Best UFO Sightings: Outstanding Compilation! [video]

Thanks to One of the very best collections available. 

If you’ve never seen the orbs making crop circles, you must watch this, right at the beginning. This footage even shows the unmanned craft releasing multiple orbs that will perform their handiwork in the fields.  ~ BP

Aliens Refuse to Make Crop Circles in GMO Fields

I wondered why the number of crop circles seemed to drop off this summer…  ;0(

Humour, but some clever fun. When you think about it—boycotting GMO fields would send a very strong message, wouldn’t it?  ~ BP

Aliens refuse to make circles in GM crops

Health-conscious ETs steer clear of genetically modified plants

by Dick Kennedy, UFO Correspondent

Alien visitors to planet Earth are boycotting genetically modified (GM) crops, claims a leading scientist.

Buck Uranus, chief astronomer for the William H Carpenter Foundation in Nevada, believes the extraterrestrials are refusing to create crop circles in GM maize, wheat and other cereals because of fears of possible side-effects.

The scientist has conducted a major survey of crop circles created over the past five years and says he has not found a single example left in fields containing GM crops.

“In my spare time, I channel messages from alien beings,” said Uranus, “and from what I’ve been hearing, these guys have got some serious reservations about what we’re doing down here. One of them told me he’s even thinking of using another planet for his artwork.”

aliens crop circlesAccording to Uranus, one shape-shifting lizard said: “The long-term effects of these ‘frankenstein crops’ are just so uncertain. Let’s face it, it’s not natural. And after the rigours of crossing many light years of space in order to leave some pretty patterns in your fields, we’d rather not take that extra risk.”

The visitors from outer space also have fears about contamination of plants on their own worlds, says Uranus. He claims that one Gray told him: “Just imagine — we accidentally pick up a few seeds on our undercarriage and take them home without knowing. They could spread like wildfire then and we’d end up paying Monsanto an annual fee just to grow flooble beans on our own planet. Madness.”

Monsanto has not commented on these allegations.…play&ref=31…amp;#entry33032


StarworksUSA UFO Symposium; May 2 – 4, 2014

Here are the details on the next UFO Symposium in Illinois, courtesy of Paola Harris.


Published on 13 Oct 2013

This 12 minute trailer explains all that participants can expect to enjoy at the 2014 Starworks USA UFO Symposium, which will be held at the Clarion Inn & Waterford Conference Center in Elmhurst, Illinois between 2-4 May 2014.

Space is limited! This incredible event is limited to only 150 participants – so please register early so you don’t miss out! You can register online at

Speakers include Paola Harris, Cheryll Jones, Jennifer Stein, Esen Sekerkara, Lee Spiegel, James Fox, Sam Maranto and Scott Colborn.

A special tribute to CUFOS and Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

This event will feature world-renowned media personalities. There will be special events such as the Black and White Media Mixer cocktail party, the screening of James Fox documentary, “I Know What I Saw”, Media Panel discussions, an award ceremony and Skywatch! Early bird registration (before 28 Feb 2014) is ONLY $125.

Video created by Mysterious World TV
Music: Dream To The Future by Joe Gooch
Theme Music: Ricardo Pujol
Host: Devon Belanger
Editor & Animation Sequences By: Vlad Morarescu

Event-o-Meter Update

Thanks to the BillBrockbrader FB group for sharing!  I forgot to go here and check for an update. Nice summary, Dave! 

I prefer to see our progress as further along than 35%—but that’s just my reality.  ~ BP

‘The Event’ Update: 1st September 2013

The Event-Ometer for August stood at 32% and is deemed Irreversible : Fact based changes of modern day : Hence a new score : August listings and global changes recorded

There appear to be many people and groups talking about The Event but nobody really following it who actually labels it as,  ”The Event”.

This report is unofficial and has no links attached as it is presumed that YOU the readers ( light- workers-warriors-starseeds-showers) are up to date with modern events.

David Wilcock calls it The New Golden Age.

Many others make passages concerning the SHTF and also in financial circles there are many variations of a New Financial situation bearing fruit anytime now. Commonly known as Global Financial Reset  or Global Collateral Accounts  or Revaluation (RV) etc.

Poof and Cobra (not necessarily together)  have been some of the best up to date resources on the latest news as have David Wilcock, Neil Keenan and Benjamin Fulford. (before you say “I DO NOT TRUST THESE SOURCES” please do a background check on each of these individuals before ramming egotistical-orientated thoughts on others).

