The Lie NASA Told, and the Demise of the New World Order : Do Not Miss [video]

original cartouche, found in the ancient temple of Abydos, Egypt – had been covered with plaster that fell off


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As we shelve the denial and wake up to the deception, the Truth will set us free. 

Here is one truthseeker’s effort for your consideration.

There’s a very good reason I have an entire category on this blog called, “How the Illuminati Corrupted History”.

To move forward, we must accept that history has been manipulated… and so have we.

NOTHING is what we think it is, so we must step outside our comfort zone to ascertain what reality is, and who WE are.  Our origins lie in the stars. ~ BP


Published on 23 Mar 2014

Information that was removed from Books & Hieroglyphics concerning what happened in Babylon , “Religion”, and altered terms. All of which ties together with what NASA has hidden in their archives.

Some of the Footage from NASA, hidden in their archives. Images of planets being destroyed by a War in Space. The last, on March 19th, was Jupiter. This footage concerns the imminent destruction of the NWO & mankind’s freedom.



Rand Corporation Admits UFOs and Nephilim Are Real and the Documentation To Prove It [video]

The push is on to awaken as many people to the UFO/ET government coverup as possible NOW.

How can spaceships from other planets be real? HOW CAN THEY NOT?!

Hundreds of pilots, astronauts and military personnel as well as millions of civilians have seen spacecraft yet collectively we still believe the corrupt governments when they lie about it. Weather balloons? Come ON!!!

We are rapidly approaching the time when the ones ridiculed will not be those who believe extraterrestrial craft are real—but those who deny it.

Russian military examine a crashed saucer

The only way the galactics and their craft can NOT exist is in the minds of people who refuse to acknowledge the truth. There is more than enough proof available if one cares to look. It’s time to stop being a sheep and to think for ourselves.

The sooner a larger segment of the population is aware and can assimilate the truth—so we can avoid shock, fear and even possible violence—the sooner full disclosure and even First Contact will come.

With that reunion of the star nations and Earthlings (or Terrans, as we are known by intergalactic societies) will come space-age technologies for healing, physical transformation, the gift of full consciousness, the return of our desecrated planet to her full pristine glory, and a society we can be proud of, with no lack, disease, crime or war.

The Galactics offered all of that to the US and other governments decades ago, but they refused them because it would have meant their loss of power; the end of their tyrannical hold on us, and the endless flow of riches they enjoy at our expense.

Since then, the ruling elite have done everything in their power to keep their dirty little secret, including murdering MANY who tried to bring the truth to us. We were so gullible…

Yet the wonders of who we really are, our origins, our intended life of love and joy WILL return and we will bring Heaven down to Earth.

Of course this renaissance won’t happen overnight! But to begin the process, we need to make a giant leap to bridge the gap created by our masters—the evil, corrupt power elite who have kept us living within the confines of drudgery and manual labour, and their SLAVES.

That was never the intent of The Creator.

Humanity once comprised free, sovereign, very POWERFUL beings, but we gave our power away and the truth of that will also come with the arrival of our galactic brethren; our guardians who will ensure the deceit and corruption are laid bare for all to see.

So please share the information below and let’s end this ridiculous, US government-imposed “truth embargo” so the transformation can begin. The stars are waiting… Thank you. ~ BP

From BeforeItsNews…

April 15, 2014

The elite have a secret so mystifying, so mind-blowing that they are doing everything they can to keep it under wraps from the public eye.

I urge you with everything in me to watch the below video in its entirety. It contains significant information and covers top-secret documentation put out by the RAND Corporation (a government think-tank) about the UFO phenomenon. In it they openly admit the existence of UFOs.

The Youtube video may not be available for long, so please watch before it’s too late, I’m sure it’s bound to be removed. This information will prove the existence of UFO/Nephilim and it is something you definitely should watch and share….


Published on 15 Apr 2014

Here is the post that goes with the youtube video:

For More Information:

Rand Corporation Document:…






Monty’s Message for Dec. 15, 2013 – The Return of Marduk to Save the Illuminati?

Update: Dec. 18 8:47 a.m. – Someone shared that dear Marduk was a ‘no show’. Pity. What WILL they do now?

