BIG News that’s Not Getting the Shares it Deserves

There have been two stories aired in the past week or so that in my opinion should be shouted from the rooftops, but to my knowledge have not been acknowledged sufficiently. You will NOT hear about this on the lamestream media for awhile, that is for certain.

Poke! Poke! We have been duped, but the revelations are rolling out. For some reason, they don’t seem to be recognized for what they are. Disclosure. DISCLOSURE!!!

These stories weren’t new to me, but the updates were most welcome. Perhaps it wasn’t news to a lot of Lightworkers and Truthers, but don’t we want to ensure that those coming out of their trance-like state know about this?

New readers are flooding the Internet to learn more about Malaysian Flight 370 and the Ukraine crisis. Let’s give them equally vital information to read while they’re here.

Both of the following are the result of The People going ahead and doing what is necessary to return Humanity to a free, sovereign state. They will cast off the controls of the Illuminati over our history and shine a light on our bright new future.

Great Pyramid of Giza Project, The Farsight Institute

The first revelation is the announcement by Courtney Brown, Ph.D. at the Farsight Institute that Remote Viewing Research has revealed…

ONE: how the pyramids were REALLY built – using vibration technology to “float” or levitate the stones into place by slaves (Humanity)

TWO: that two extraterrestrial races were involved

Don’t people think it’s important to learn how man was enslaved to build these pyramids and that we remain enslaved today?

I really thought that story would have gone viral, but perhaps it was overshadowed by the disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370, or the crisis in the Ukraine—or both. Pity.

Hell, maybe that’s why the incredible disappearing plane trick was foisted on us, I don’t know, but I really feel people need to take this information seriously.

Remote viewing isn’t some woo-woo, esoteric trick. It’s verifiable science practiced by the military and American alphabet agencies for decades. People need to understand that this is an ability that we all have if our belief system will accommodate it. We can all access the past or the future if we learn how.

AND… people need to start thinking about the presence of extraterrestrials on planet Earth, because the mass flyovers will be taking place and they’re going to be down here before long, up close and personal.

You can visit the Farsight web site here.


Citizen Grand Jury

The second story gave me a thrill because it, too, is the result of ordinary people taking the reins and allowing us to participate in the emancipation of Humanity globally.

We can’t wait for anyone to give us permission to seize what is rightfully ours, be it free energy, the truth about our origins, the Extraterrestrial presence, or the right to a fair trial for significant crimes.

The Citizen Grand Jury will enable The People to have a hand in the roll-out of our new Common Law judicial system that will free those who have been wrongly incarcerated, and ensure that the corruption in the courts and law enforcement is ended. Judges can no longer be bought or get bonuses for sending non-violent people to prison.

We’re not talking only of the USA here.  Those who have spearheaded the initiative have been in contact with people in Canada and many other countries.

Corrupt judges have been notified that the old system is no longer in effect and the new system is being rolled out. Sheriffs, bailiffs and clarks have been notified that the Common Law system is now the standard.

See the memo to the Sheriffs and the Supreme Court summons here.

I posted a video a couple of months ago about the Power of the Grand Jury, and I found out about this current update on Drake’s Thursday, March 20th Blogtalk show quite by accident and it was incredibly uplifting to hear John Darash expound on what they have done so far.  I had no idea they had advanced the process to this stage. It’s awesome news.

In the USA each county will take responsibility to hear cases and resolve them according to the “crime”. In the case of victimless crimes, there is no crime.  Where someone has been harmed, the one responsible will provide restitution.

There will be no more sending people to jail over parking tickets, bogus charges and setups, or anything that is not honest.

It’s not about putting people in jail. Jurors will use honour, justice and mercy to decide what is appropriate.

The People will be trained and educated about the common law system and will sit on a Grand Jury and decide the outcome in fairness. Statutory Law is going the way of the dinosaur. You can contact these people at the National Liberty Alliance if you would like to be a juror.

The entire justice system will undergo a reform and will once again be FAIR.