Be that as it may, The Global Finance is the first item of the Event list to change even before The Event can possibly take place (and yes that means global financial collapse) and is very much a part of the scoring process. This self-invented and unofficial’  Event – Ometer scoring mechanism is designed for you and I, to get a better reading of when the S will HTF and has included comments made by many other awakened ones in various collectives on the internet around the world.

I carry out this work as diligently as possible and I try as hard as is humanly (Spiritually) possible without getting too inter-dimensional, My aim is to be understandable to new comers and to be pure and consult as many lightworkers along the way.  By learning from previous errors, I stay well clear of  forward dates and how much money we are all going to get , so please draw your own conclusions and make your own assumptions with your own dedicated research.

I can say this. “There is mounting evidence to suggest that globally something is about to happen on a galactic scale, and our lives are about to change … an unprecedented  occurrence in any other cosmic worlds” maybe an understatement. That is why it is simply called The Event.

The previous scoring of 32 % [August]  has been derived from earlier positive irreversible actions on the planet and it hovers below the Third 33.3 mark due to the following noted global events having already taken place.

1) Iceland blowing out IMF and Rothschild corrupt banking systems and actually jailing prominent stately figures and operating on a debt free currency basis to its own citizens.

2) Mass arrests, resignations, defections and killings of prominent banking and corporate figures (Killings are Cabal-orchestrated and to be disassociated with any resistance movement or noncompliance group) have to be taken into account for scoring purposes.

3) Release of Spiritual/cosmic/galactic existence and disclosure in the mainstream and government.

4) Changes at the BIG 3 i) Vatican ii) Corporation of London and iii) Washington DC.

5) Most modern day changes in Mainstream media and blatantly obvious false flag operations.

6) Exposure of the elite depopulation weather programs and global mass poisoning agendas.

7) The release of suppressed ancient intelligence and the secrets of our  natural spiritual capabilities and evolution.

Unfortunately Black ops and the dark side Cabal can firmly imprint themselves on humanity still to this day with continued bizarre stories like Nestlé trying to claim that they own the water and Spain who are now charging people for Solar panels and the suns rays, plus Australia is actually paying hard cash for Carbon tax and UK is paying Bedroom tax. These are all desperate and failing power acts of taking every penny and can be seen as Higher Oligarchical scrapping and in-house fighting, they show the element of control that they still impose on us due to  a largely dumbed-down mind controlled ( govern-control/ment-mind) society who are in denial.

So what happened in August that would elevate the Eventometer and by means of being irreversible?

1) Well gladly Hungary have now shown IMF the door and all Rothschild banking cartel have been asked to leave the country and so it seems that they may even attempt to leave the Euro, as Iceland they too are now issuing debt free monetary systems.

2) Nothing tops the events this month more than in Egypt. The positive military and the people showing such solidarity which strategically is one of the most important places on the planet and they are now not welcoming any US Cabal influences, weeding  the west out as they continuously attempt to break down this new alliance. Show your support for Egypt and Egyptians in any way shape or form, even if it is merely of light contact with people there. The internet should be used wisely.

3) The NSA and Snowden scandal is a massive pro-event : We all knew that spying was happening on a grand scale but what this exposure has done is huge having highlighted who is spying on whom and just how deep and thorough the spying was. The new distrust between nations now is at an all-time high and even Germany is now licking its wounds as it now sees its gold having been pillaged, coupled with the growing fact  that everyone from the cabal appears to be covertly spying on all aspects of German government and business.

4) Also most beneficial for a rise in the eventometer is the on goings in the Royal households and the Vatican ( not enough so IMHO) as Princess Diana’s blatant Royal Murder appears to be opening previous closed cans of worms and The Vatican appears to be trying to keep one stage ahead of others who wish to see their demise. The announcements and printing of fictitious papers like the Apostolic letters. These appear great on the surface but under closer scrutiny they are what they are : An international criminal rogue empire writings of it’s own law book and has negative impact on the Eventometer. On a positive note Kevin Annett’s newly formed alliance with the Italian Politicians and The ITCCS can be seen as nothing more than collective global recorded shackles for any future activity of this most evil of empires.