You heard him; these goofballs think some ‘saviour’ is coming to protect them from We, the People. Duh! But what do you expect  from reptiles who worship wooden owls?

If you didn’t watch the video about Nelson Mandela’s actual death being June 2013, you may want to do that.  ~ BP

The awakened amongst you understood my last message. You responded positively. You now see clearly how your planet was taken over and kept under control. Now it is time for all who understand the importance of ENERGY to come together, to work to clear the Dark Control and to release the energy of the ley lines that are the life blood of your planet.

Many of you can work directly on the ley lines. Others, who work with energy, can combine their energies to assist. Those of you who are not versed in working with energy can use the power of thought and intention to remove the Dark Control forever. Everyone can take part. Now I ask of you, do not allow race or creed to stop you getting involved in this work. Never before has it been so important for humanity to act as one. You know in your souls that you, the 99%, will be successful. Every country will benefit and every soul will be able to say, “I WAS NOT FOUND WANTING. I DID MY BIT TO RESCUE HUMANITY FROM DESTRUCTION.”

It is public knowledge that the Illuminati are meeting in South Africa on Monday 16th December 2013, in an attempt to establish new and more effective controls over you. They are powerful when they come together. But consider for one moment, how much more powerful are you, the 99%. They can only harm you if you believe that they can. This is an important fact to understand. The Dark Ones await the return of MARDUK on 16th December, to save them from the 99%. This is your window of opportunity. Are you going to accept the challenge to ignore your left brain, which is controlled by the Dark Ones, or will you instead listen to your right brain, your higher self, and use your immense energy to rescue humanity. Be brave. Believe in yourselves and discard all the indoctrination, the so-called “education” to which you were subjected in order to destroy your free will. You are so much more than you realise. You are beautiful beings of light who need to brush away the cobwebs so that you can see clearly once more.

When all the countries come together, coordinating their actions, and this is done on a worldwide basis, then nothing can stop you. When you have completed the change, then and only then, will all wars cease. All the plans for the takeover of the New World Order will be yesterday’s news, consigned to the dustbin of history. All their carefully laid plans will come to nothing.

Do you have what it takes to step forward and do what you came on Earth to do? Many of you talk the talk, but now you are being asked to walk the walk. The time has come for action to replace the talking. Stop being critical of those who work on your behalf, for this shows that you do not have what it takes to be part of the action and so you throw bad energy at it, to try to make yourselves feel somehow superior. You need each other at this time, more than any other time in the history of your planet. So I ask, if you haven’t got anything good or encouraging to say, then keep your own council. Support is what is needed.

Age is no barrier. You, too, can send energy to support the effort that is being made on your behalf. There are some (and you know who you are who have specific roles) who’s DNA goes back to before time began. This was kept hidden until now. The importance of DNA will be brought out into the open. It will answer the many questions that have puzzled many of you in the past. We will reveal everything when the timing is right.

The right people will come forward to do whatever is necessary during the Transition. They are being moved into place. From our vantage point, it is like a chessboard and all the pieces are being moved into place.

Veronica, my dear, do not take so much on your shoulders. People can only do what they are capable of doing. Not everyone has your commitment. Some will fall by the wayside but there are always many more who can step forward to replace them. There are those that this does not apply to, and they need the energy of your support.

When all life on Earth is valued equally, then you will know that you have achieved what you set out to achieve. When LOVE of humanity replaces corruption and avarice, when no man is hungry or homeless and no child is in fear, then you will see the full extent of your achievements. Believe you can do this, and you will do it. Meditate on this, make it your reality. Your prison bars are disintegating and the light is flowing in: welcome it with open arms. Pray for those who are having to do battle with the dark in order to release themselves from the evil shadow that tries to engulf them. Act as one, as never before. This is no time for petty squabbles or differences of race or creed.

You are the army of the light, shedding light on all that was dark and hidden. You are the creators of a New Age where all knowledge is shared and all are equal. Let love rule the day. Send love to all humanity.

My dear, you know what you must do. It will all come together as planned. Know that you are loved more than you could know. Forever, I remain your adoring, Monty.


