Jordan Maxwell Explains Humanity’s History & Current Dilemma [videos]

He also explains how to resolve the problem. Great stuff.

Thanks to Intellihub for this exclusive material in 2 Parts; 11 minutes and 14 minutes.

He says it all in plain English that everyone can understand. Hopefully he will reach a few more people and it will sink in. 

He succinctly encapsulates 7,000 years of history on the planet.  ~ BP

“Nothing in this world works the way you think it does. Nothing.”  ~ Jordan Maxwell

One of the greatest minds in modern times, Jordan Maxwell, speaks his truths in an exclusive interview with Intellihub News

Published on 13 Feb 2014

(INTELLIHUB) — The legendary Jordan Maxwell agreed to an exclusive interview with Intellihub News, so Shepard Ambellas and Jason Bermas traveled to California to capture a sliver of Maxwell’s knowledge on film. It was an amazing experience.

99% of this footage has never been seen before publicly until now, giving you a rare view into Maxwell’s world.

Jordan Maxwell is considered one of the greatest minds in modern history.

Jordan Maxwell also appears in SHADE the Motion Picture.…

(Camera: Intellihub News/Shepard Ambellas)

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Massive Chemtrail Operations Dumping ‘Fake Snow’: Possible False Flag?

Snow? But if it doesn’t melt from a flame, what is it, exactly?  See the photo at Intellihub. ~ BP

‘Massive chemtrail’ operations found to be dumping ‘fake snow’ over Atlanta and parts of West Virginia, may signify a false flag attack on the populace

By Shepard Ambellas

(INTELLIHUB) — Stop the press! A recent snow storm that blanketed Atlanta and parts of Virginia sending thousands of residents into turmoil, causing nearly the entire city to come to a standstill, may have been a false flag operation or beta test carried out by diabolical factions of the U.S. government.

While the motive is not yet fully known, one thing is for sure, havoc has ensued and something is just not sitting right with people in the region.

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Getting to the Bottom of the Texas Fertilizer Explosion

Town of West: An explosion from a fertilizer plant rocked the area sending shockwaves 50 miles away.You know there was a “drill” being run in West, Texas that day, right? What a coincidence!

I think the Illuminati have so many fun toys they want to test that they create these scenarios so they can do just that. The death and destruction are just collateral damage. (They’re not human, you know.)
April 29, 2013

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WEST TEXAS — Intellihub reporter Matt Short based out of nearby Waco has been ruffling the feathers in and around his own backyard to help get to the bottom of what really took place on the day of the fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas that killed people and destroyed buildings, houses, and property for nearly a mile around.

In fact local investigators have ruled that the explosion was a bi-product of something else, leaving many to question, just what that might be. Others have speculated that a hyper-sonic weapon was possibly used.

Although the theory of a hyper-sonic weapon seems crazy, they actually exist and have been successfully tested by DARPA or the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Matt Short will appear on Mondays Intellihub radio broadcast from 8-9pm EST (In progresss!)



The Pieces of the Boston Puzzle are Coming Together…

Update: April 21st: After watching the feature-length video about the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, “A Noble Lie”, it sounds like the bomb there did NOT contain ammonia (fertilizer). The fumes would have been unmistakable. I don’t believe the Boston bombs contained ammonia, either, but Monsanto was linked to the West, TX fertilizer plant so there’s no question in my mind it was a planned attack on that facility.

I’m listening to the Intellihub Unbound Radio program on Boston/Texas.

Down the Rabbit Hole we go!

What I just learned is… the material used in the Oklahoma City bombs was… fertilizer.  And what was used in the Boston pressure-cooker bombs?

We haven’t heard yet, but since the fertilizer plant in West, Texas was “blown up” by “something other-worldly”, what do you suppose the chances are that the Boston bombs contained fertilizer?????

Last summer in Colorado there were some pretty interesting fires, fireballs, etc. so the cabal could eliminate any evidence of their part in specific treasonous acts that was in the homes of the cabal members who lived there. They’re up to their old tricks. None of it’s really new. They’re just following their blueprint.

Oh, this is getting really interesting and we’ve only just begun. They say at 10:00 pm EDT tonight they’ll be going “Down the Rabbit Hole” where they’ll be discussing all the similarities between the Oklahoma City bombing and the Boston bombing. Pretty good radio.

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