I urge everyone to visit the web site to learn more about the Citizen Grand Jury. Knowing all this, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Major progress is under way to seize control of the corrupt legal system in America and the world.

If you would like to listen to John Darash explain the details, you can listen here, beginning about the 68 minute mark. It was interesting and exciting to hear John tell us what his group has done thus far and what it will mean for Humanity. I highly recommend it.

Corrupt judges are going to jail. Who doesn’t applaud that?!

This is rolling out across the USA. Get informed and share this information. Volunteer to be added to the jury pool. This is HUGE news!




Does the Cabal Plan to Use ‘Terminators’ to Cull the ‘Useless Eaters’?

A friend who follows Drake more closely than I do told me Drake believes we have about 3 months until the Illuminati release cyborgs, predators, terminators… call them what you will, to begin eliminating the undesirables on the planet, bringing down the population to the level they find manageable; 500, 000, 000.

Word is, they have programmed “our names” into these murder machines. Fascinating!

There is an obstacle, however. There is or are costly parts that have been unattainable to complete production. Is that coincidence, or is that a hurdle thrown in the way by the powers that actually be? (White Hats, Resistance Movement, Light forces)

OR, is this just more fear-mongering? (not from you, Drake, just those who control the intel and perpetuate the disinfo)

When you think about it, it could explain the cabal’s refusal to step down and surrender. They behave as though nothing has changed, and continue to march forward as though their victory to control us and the planet is a given. They may be simply waiting for this one last step to implement the final chess move, because they believe it will bring them their check, and mate.

It’ll never happen, of course. We didn’t come this far to lose to some trained tin cans.

It’s probably more likely that they would use technology only a handful know about to “disappear” anyone or anything they choose. We already saw the Keshe technology pluck a US drone from the skies and bring it to the ground without a scratch, so why is it so difficult to believe something like that occurred with Malaysian Flight 370?

These days, I don’t decide in my own mind on very much at all when it comes to truth. We don’t know or understand the truth, even though many of us believe we do. I think it would be unwise to rule out anything. The reality may be something NONE of us have considered at all. 

We have a few distracting pieces of a puzzle—just enough to keep us engaged in the chase—when the key pieces—the missing ones— are nothing we expect them to be and will completely alter what we believe the big picture is going to resemble.

This deck of 51 is frustrating for some, inspiring for others, and interesting to watch for those who don’t care to get too invested in any outcome. It can also have us chasing out tails.

The dots continue to bob to the surface and are there to connect if we are into that. For example, I posted on the murders aboard the Maersk ship awhile back. Now Drake has brought them into the conversation.  Thank you, Drake, for your details.  ~ BP

From the home of Drake; ‘CosmicVoice’ on Facebook.

March 23, 2014

From Drake:
The New 911 Plan?

I have not been sitting by waiting for people with intel to come to me, just so you know.
Rather, I have been actively seeking out incidents and planning for incidents.
Too few are aware of much of what is going on.

I outed info that was published/outed in interview on the show, The Keiser Report on Russian TV. This concerned the ‘robotics’ the elite are trying to get ready to deploy. I made reference to a cross between ‘terminator’ and ‘predator’ as how these things are designed to be.

I really hope people took my word for this…?
After all this, I assumed that would be pretty much a nice bump in the road for those who intend to use such devices…
I was wrong!

Seems there are more ‘Plans’ for All of We The People of Planet Earth.
I give you Flight 370.

Flight 370 ‘vanished’ with 227 passengers and 12 crew.
Of the passengers, 20 intel people from throughout the world who were the foremost electronic warfare experts, were on board.
Flight 370 received a ‘highly suspicious cargo, traced to the Indian Ocean, from the US Flagged container ship, MV Maersk.
The US SEALS whom were assigned to protect it, Mark Kennedy and Jeff Reynolds, were found to be dead. They were employed by the Virginia Beach secret security firm, Trident Group.

The cargo aboard Flight 370 was Atomic or Biological materials, diverted by the US Navy to the secret air base, Diego Garcia.
Flight 370 diversion occurred during the time that ‘all’ of the Spratly Island communications operated by China Mobile were ‘automatically’ jammed.