Nelson Mandela Died June 26, 2013, So Why Are 91 World Leaders in Africa? [video]

Thanks to The People’s Voice.

Must admit—something stinks. I think you’ll want to see this. Very interesting information shared here, and there could be a time sensitive event going on, on the part of the Cabal —TOMORROW, DEC. 16.  ~ BP

More Convincing Evidence of Ancient Giants (Nephilim) [video]

For all those with a Nephilim fascination… 

There was a program on TLC (the Learning Channel network) that I just happened to catch a brief  snippet of before the channel changed (the TV remote is not in my jurisdiction—and I don’t care) and when I asked my hubby to record the program for me and we heard a snatch of the discussion about giants here on Earth, he pretty much said I was looney tunes to believe such stuff. They say opposites attract… and sometimes they do.

When we say there will be an awakening, we’re not kidding—and it will be a very rude one for some, LOL. Can’t wait.  Enjoy the video.  ~ BP

OH—P.S. My blog hit over 3,000,000 page views this past weekend. Wow. I never expected that when I got started, but sometimes projects we invest our heart and soul into take on a life of their own. What a ride this has been!

New Pyramid Discovered in Russia

By the way, this is post number 3,000 on my little blog. How can that be? Three thousand? That’s what WordPress tells me, but I wouldn’t have thought it’s that many. Time flies when you’re having fun!

We continue to learn of more pyramids.  This one is still covered with earth and vegetation and stands near beautiful Lake Baikal, perfectly aligned to the North and discovered by a Russian architect. 

Thanks to for sharing.

I believe pyramids will play a large part in our new galactic life.

Check this out. It’s unmistakable!


Pyramid Hill of the Lake Baikal, Russia

“Baikal is one of the biggest lakes in world on area of 31,722 km2 (12,248 sq miles) located in Eastern Siberia, Russia. Baikal is famous for its depth in 1,642 m (5,387 ft) that makes Baikal is the deepest lake in the world with amazing clearest water. Wild nature and fresh Siberian air attracts people from all over the world even in extremely cold Siberian winter for visiting so pure lake Baikal.

  Baikal Lake Pyramid Hill, Russia

In 2007 an architect and scholar of the Irkutsk State Technical University Lubov Makogon visited with her student Port Baikal, a little fisher port town on western Baikal lakeshore where she noted an unusual hill with four visible sides oriented to the North. The hill in height of 80 meters with the width of the base in 170 meters located in the center of Baikal Port close to the lakeshore and had a perspective view from the lake and mouth of the Angara river.

Baikal Lake Pyramid Hill, Russia

Being a Member of the Russian Union of the Architects Lubov Makagon made observation that this pyramid hill is only one hill in all that area with four visible pyramidal sides and four edges of the sides getting interesting connections with surrounding hills. In 2012 she visited again Port Baikal with a group of her students where she found topographic base area and made topographic technical research. This research gave more features that the hill is can be pyramidal construction with direct orientation to the North. More over this pyramid hill has amazing connections with suburb hills which is clear to see on the topographic research made by Lubov Makagon and shared with World-Pyramids.

There are no doubts for professional architect Lubov Makagon that it’s real pyramid on the lake shore of the Baikal. For further investigation the Baikal pyramid hill need in detail research as the local legends and mythology.”

*  *  *

If pyramids are your thing, you may want to visit the web site and see all the other pyramids standing on our planet that have been discovered to date. There are interesting similarities that suggest that those who built them were not limited from traveling the globe—or the stars–if you’ve seen the ones on Mars.

Who built the pyramids? Someone visiting my blog left a comment not long ago saying the Nephilim built them—at least the ones in Egypt.

Below is some footage of the Nephilim. I see readers searching for information and photos frequently so it’s a question on the minds of many.

We hear of adopted children growing up with a yearning to know who their biological parents were and not being able to rest until they meet them. Imagine; Humanity in general has gone eons of time, generation after generation not knowing who our ancestors were, where they came from, or how we came to be.

Since there is a lot of confusion, conjecture and disinformation out there, we don’t know the whole truth; just that the giants existed.

Our history books completely ignore them, and that’s proof that someone has something to hide—but why?

