Yes, we are here and you know it – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn, Sept 24th

Today I will start with a brief update. The Forces of Light are still successful. More and more light and energy are directed to the earth and anchored there through you. Unfortunately, the dark side is still active in its last effort to keep the reins of power. In recent weeks there have been strong disturbing attempts from the astral plane to a large number of light workers. They try to sabotage in last despair your important work. We have joined forces now to stop these attacks completely.

On the other side your light has again become stronger and the general vibrations on Earth are rising steadily. Stand firm against all attempts by disinformation or attacks to disrupt the light. They will NOT be successful.

Your video to Disclosure, which is distributed at this time through your networks does excellent work and prepares the people of your planet to the upcoming revelations. Yes, we are here and you know it. Soon it will be even more obvious to you. By the delays we have lost valuable time, but it will not prevent your Ascension. We stand in the wings, so to speak, and are only waiting for the signal that gives us the final approval of our plans for you and with you.

You already know that for us in the higher dimensions time does not exist as for you. We have a completely different understanding of time. Unfortunately, this has in the past often led to misunderstandings and you have doubted our sincerity and our honorable intentions. Because your time is now rapidly changing and very soon dissolving, your and our time understanding drop together more and more. Your Now then will be our Now. Much will then be more understandable and explainable for you. Our Soon will now quickly become your Soon. Oh, yeah. The word you do not like to hear, as you think we’ve said it too often to you. For us, there has been no other option to respond to time related questions. To give an exact date is not meaningful, because it is impossible firstly and secondly causes excessive expectations in you. We have learned from your disappointments and want to minimize them. Our intentions are and have always been honest when we have made time related details. Unfortunately, these are then often prevented by other events or delayed. A small grain of sand in the gears can cripple an entire machine or completely stop it. So it is in the figurative sense procure with our plans and their execution. A wheel must resort to another in order to run the procedure without failure. I hope you now understand better why many things that we have announced are only late or not even able to manifest.

With the collapse of both of our timelines much will change and the power of the cabal is increasingly undermined. Their influence is slipping away more and more, but may affect certain processes in your politics and your finance even for a time. These processes can only be changed when the people who are responsible for that have been replaced by light workers. This, however, only makes sense if the working staff of the cabal has been overridden. The arrests of this staff is still in progress. It would be irresponsible to expose lightworkers now to the dangers and risk of their lives. This must wait until they can work safely on their new positions. The more effective their work will take shape.

Much is going on behind the scenes, of which we can not tell you for security reasons. No commander will share his plans with the “enemy”. You understand all this.

I will keep you more up to date now regularly in the future through this channel. She too suffered heavily in recent weeks under the interfering attempts of the dark side. The more happy I am now about the fact that she can once again connect with me.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and I bring you not only the greetings of the Sirian people, but can also tell you that we are waiting almost impatiently for our reunion with our family and friends and also to meet you.

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