5) The other score point is Syria; not for being Rothschild’s Central Banking Free but for it’s quality of people on the ground being awake and aware, however what is remarkable in the eventometer terms from a score point is how well it devalued all major governments just recently, placing in clear view of the confused public, non stop rhetoric and lies from national apparent global romeos UK and US: Obama and Cameron, Hague and Kerry have done more lightwork than any other this month… Nobody could compare the rise in those newly awakened by their blatant stupidity and the ‘go it alone’ global genocide policy. Put plain and simply :


The Syrian Girl explains it best and really puts her country  like Egypt, on the ‘Well Awake and Aware’ map.

6) David Wilcock reported that anonymous was with  the Positive Military as  Cobra and Benjamin Fulford  so often speak of.  This is tremendous news if proven to be correlated and puts many side issues back on the table for debate. This is probably the reason Fulford and Wilcock often mention that the Military are likewise very awake and aware and will not be ( As Cobra makes clear ) carrying out any FEMA camp detentions and the killing/culling of USA citizens which  is so often a favourite in fear mongering in alternative and mainstream media circles.

7) On a cosmic venture and disclosure note, there is nothing major and positive to report except for the rise in Energy descriptive Crop Circles and positive UFO sightings globally. As for all forms of promises from channelers and even the etheric plain clean-up Cobra so often speaks of, has been ruled out for purposes of scoring for the eventometer. Anyhow these aspects are seen as simply incomprehensible to the average Joe: Needless to say, the reports from David Wilcock and Cobra and a few others are of an extremely positive nature to those of you who are on the higher spiritual realm.

8) Finally to Finance : Here, one would be mistaken to read all news in the Alternative media sector to think that the inevitable financial collapse is upon us and “we can all go to bed now, It has happened”. Every headline says the ‘collapse is now’ “The RV is released already” . Sorry it has not changed and has not even dented the eventometer, and gets a “Needs to try harder ” or ” show me some more” rating.

On an upward note : The new financial system is in the making and is happening , albeit covertly, and on the surface it has been stopped, subject to dark stalling tactics and mega corrupt ‘back ‘n’ side door’ interference. I feel lucky that those in charge of the release of these funds (The Chinese White Dragon Society) make decisions on the ‘safe to be sure’ side rather than any knee jerk decisions. We may be very thankful of these cautions taken in the near future.

No surprises if there is much more activity on the Bullion front and the currency markets and a few major Head  Bank Staff being disposed of as more and more, the 195 aligned nations (BRICS) know that The Global Currency Reset button is imminent. Only a fool would plough all their 30 years graft and secrecy back into the pockets of the lurking greedy desperate Cabal.

So for the Eventometer, the impact that August had on the status of the Event-Ometer, as dramatic as it was; will rise by a full 3% to 35% given that other countries have joined the Rothschild rebellion and further irreversible antics concerning the PTW have now exposed them on a grand scale. This is based on notable changes countries have demonstrated in a gutsy shift in financial politics , Russia, Iceland, Hungary and a few others like Ireland and Bulgaria are ready to make the move against financial Rothschild tyranny. Also let us not forget the South American countries who are standing up to the violence and International bullying as in Ecuador and Bolivia. Does anyone wonder why Peru is covered in snow?

The score of 35% would indicate that much more work is required in the waking up of others in this world  and for those that expect everything to happen tomorrow or want to see change over night, just please ask your Self one question:

”Would you feel safe going out in to the streets asking people about The Event and recording their comments”?

This does not mean that everyone has to be awake for the event to take place; far from it , however a small percentage of the population is desirable to make the necessary impact. Unfortunately critical mass stands at a lonesome micro percentage of the overall global populous.

The Oneness University suggests that 1,213,000 are awake on this planet and that Those in the Awakened states stand at 510 Million. This has risen drastically over a 12 month period since my following if it is found out to be in some way accurate : Surely Critical Mass is Near:

Look here :


If you would like to become involved in The Event and want to know what you can do leading up to and including the time of The Event, then please  join in the activities and keep up to date with all that is going on : You never know when you are needed.

Here is Vossa who can help take you through the positive shift in the build-up to The Event.


Written  with the best intent and without prejudice:




3 Stunning New Crop Circles in the UK: Aug 12-13


These symbols are beautiful, but it’s so silly that we have to communicate this way when they could just come down here and talk to us or communicate telepathically—if it weren’t for you-know-who.

Harewell Lane, near Besford, Worcestershire, United Kingdom. Reported August 12. For more aerial photos, see HERE.

West Kennett Longbarrow, near Avebury, Wiltshire, United Kingdom, Reported August 13.  For more aerial photos, see HERE.