The US Navy was able to divert Flight 370 to its Diego Garcia Base because ER is equipped with a ‘fly by wire’ FBD system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with ‘electronic interface’, allowing it to be ‘controlled’ like any Drone style aircraft.
Most think of this as ‘remote control’.
American mainstream media has yet to report or question, let alone, Demand ‘disclosure’.
This leaves this kind of real reporting up people like me, online news, and the many press releases found outside the ‘Controlled’ mainstream media.

-Note: this area of the Indian Ocean is ‘covered’ electronically like no other on our planet, So, the information is available, IF you know how to look for it.

I hope that some of those irresistible ‘investigative reporters’ go after this.I have stated that when there is info that ‘we’ need, I will publish it for everyone.

Drake & Co. Ready for Action—Any Takers?

Like Cobra said, there are now groups who are NOT going to wait for the mass arrests to remove cabalists.

He didn’t name names, but it appears Drake is organizing something. He’s been chomping at the bit for a long time, and since the Light forces “cannot and will not hold them back any longer”, we may see the end of the dark sooner rather than later.

I wonder if some of the militias will mobilize now. I would think they would be most eager to use those skills they’ve been honing for years for just such an opportunity.

I say, “Have at ‘er!”  All Drake wants is “a few good men”, but let’s hope cool heads prevail.  ~ BP

From the American National Militia web site…

I ask again . . .

Posted on March 10, 2014

I ask again… We need a few good men to take action… someone somewhere has to pick a couple off… if not it is the same as always just blah blah as you know.

This is from one of my international contacts.
‘WE’ are running out of time…any takers, get in touch NOW!


The Watchmen of America DEFCON site is still quiet, still showing “high alert” but just the usual talk in the chat room about how bad things are. None of them appear to be organizing to do anything either.





Drake’s ‘Wait Club” is Tired of Waiting and Counting Down?

Update: 9:50 a.m. Feb. 23rd:  I have a call in to our AZ Coordinator for Prepare for Change to confirm or deny this situation.  ~ BP

Midnight Feb. 22nd: I thought I published this hours ago!!!!!  Anyway… Cobra’s group, Prepare for Change has also issued a video and information for Community Leaders which I will post now, separately.

Could explain the bankster deaths…  ~ BP

A reader (thanks so much!) left a link to Drake’s FB page which said this…


Oh my!
We gots the friggin WAIT CLUB too!!!
Awrighty then…
I guess everbody be out O patience by now, yes?
There be some thingies inna works that Will blow a few small minds.
Accordingly, some of the basis has been set, and is within hours of Happinin!!!
>I have expressed the importance of being ‘ready’.
Heads Up!

And the responses to comments were interesting, too…

Drake said it’s NOT the Green Light, but when it IS the green light, he will let us know, and Neil Keenan will also post it on his website,

The above chatter was here on Facebook.

Just passing it on, not vetting it. Drake has been given bad intel before, poor guy, and left “twisting in the wind” as he put it. I sure hope that nonsense is over with. ~ BP

Mass Arrests, The Event, Bankster Update from Drake’s FB Page; Dec. 26th

Thank you, Jane. This is a transcript from Drake’s Cosmic Voice FB page for a recent teleconference. Take it for what you will.   ~ BP

Thomas has said this is not an endorsement but it is interesting. I have listened this morning and decided to make notes so we could consider some key points [in the order they were presented and not necessarily logical] – and for those who can’t listen for 1hr 40mins. Please don’t shoot the messenger as I don’t have 2nd amendment rights LOL…and I have tried my best to record the names of your legislation and acts ….seem to be learning more about US law the UK … Took 3 hrs!

• There are currently Russian, Chinese and German troops in the US, to go to DC to make arrests and prevent WWIII

• There is a 4th player who is unseen and very powerful – quote ‘and I think we know who this is but most people refuse to accept it’….[my question are they referring to ET?]