These are all fascinating things to be revealed to us when the truth of our history is made public by our Star Families at some point after First Contact.

When Giants Roamed the Earth… [video]

If you check government-approved history books, the only “giants” you’ll see will be dinosaurs.

Sure, they were there, but so were HUMANOID giants. The ‘real’ scientists refer to them as the Nephilim—and no,  they are NOT a hoax or the product of a photo contest.

I see people searching on related terms on my blog all the time so I thought I’d share a new post about a fascinating yet completely denied part of the history of Planet Earth on the part of the establishment.

What was the origin of the Nephilim? Well, they came from other planets or other dimensions, of course, but “they” don’t want us to know that because it would blow their whole cover story—their own perverted version of how WE came to be here, and when.

It would shatter the carefully constructed false reality the OTHER creatures that came to Earth to control and enslave us created to keep us subservient and ignorant as to who we really are. I’m speaking of the shape-shifting reptilians who are just now slipping from power, soon to be completely vanquished by the freedom fighters of the Light.

So! On to the Nephilim… which means “beautiful creation”.

Skeleton of GiantBecause we have no irrefutable source of information other than the skeletons, we have to speculate as to who they were, when they came, what they looked like, and why they left or the cause of their demise. Perhaps whatever eradicated the dinosaurs also took the Nephilim. Some suggest it was the great flood.

Here’s one theory as to their origin from a forum:

“The Nephilim are beings said to come about from the union of humans and angels. The basis for this comes from the Hebrew Bible, in Genesis 6:4, which says, “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days – and also afterward – when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them.” Some take this literally, while others simply believe that the “sons of God” were the once-righteous but ultimately rebellious descendents of Seth, and the “daughters of men” were the unrighteous descendents of Cain.”

If you read the information and opinions on many web sites you’ll see a vast array of ideas about who or what the Nephilim were. The myths and legends from several cultures speak of giants, so there’s evidence they were well known on the planet.

Were they beings of the Light, or the dark? Were they the ones who misused the powers humanity enjoyed in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria? Was it their greed, relentless quest for power and their genetic manipulation experiments that required the intentional destruction of those societies to wash their evil sorcery from the planet?

One day we will learn the truth, but for now I suppose it’s enough to learn that our past is not what we’ve been told; that beings from space have been coming to our planet for thousands of years—and some of them are still here—both positive and negative ones.

One thing we know for sure was the Nephilim’s size. The skeletons excavated range from slightly taller than current humans up to 36 feet tall! You can see in the photo below that the skull alone is larger than a human torso.

Giant skull

Paola Harris holds fossilized Giant's toothAnd check out this tooth.

Since Nephilim remains have been found in so many places on the globe, it suggests they were a widespread culture.

L.A. Marzulli wrote a book, “On The Trail of the Nephilim: Giant Skeletons and Ancient Megalithic Structures” and says:

“This may be the most important book I have written thus far.  I believe it has ground breaking information which connects the Nephilim of antiquity to the modern world.  What we found in Peru was shocking, as I believe there was genetic engineering, by fallen angels thousands of years ago and the evidence of it is in Peru.  I think we found the proof…”

 Paula Harris, photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial-related phenomena, has studied this topic extensively; in particular the remains in Sardinia, Italy where the tooth in the photo was found.

She shares information from her contact there:

“Luigi told me about the tombs and artifacts of giants (15 foot tall beings) who lived in Sardinia thousands of years ago. He told me that his father and his uncles, who also own land near his land, have dug up many bones and human artifacts. He also mentioned that traditional archeology does not accept this discovery and that his entire family has been threatened. He has been told over and over to keep this secret and NOT talk to the general public. His has written two books on the GIANTS, one called The Giants, Children of the Stars and The Giants and the Culture from the Stars, which has many photographs. He says:

‘“The people who come to my house to heard about the star people, they want a certainty, the proof that this is not a fantasy but the truth. This Reality is hidden, buried until it was discovered and been sold, occulted, destroyed without respect for our Sardinian history. I am hoping we can keep this story safe until we can deal with it with extreme care because it also is the story of all humanity.