Hackpen Hill, near Broad Hinton, Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported August 13.  For more aerial photos, see HERE.

2013 Crop Circle: East Field, Alton Priors, Wiltshire, UK – 2 June

The first of season crop circle in the UK.

Link to more info at The Crop Circle Connector.

I’ve no doubt someone will have a brilliant analysis of this diagram in no time. (even if it’s fake)

Someone said only 20 per cent of crop circles are made by the Galactics. No idea if that’s accurate or not but last year I posted a video showing 2 orbs actually in the process of making the crop circles. Very cool.

I think one of the most impressive ‘crop circles’ was in response to the Arecibo Message broadcast into outer space on November 16th, 1974.  A crop circle later appeared with an almost exact image generated by that binary code—but with some corrections!

Read more about that…

ETs Are Real, Say Pilots, Government Insiders, Whistleblowers: Watch The Disclosure Project — Full Version

It’s ET Week at The Big Picture, and if you are a truth-seeker, you need to watch this documentary. Many of us have watched it at least once.

Disclosure is the next big event Humanity needs to acknowledge. If we don’t accept the truth willingly, it will be thrust upon us before long anyway.

If it weren’t for the extraterrestrials who seeded this planet with US—Humanity—we would no longer be here because the powers that be would have destroyed our civilization long ago.

Much has been done by the federal government to malign, ridicule and discredit those who tried to bring us the truth, but they will be vindicated.

Movies and television series like E.T. and Star Trek were based on fact, not fiction. They were trying to send us a message.

2013 – The Aquarian Shift & Anthropocene Radiation: Part 2 of 2 from Tyberonn

The Aquarian Shift


Anthropocene Radiation

Part 2 of 2   (Read Part 1 Here)

Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn

The Aquarian Radiation Continued

Dr. Semir Osmanagich

…And so the Cosmic Radiation does indeed offer advantages, and indeed responsibilities to those of you on the path. The work of Masters such as Graham Hancock, John Van Auken, David Childress, John Jenkins and Dr Semir Osmanagich and others who have spoken in this gathering will reveal much more. Light is being shined into the shadows of your true origins. Yet these garner criticism. It is duality you see. Old energy versus new. There is always the push back when new concepts that differ from main stream are presented. There is always the rejection from old systems to new, and there is an electromagnetic, a polarity aspect to even this, this you see.

We tell you that what will be uncovered in the Pyramids of Bosnia through Dr Osmanagich will absolutely shift your conceptions of history. All of these have received criticism, yet all provide an essential truth, all are involved in bringing light to shadow.

Pyramids of Bosnia

Others will follow suite, for indeed a new generation of academics is now emerging throughout the divisions of science, physics and archeology that will not only provide keys to the shift, but reveal much of the hidden history of your planet. We tell you that many of the emerging academics and scientist will be the new Lightworkers and Earth-Keepers, whether or not they recognize it as so.

Indeed their work will reveal, piece by piece, step by step the missing evidence that will allow for the requisite merging of science with religion, and the necessary enlightenment as to your true history and origin. The work of one generation will be the basis of the next. In time spirit and science will be integral, in one complete circle. Your seer Edgar Cayce said that mankind will learn more about the nature of God through science than religion. The time is emerging for this to manifest.

As has been presented to you in this Gathering, many of your scientist and researchers are making new discoveries, discoveries which would not have been apparent or occurred prior to 1987. You have just reviewed a series of presentations that offer much valuable information for you to contemplate.

The work of Gregg Braden initially presented the concepts of Solar Radiation and was followed by further research documented by Susan Rennison and others. The work of Dr Luc Montagnier indeed added the element of coherency and theta waves to the equation. So in the Aquarian Radiation much will shift, much will change. Some of these shifts will occur in your lifetime, some will takes centuries , others millennia. But change will occur. We offer you a hint, and that is that 2038 offers a major leap forward…and what you do now is creating it !

The Solar plasma will indeed be the basis of that termed the new Firmament and indeed the transition in greater time to silicon base biology. It is indeed the radiation of the sun that is playing the primary role in all of these shifts, in the expansion into greater tangibility of plasmic life.

The shift is here. What does it mean ?

Dimensional Shift

Higher dimensional life forms are becoming visible. These are new to the earth only in terms of being more ‘tangible’. .. but they have been referenced in some of your religious texts. Ancient scribes have written in several of your sacred ideologies that life occurred in 3 formats: As clay ( Earth biology) , fire (devic electrical) and light (angelic) .