• Nuclear arsenals in the Middle East are not working – no access codes are working or targeting facilities

• Prosperity Packages (PP’s) are ‘in the hat’ – and have been reassigned to the Provost Marshall of the US military in Virginia – so unusual move that the military are now in control of the PP situation

• Sudan: US troops there [because?] bankers are trying to start WWIII – which will not be allowed to happen. They planned to use any or a combination of Chemical/Bio/Nukes and other countries said not acceptable.

• Federal Reserve – as of midnight all $ notes became counterfeit – really not a rumour true. No need to panic the US economy is still accepting them and they will be taken in and exchanged when the new currency is put into the banks. The only thing that would create a problem is if someone turned up at a bank with huge amounts of cash not commensurate with their standing and income otherwise ok to exchange for new currency when arrives.

• The ‘big boys’ – trillion dollar people (Bankers and Congress]– cashed out large quantities of Dinars

• NESARA – he has been hearing that they are trying to bring this on-line if not directly ..but quietly There has been high level meetings in the Indian Ocean (British Indian territory) at a tiny atoll named Diego Garcia – nothing there only a landing strip. O’B has been holidaying a lot for extended vacations to Hawaii…said to have been going to Diego Garcia as first priority before vacations.

• Nov 2009(?) O’B passed an executive order for every alphabet agency (?) except NDAA and US DOD issuing orders to regulate the banking system. People have been mad at the NSA – but in actual fact the surveillance has not been to deal with the ordinary people but to get the Bankers. Not just the CIA, FBI, Dept of the Feds, Navy intel. but everybody involved to nail the bankers.

• O’B has been passing executive orders and putting Czars in place – he is not a dictator but has been strategically moving people around to clean up the system. In 1991 George Bush sold the infrastructure of the USA under executive order and O’B has passed an order to re-nationalise the infrastructure. The NDDA is to deal with those in power under Section 802. ‘those that intimate and cohort with Judges and prosecution’… etc. of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and Prosecution – who have been lazy and behaving unethically. The latter have been trying to minimise events in case they are charged with aiding and abetting. So trying to protect themselves. There has been 10 million records seized covering every judge in the state of California.

• The Pope’s decree has eliminated immunity so that now we can go retro-actively and deal with them.

• There exists online an abridged copy of the Patriot Act – everyone needs to read this to see there is nothing in there to do with the American people but to deal with money laundering, RICO and depopulation programmes.

• We can now go to foreign countries and ask them to hand over illicit money or be dubbed terrorists and receive a military response. Switzerland, Cayman Isles, Jamaica, Bahamas and the Caribbean banking havens have been forced by a military presence around the shorelines. The Cayman Isles were entered and they couldn’t explain account holders…found to be belong to dead people and even in dog’s names. Lots of bank accounts were cleaned out – 10’s of 1000’s – and bankers in Switzerland committed suicide.

• A report last week from Bloomberg detailed that pressure was being put on Swiss Bankers who had been put on notice by the IRS and the Govt. to turn over all questionable US citizens’ bank accounts. Other banks (Rothschilds) had assigned 450 lawyers to fight the request. The Rothschilds were told if there are irregularities and hidden money from the US Govt. They must hand over or else they would be penalised with fines and jail sentences. The Swiss bankers are still debating the choice but they have little time left now to decide.

• It must have been something huge because the Rothschilds answer to no one and don’t usually respond to Govts. This Govt. Has 12 of the 22 aircraft carriers that exist worldwide and sail the oceans. The smallest is twice the size of anyone else’s. So if the Rothschilds don’t comply they will be responded to as terrorists under the Patriot Act – the military can go in and there will be backs against the wall. Bankers have been dealt with in China and Vietnam but the details differ (1 executed and 3 in prison in China and 2 shot in Vietnam…or alternatively all executed).

• Karen Hudes had stated that there were underground banks in Hawaii with 70,000 tons of gold to back the new $, and at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs – Russian troops were guarding another gold deposit. Fort Knox – has seen large troop movement during the last 12 months. So there is gold in 3 locations in large amounts to back the new $ so don’t worry about money. This has been a grand 5 years plan in the making [circa 2008 collapse?]