Nuraghi in Sardinia, Italy

To talk about the Giants stimulates much curiosity but also much skepticism. It is true that is difficult to even imagine another reality different from the one we know. But as of 1997, our Italian media has slowly started to speak about it in their broadcasts. In Sardinia, we began to see this reality in our broadcasts 2003. It is a fact that in all the world enormous bones have been discovered. In Mexico, Athens, Africa and other countries we see the photos.

Some of us in Sardinia believe that our constructions called Nuraghi are the very tombs of these “giants”. But this has not yet been recognized as official.”‘

We are growing very close to the day when the truth of our origins and history on this planet will be revealed in all its glory; very, very close—and it will change everything. We will then have to accept that we are ETs; that we are probably hybrids, that we came from somewhere other than Earth, and that we are capable of leaving and going back to the stars any time we wish.

See the photos of the space port to be constructed in Elephant Butte, New Mexico and the craft…

Learn more about Exopolitics

More Hidden History

If the giant skeletons of the Nephilim intrigued you, this video may be right up your alley.

Austrian researcher of artifacts Klaus Dona did a video-log interview with Bill Ryan of Project Avalon (Kerry Cassidy’s former partner in Project Camelot) in 2010 and exposed us to many artifacts found in various places on the globe that shed a brilliant light on our hidden past.

You’ll see wonderful images of everything from the Nephilim, the Moai of Easter Island to startling advanced precision instruments made of lutite, the original purpose of some, that even experts are unable to decipher.

What we can see is that some kind of advanced race lived here and had a profound impact on our past.

Along with this accomplished scientist’s brilliant commentary, the secrets of our long-hidden history will come alive. We are meant to know this NOW, in this time. It’s the time for Truth to be laid bare for all to see, so that we can know who we are.

Part 18: How the Illuminati Cheated Humanity About Our History – The Fourth Big Lie

…and I mean BIG. How can it be that such a massive historical omission can persist so long?

Take at look at these monstrous skeletons. They too, are pictured in the Hacked NASA photos, in my post, the First Big Lie. These giants have been unearthed in many countries; Greece, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Minnesota, and California, USA—since 1833, at least, so their presence is undeniable. They weren’t mentioned in any history books I ever saw. Thank goodness for the Internet.


I suppose the elite hope people will believe the Nephilim (yes, these giants have a name) are simply a myth. I think this backhoe operator would beg to differ. claims some of these photos were entries into a creative photoshop photo contest, and probably created for the purpose of this ruse. They claim they don’t represent a true archeological find.  SOME photos were for this contest–but not all. Don’t believe everything you see on Snopes OR DISCOVERY TV! Check out this video. I think you’ll change your view on history—and television!

In other photos at Snopes, a head and skeleton are still partly buried and obviously go together. The Illuminati have done the same “hoax” routine with crop circles. This is DISinformation at its finest. The Illuminati are masters at instilling trust in whatever people, vehicles or institutions they choose, and just overall telling us what to think and believe.

There are reports of dinosaur bones found at the same sites as the giants, so how old does that make the Nephilim?

Let’s see…Dinosaurs first appeared about 225 million years ago and died out about 65.5 million years ago. Interesting… I can’t quite get the pieces of the puzzle to work. Can you do the math?

The mere fact that the giants appear in the Hacked NASA videos along with photos from the Bosnian Pyramids, submerged ancient cities, etc. –all hidden from us—tells me it’s a cover-up the elite perpetrated. There have also been elongated skulls found in many places on the globe so the conspiracy is so transparent it’s ludicrous.

Nephilim were not human; they were humanoid, and, I think it’s obvious, pre-human.

I believe you will see from the many images taken at archeological sites worldwide that the Nephilim did exist, and so have a bearing on our own history, as well, which is why they haven’t been in the news. Once again we have to rely on archeologists to inform us as best they can and record the Truth.

What gives anyone the right to withhold the Truth about the history of planet Earth from her people? And you know that if they can keep something of this magnitude from us, they can hide ANYTHING, so don’t be surprised about what surfaces this year. It WILL be shocking. has done a lot of research about the Nephilim, so visit their web site to learn all about the colossal lie from our past that somehow slipped between the tiny cracks of the floorboards. The videos are great.