Certain of the orbs, lightning sprites, elves and photonic ‘jellyfish’ phenomena that began quickening in the past years are in fact conscious life forms of other dimensions and construct. Some of these have communicated to you in various means, including crop-circles. Many study groups are beginning to explore these occurrences, but not as life forms. NASA has recorded record numbers of CME’s over the past 2+ decades, these have been noted by geo physist Susan Rennison and Dr Greg Braden as referenced in the presentations in this Gathering. The CME’s  the cause.

Summary of Effect

Effects of the Plasmic Shift:

* Changing ionic ratio which will allow for easier access into coherent theta state

* Allows for easier opening of the pineal

* The tool for creative harmony manifestation

* Catalyst for shifting DNA and Biological Transition to Silicon Crystalline Biology (Quartz is silicon dioxide)

In Correlation with the Crystalline Grid the Plasma Shift:

* Assists in the expansion of the planet into 12 dimensions

* Allows for greater access into multidimensionality ( Photonic & Plasmic Life)

* Key role in requisite earth-changes

* Coherency acceleration

* Key role in formation of the New Firmament

* Enhanced Vibrancy of Powernodes, Vortexial Portal Sites

* Ability of Humanity to co create the New Earth

Dear Ones, we tell you again the Ascension of the Planet did occur, and humanity has made it so. Even if much of humanity does not recognize it in 3D consciousness, the Earth has indeed changed, graduated into a new paradigm. So it is time to let go of old energy, of FEAR. Our message is to tell you of your Divinity, and to tell you as a matter of fact, as a point of truth, that the planet is now in Year ONE of the New Earth.

Taking Action

So what is your responsibility in the shift. It is co creation.

Many of your past societies were unable to confront the duality aspects of violence, and love versus power. This is coming to the forefront today.

The great Poseidon society termed the ‘Law of One’ in Atlantis achieved the greatest level of harmonic on your planet. Yet their seeming inability to face down violence allowed for a dense emergence of duality to ultimately led to the demise of a once great culture. It is a great rubik, and there will indeed be a resolution, but it will take many years. And we note many of you in this audience were part of Poseida, part of the Law of One. And Dear Ones, you carry an unnecessary burden.

We urge you all to release guilt and release pain. We take a moment for this to occur.


Masters, We tell you that at any given time, half the world is in light and half the world is in night; it is a world of polarity. We say to you that far more than half of humanity are in consciousness shadow, yet to awaken to the light of wisdom. We tell you that enlightenment occurs one heart at a time. We tell you that you are living, as the channel has said and we have offered many times : in the University of Earth, the school of duality. All around you is a purposed illusion that is created in mass. The planet has Ascended, and in time each of you will. The critical mass, the majority of humanity will be in harmonics Ascension in some 15 generations. It will occur.

Therefore the light bearers among you must never lose faith, must ever shine brightly, for even a small photon wave makes a transitional illumination. So it is, so it must be with you here today. Your great Mahatma Gandhi stated that you must become the change you strive to make. And we tell you desire for change is an essential part of the equation. the other part is taking action to manifest change.

Change Will Come

Now, there are some that will say that the prominent nations of what you term the 1st world, the financially dominant and powerful, are more like corporations than countries. Corporations based on profits whose residents are treated more as employees than citizens. In truth it is far more complex than any one country, race or conglomerate.

There are some that would say that the overall masses of humanity are controlled and manipulated by media, intoxicated by quantity and enslaved by debt. We tell you the time is nearing in which people will awaken to the knowledge that it is not their encumbering debt that ties them to their beliefs, rather their beliefs that shackle them to the burden of debt and the sense of lack. Some may say that sovereignty of the individual has been lost. Yet a light still shines, and it is growing brighter. A new generation across the planet are coming into power, and they will quicken the change. That generation is YOU !

The global economic system will change, but it will not free-fall & crash irreparably in planetary chaos. To do so in utter chaos would not serve what is to come. Rather it will be brought into change, conscious change, and positive elements will come forward to enable a better way. What has happened can have purpose, and lead to change.

Indeed change is the nature of reality, and change will come . It will come in highest good when you create it as so.

The New Earth, the New Humans cannot and will not create their better future by simply discarding their past. The change will come by learning from the past and adjusting in the present, one step at a time. The new humans in the generations that are coming into power in the next 15 generations will choose a new pattern and shift will occur.