• The Federal Reserve cessation is not in writing yet it is taking place as we speak so you will not find evidence of it until it gets on TV or in Wall St Journal. It’s breaking news. All the new money will not be on the street at the same time but the 12 central banks are full of money.

• Under the ‘Trading with the Enemy’ Act Section 6 – O’B could deal with all the ‘big boys’ who have cashed in the Dinars. There is a chance he could seize this money under the Act. These people have been running amok and have become the enemy of the country. The US has been under a state of emergency since 1933 so he can do that. This would solve the US’s financial problems right now. Apparently there is a cap in place for the elite of $1 trillion.

• Caller comment: Troops are landing in the USA ‘armed and ready for bear’ – is this indicating martial law? Answer: Firstly, the US has been under Martial Law since 1877 with the Reconstruction Act and a state of emergency. Secondly in 1933, the bankruptcy situation invoked a second state of emergency and the US has been under martial law since that.

• The influx of foreign military are from friendly military governments and the troops are out in the community enjoying football and watching baseball. They are guarding the Colorado Springs gold reserves. There is a need to take people down because of DC passing Posse Comitatus. It was passed to allow the military to enforce law but the 1902 Dicat and the constitution gives the authority to call up the military. So Putin etc. can be used to solve problems by using overseas troops to deal with areas that are owned.

• FEMA Camps or military detention facilities. Originally was said these would be used against the US people – look online there are 800 pages in the Army Field Manual – ‘Capturing and Detaining of People’ and the use of multiple theatres of operation. Multiple meaning multiple countries. The manual tells how to identify ID badges, the country the person is captured in and location. It is not for citizens but to deal with the corrupt. The UN have stood up to these people (he can’t disclose how he knows). Interpol have been fighting in Europe for decades and getting their butts kicked. So O’B asked the UN the help as allies (including Russia and China) in order to prevent WWIII. After all a war of this magnitude would be bad for world health and business.

• Camps have 3 facility types: 1 for criminals and having a court inside – Bankers and the like. 1 as a temporary holding facility to calm people down but not to hurt them just contain them and lastly 1 as a refugee camp for the families of the people that get arrested…when this blows up and soon..the families will be in danger of being lynched and will need to be kept safe.

• Some people from foreign countries including the US, bankers etc. have already been arrested by Interpol and are in camps. The police work for private corporations so they cannot be relied upon or trusted – there was a need to bring someone else in.

• O’B passed an order to create a civilian army (that was propagandised) and this got blocked so had to look to the alternative.

• DC doesn’t care if you have a gun – it is the states that are in rebellion against Congress and their oath against the constitution. He could come and arrest every governor and local cop on the street for treason and espionage, rebellion and insurrection under the Patriot Act and pick them all up.

• No normal people going to camps. The military have said no….otherwise the ‘tanks will be rolling’ and if 50,000 tanks start coming at you let’s see what happens’.

• They have recalled a bunch of people in the military generals etc. and this started around 2 years ago roughly. It has been noticed that there is no-one on the golf courses and O’B is weeding out the ones that won’t stay on message. He is taking others and placing them where he can use them. Apparently a group of military have just been on 2 weeks’ training (rumour not confirmed) these being the US Army Rangers, Green Berets and Reconnaissance Marines who came back with Uniforms for the Dept. Of Justice US Marshalls.

• When this goes down there will be a need for people to step in where state governors are removed and an Agitant General Command Grade Officer might be put in place.

• The Rumours of Nukes being moved are false – the protocol for nukes to be moved around is too tight without major paperwork.

• Caller Question: I have sons and daughters in the military who were told at a big meeting that they would be getting rid of [black?] military officers so it has to be true?…another caller answered and said I am from a black family and I don’t think it’s true. [I didn’t understand this reference and the sound quality wasn’t good]

• There is a major international incident going on now in the US – people have volunteered to assist from overseas. We cannot go on much longer with bankers actively trying to start WWIII and they must be stopped and this will need Russian and other troops to do so.

