planet and beneath its surface, there are even greater numbers of HETs just beyond the stratosphere of Earth.  Under crucial circumstances, the planet-size ships of the HETs and their smaller transportation vehicles are prepared for rescue missions.

This should be comforting to mankind.  However, each human being must work diligently now to increase his or her vibrational frequency.  The higher the frequency, the brighter the light emitted.

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