Below is a list of at least some of the giant skeletons found over the years and where, and some historical lore surrounding them.

Hidden Proofs Of A Giant Race

As you read this series of extracts, try to visualize the proverbial series of contemporary evolution…something is amiss.

1. Large bones in stone graves in Williamson County and White County, Tennessee. Discovered in the early 1800s, the average stature of these giants was 7 feet tall.

2. Giant skeletons found in the mid-1800s in New York state near Rutland and Rodman.

3. In 1833, soldiers digging at Lompock Rancho, California, discovered a male skeleton 12 feet tall. The skeleton was surrounded by caved shells, stone axes, other artifacts. The skeleton had double rows of upper and lower teeth. Unfortunately, this body was secretly buried because the local Indians became upset about the remains.

4. A giant skull and vertebrae found in Wisconsin and Kansas City.

5. A giant found off the California Coast on Santa Rosa Island in the 1800s was distinguished by its double rows of teeth.

6. A 9-foot, 8-inch skeleton was excavated from a mount near Brewersville, Indiana, in 1879.

7. Skeletons of “enormous dimensions” were found in mounds near Zanesville, Ohio, and Warren, Minnesota, in the 1880s.

8. In Clearwater Minnesota, the skeletons of seven giants were found in mounds. These had receding foreheads and complete double dentition.

9. At LeCrescent, Minnesota, mounds were found to contain giant bones. Five miles north near Dresbach, the bones of people over 8 feet tall were found.

10. In 1888 seven skeletons ranging from seven to 8 feet tall were discovered.

11. Near Toledo, Ohio, 20 skeletons were discovered with jaws and teeth “twice as large as those of present day people.” The account also noted that odd hieroglyphics were found with the bodies.

12. Miners in Lovelock Cave, California, discovered a very tall, red-haired mummy In 1911.

13. This mummy eventually went to a fraternal lodge where it was used for “initiation purposes.”

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14. In 1931, skeletons from 8 1-2 to 10 feet long were found in the Humbolt lake bed in California.

15. In 1932, Ellis Wright found human tracks in the gypsum rock at White Sands, New Mexico. His discovery was later backed up by Fred Arthur, Supervisor of the Lincoln National Park and others who reported that each footprint was 22 inches long and from 8 to 10 inches wide. They were certain the prints were human in origin due to the outline of the perfect prints coupled with a readily apparent instep.

16. During World War II, author Ivan T. Sanderson tells of how his crew was bulldozing through sedimentary rock when it stumbled upon what appeared to be a graveyard. In it were crania that measured from 22 to 24 inches from base to crown nearly three times as large as an adult human skull. Had the creatures to whom these skulls belonged been properly proportioned, they undoubtedly would have been at least 12 feet tall or taller.

17. In 1947 a local newspaper reported the discovery of nine-foot-tall skeletons by amateur archeologists working in Death Valley.

18. The archeologists involved also claimed to have found what appeared to be the bones of tigers and dinosaurs with the human remains.

19. The Catalina Islands, off California, are the home of dwarf mammoth bones that were once roasted in ancient fire pits. These were roasted and eaten by human-like creatures who were giants with double rows of teeth.

20. One of the latest accounts of a race of giants that occupied Europe comes from the middle ages and involves a surprising figure: Saint Christopher. While modern stories of St. Christopher simply make him out as an ordinary man, or perhaps a somewhat homely man, those who actually saw him had a different story. According to his peers, he was a giant, belonging to a tribe of dog-headed, cannibalistic giants. Jacques de Voragine in The Golden Legend wrote of St. Christopher:”He was of gigantic stature, had a terrifying mien, was twelve coudees tall.”

21. A coudee is an antique measurement equal to or larger than the English linear measurement of a foot. According to this ancient account, St. Christopher stood from 12 to 18 feet tall (a fact that has become hidden in or even erased from church history).

22. While Western icons don’t picture St. Christopher as contemporary accounts described him, those of the Eastern churches do. Often the suggestion is seen in historic accounts that St. Christopher was the product of a tryst between a human being and an Anubis (a demon-like creature based on the Greek Anoubis, which came from the Egyptians jackal-headed god who was believed to lead the dead to judgment)

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