• Caller Question: If O’B is so the good guy and a white hat or something, we need to judge a fruit by its tree… Why did he pass the NDAA to make people disappear and has offered no transparency that he had promised? Second question what if the troops are here to take over the US. Answer: O’B made a statement in a video where he said ‘there are terrorists out there that cannot be tried because their crimes are beyond comprehension’ and that there is no way to try such as Rockefellers, JP Morgan, Rothschilds et al. as no one will testify against them. So he enacted the NDAA to give authority to do so. Another thing; there is a military base in Cyprus that can be used. [My comment: if he means North Cyprus that would be because they are not recognised as a country after the ‘military coup in 1974 in the north of the island by Turkey. The south remains Greek and is recognised internationally and by the EU – the north is not].

• There are people that he knows have trained with the International troops, if they were coming after the US as a country, the International troops do not have enough force, e.g. 65,000 Russian troops would mean 1,000 per state and that wouldn’t go very far. The speaker lives in a city with 21,000 people for example. There has been propaganda to scare people that O’B is coming after you and the biggest weapon against the people has been the fear mongering.

• In 2011 the US sold near on 49.5 million hunting licences, along with 38 million guns too and that’s just registered. Foreign troops would have no chance against the people…In 1941 it was said ‘there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass’…so think of the scale now.

• Suggest that people go and read O’B’s executive orders and see what he is intending as a military operation to secure infrastructure. When the event goes down the US will shift from a democracy to a republic and it will take about a week for people to really know what happened. The Plan started back in the 1970’s.

• There is reason to believe that the COG (Continuity of Government) has been activated by O’B. He cannot ascertain but believes it is in place. So that if anything goes down the people (levels of military) that have been on long term vacation for over a year at times, can be reactivated and brought back out.

• One of radio people’s comments: the HJR 192 (House Joint Resolution) will keep currency safe. The real money is starting to come out. There was a big shipment 7-8 months ago. Cyprus especially and others have been putting in the prosperity packages in position to complete around March/April 2014. Generals and Sergeants and soldiers are ready to go on Supreme Court panels to sort things out. The Basel plan (finance) is coming into place. Last night a news article said that a plane had been grounded full of gold and the people on board arrested. There was a picture of them standing naked(?) in front of gold bars. The price will go down tremendously. Snowden has been key to the exposure.

• There is a website named ‘1461 days’ showing all the Executive Orders to comply with the 802 Patriot Act from past presidents to present.

• Caller Question: What about the 2nd amendment, Benghazi and IRS abuse – why hasn’t O’B dealt with this? Answer: Blanket arrests have not happened because the Govt. Has been taken over. We are getting ready to clean house. Have you thought about the amount of $ it takes to run the propaganda machine to go against O’B on TV, right wing radio, internet and websites? The people manipulating us with this propaganda are the same ones who would have you enslaved.

Closing Statement: Executive Orders do not apply to the American people they are only of the administration. O’B is the CEO and executive of the corporation. The Vice President is President of Congress and the Senate. The new $100 bill was printed in 2009 and is still a reserve note so as worthless as toilet paper. No-one will be taking the guns – the military wouldn’t even consider it.

NDAA 2014 Being Fast-Tracked Through Congress

Via Drake.  What are you going to do about it, America?

You know it’s no accident they are addressing this NOW, at Christmas, when people are scrambling to shop, travel, plan food, parties, and otherwise deal with all the distractions from what really matters. Americans need to call their Congressmen and demand they represent The People—or else.  ~ BP


NDAA 2014 Being Fast-Tracked Through Congress

The 2014 version of the National Defense Authorization Act is said to be going through congress with lightning speed. With all the controversy surrounding the dangerous provisions approved under the last 2 versions, it is no wonder that congress is attempting to fast-track this latest bill before the American people catch wind of it.