Ionics as the Tool

As we have noted, as you have seen in the presentations, science is recording changes that help in Mastering duality. It is the ionic radiation. Your scientist document this, via NASA, via Gregg Braden, via Susan Rennison and others.

What we tell you, what we assert is that the astonishing ionic influx is symbiotic with the dimensional shift, and works in synergy with the Crystalline Grid. The new ionic resonance will allow you to more easily open the pineal. It will more easily allow you to operate in the Theta resonance. And we tell you that co creation occurs not in the conscious alert state of Beta , rather in the deeper state of Theta. As a society, you have in recent times focused almost entirely on Beta Frequency consciousness, and in the new energy of the New Earth, tools are given that will absolutely allow you to more easily access Theta.

The very music of the musicians in this conference is an entrainment tool for achieving theta creative states. Their work is channeled, it is inspired for this time. (Ref: Kai Mitchim & Ron Crose). The work with Phi Crystals is indeed a tool for theta coherent amplification of high vibratory thought.

Keys to manifestation are in theta state. You do not as an individual, as a nation or planet need to feel helpless or powerless to make change.

Dear Ones the world will say nothing has changed from December 21, 2012. That nothing is new in 2013. If you are hearing these words in hopes that the final phrases of this discussion will weave a conclusion to your liking, you will not be disappointed.

But we tell you while the template of expansion occurs in 2012, the mass enlightenment of mankind will not follow for several centuries; 2012 simply gives you more tools to work with. We of the Angelic realm are not here to solve your problems, or to criticize, rather to encourage you on your path to solution.

And although mankind will not reach a critical mass of enlightenment on the EarthPlane for several more centuries, it is important to remain present and positive, because it will occur, one day at a time, one heart at a time.

Coherency & Highest Good

Begin, Dear Human now, in meditating and focusing on highest good. Do not doubt that all reality is created by coherent belief projection. As Graham Hancock and the channel has presented to you in this gathering, explore your consciousness, seek your sovereignty and work to be better humans, and project that energy. It is the key. You cannot end hate through hate, rather by desiring and believing in the creativity of love. Standing in Truth is part of it, looking the other way is not. You consciously change the environ by consciously desiring highest good.

Energy for enhancement is in place.

But we tell you while the template of expansion occurs in 2012, the mass enlightenment of mankind will not follow for several centuries. The Ascension of the planet in 2012 simply gives you more tools to work with. We of the Angelic realm are not here to solve your problems, rather to encourage you on your path to solution. It is indeed your chosen role to resolve the conflicts in the University of Duality, in the plane of Earth.

There is a way to become Spiritual Carriers of Light, without passionately engaging in conflict. It is through theta creation. And although mankind will not reach a critical mass of enlightenment on the EarthPlane for several more centuries, it is important to remain present and positive, because it will occur, one day at a time, one heart at a time. We urge you to project joy, to project love, and stand in truth. Stand in Light. Gather in groups, take time for solitude, and engage group meditations toward highest good. Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you encompass Mastery, and indeed it is a journey. In duality you will fall, the point is to learn from mistakes, and take remedial action. The cause and effect doctor, as we have said, makes house calls. Cause and effect operates both individually and in group consciousness fields. Likewise, individually and en mass, the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person’s truth, you encompass integrity. Can one truly seek to disarm another while adding to their own arsenal? Does this  truth then apply to individuals and nations as well?


How your society manages the issues at hand can be proactively influenced by Group Focal Meditation. As the channel presented the Rand group has made confirmations of how 7,000 people in coherent theta meditation were able to project an energy that reduced violence for a period of time. Dear Ones, Can you imagine what can occur when that group is 144 thousand or 144 million !

Take a moment to contemplate this!

Do not give up, do not be discouraged, and do not think you cannot make a difference. You do!

Spirit speaks of LOVE. Spirit does not attack. Every current religion on your Earth has its truths and distortions. Discernment is the key. It is requisite of you to decide what is true , what serves you and what does not. Base this discernment on your thought your heart and NOT FEAR. No true sacred expression limits its truth, its beauty, to one grouping. Dear Ones, We encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, practice discernment with this and any such ‘channeled’ messages.

And so in closing, we congratulate you on this day, and this Gathering…, and indeed for the co-creation of the Planetary Ascension. You have created this, and we honor you. I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

…And so it is…

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