For those that recall, it was the NDAA bill for 2012 that first codified into “law” the dangerous provisions for indefinite detention without trial or even a lawyer for any person even suspected of being some type of threat to the US government. It also stipulated that members of our military could be used against its citizens in facilitating such arrests and that the accused could be held in military or foreign prisons off of our shores. It also went a step further and granted tremendously dangerous authority to a President of the United States to “legally” assassinate such individuals merely accused of supposedly being a threat to the US.

A recent article published by the New American has sounded the alarm that the 2014 version of the NDAA is currently being pushed through congress in time for a final vote before the end of the year with barely any time left for the American people to voice objections.

Section 1071 of this bill is an even further expansion of dangerous provisions. It is like a dreadful merging of NSA-acquired spying documentation fused together with the indefinite detention provisions of the Department of Defense. It authorizes a better sharing of all the illegally obtained and cataloged NSA data into a new center called the “Conflict Records Research Center”. This data referred to as “captured records” can be anything from phone records, emails, browsing history or even posts on social media sites.

This time around, one thing is for certain, no member of congress should be allowed to get away with claiming ignorance of the dangerous provisions included in this bill. The American people are much more aware of the NDAA’s provisions than they were originally, approximately 2 years ago. Members of congress voting in favor of this bill under any circumstances without the elimination of section 1071 and all other sections that virtually shred our Bill of Rights should serve as a litmus test for the 2014 elections.

No exceptions, no more excuses.



The Power of the Grand Jury [video]

Drake sent this some time ago and I didn’t get around to posting it until now but I found it fascinating and wanted to share. It illustrates how US law has strayed so far from its original intent and how Americans are manipulated—but the web site also shows how they can fight back.

The content is dry, of course, but I got into it. If more people understood this stuff, “they” wouldn’t have been able to take advantage and control the masses so easily and prevent them from exercising their rights.

It also serves to illustrate just why the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment was created by the founding fathers, and why the powers-that-were so surreptitiously slid it out, unbeknownst to The People, and replaced it with what was actually the 14th amendment.

Allowing lawyers in the American government has been key in the demolition of the Constitution and the enslavement of the American people. There is very good reason for forbidding them to hold positions of power. Without this covert action, they would not have been able to hijack The Republic.

To see my earlier post exposing the REAL 13th Amendment, click here.

If you’re a patriot, I think you’ll want to see this video, below, and perhaps take action, as described on the Liberty Alliance web site.  ~ BP

Press Regulator Given Approval by the Queen

news stands

Thanks to Drake who sent this out yesterday.

I guess the Brits are going to get a taste of what it’s like to live in America with the corporate media spoon-feeding the masses their hyped-up spin on all manner of events and hiding the REAL news, shaping a false reality. The U.S. government tells them what to say and how to spin it.

Perhaps this is one more initiative that will show the British that Queen Lizzie is NOT their friend.

We know who they WON’T be censoring though, don’t we!  The People’s Voice TV!  Here’s your chance, Britain, to support what may soon be your only source of truth in media—the studio right in London! 

The station goes live on November 18th, but for how long depends on public donations. It’s 100 per cent crowd-funded, so get out your wallets and if you can, set up a recurring monthly donation of whatever you can afford.  ~ BP

October 31, 2013, 2:03am

THE QUEEN last night approved a royal charter that paves the way for state oversight of the media, in a move that risks ending centuries of press freedom.

All three leading political parties backed the regulatory framework, which was given the go-ahead by a meeting of the privy council at Buckingham Palace.

The charter sets up a legal framework that will have power over a new press regulator.

Newspapers claim that this is tantamount to state control of the press, since MPs will have control over this legal framework and be able to change it as they see fit.

The charter also promises to impose exemplary damages on organisations that refuse to sign up to the new press regulator and then lose a case, while those within the system face fines of up to £1m.

The deal was agreed after publishers failed in a last-ditch attempt to force a judicial review of the plan. Last night several national newspapers suggested they could ignore the new system and set up their own regulator that will not seek approval from the state.

“This is disappointing and it is a pity the Queen has been brought into controversy,” said Bob Satchwell of the Society of Editors.

“Royal charters are usually granted to those who ask for one – not forced upon an industry or group that doesn’t want it.”

Even the government admitted that the “question that remains is how it will work in practice”.


Trucker Ride To DC All Day Live Updates [Photos & Videos]

Leave it to BeforeItsNews to keep us in the loop—the I-495 loop! Thanks for the heads up, Drake. 

Looks like they began rolling in last night. This is so exciting!  We’re making history!

Also see this article at BeforeItsNews for more on this story, photos and videos and request to stock up on food today and not buy food, gas, anything this weekend to show support for all the American and Canadian truckers making their stance known to Washington.  ~ BP

By Susan Duclos

NOTE- If anyone has updated photos of this event and want them published in this article, email them to

For those unaware of what is going on, a quick intro. Truck drivers across the country are heading to Washington DC for the “Truckers Ride for the Constitution,” Facebook page for them can be found here. The event is scheduled for October 11-13, 2013, to shut down DC. Twitter hashtag #T2SDA.

They have given warning, there is a Live Coverage event going on at Before it’s News by Radio host Pete Santilli.

Already one report has come out about cops pulling over portions of the convoy, by Live Free or Die at Before It’s News.

The Truckers have also offered free rides to Veterans to DC for their Million Veteran March on the memorials that Washington has banned them from due to the shutdown.

Ok, all caught up here.

Below will be continuous updates, photos, videos, news accounts, first person accounts from the Truckers’ themselves, so come back often.

New Before It’s News article by Liberator, “Happening Now! Truckers Roaring Into DC

Starting with some of the early photos coming out.

Go to BeforeItsNews for more photos and videos…

COBRA is the Source of the Latest Drama

fighting angel photo: Fighting Angel warriorangel.jpgThanks, Patrick.

Here we go again, folks.

Whenever a Lightworker develops a healthy following and has great influence, the cabal and their minions are on a mission to disgrace and discredit them. Is that what’s going on now? You decide.

The purpose of attacks on those who bring us truth is not only to destroy their credibility, but to shatter the dreams and trust of those who derive much-needed support for the mission and their HOPE; the hope they need to carry on and keep the energy high. Us!

Eighteen months ago, someone presented some damning evidence around COBRA’s identity. Since then I have watched very closely and have not found anything to suspect COBRA is not what he says (or believes) he is. Nearly all of what he says rings true to me.

No, I did not take mind control into account. I don’t see the signs.

I also put great faith in the fact that although I have not personally met COBRA, many I consider to be reasonable judges of character have, such as American Kabuki’s ‘Bill’.

Perhaps it is naive of me to feel that if I meet someone face to face, I can tell if they are the real deal or not.

After all—when mind control is in place, one believes with every ounce of their Being that they ARE what and who they are being. They are living a reality; albeit a false one. If they are not able to discern the lie, then how would someone they interact with  be able to tell—unless they were trained in that ability?

At any rate, I don’t wish to discredit anyone, as I harbour no ill will toward Drake or anyone else who has been a ‘victim’ of present circumstances on the planet—and all the best known ones have been targeted, even David Wilcock and, of course, the OPPT gang. So far, I’ve been right about with whom I’ve placed my trust, but I’ve been wrong about some things, too.

I endeavour to bring information from both sides of the fence to enable my readers to do their own due diligence and soul-searching to determine what is truth. I will NOT take that responsibility for anyone but my SELF.

Awareness is our best tool, and our discernment our only defense. No one will blame us for being wary.

Here is an article I suggest you read so you have background on this latest attack on the Light Forces.

Did COBRA’s volunteer web crew resign?

We need to remember that all is not what it seems, and the cabal is desperate and have always tried to tell us what to think and shape our reality. What more significant targets than we, the awakened ones? Interesting times, these, eh?

Apologies to COBRA. There’s a war going on, and apparently everyone is fair game.

One day soon we will fondly remember our days in the trenches and laugh about all the drama and our Human naiveté. We are but pawns in this vast game of ‘divide and conquer’. Namasté.