After What This AZ Sheriff Just Said, the Federal Government Better Not Mess with Him [video]

That’s my Paul! Babeu has already taken a strong stance on gun control (sent Obama a letter saying he was supporting his Oath to the People to uphold the Constitution) and now he is butting heads again with the Federal Government over the Immigration fiasco as it affects us here in Pinal County.

Based on the above, I am hoping he will support The People’s Common Law Grand Jury team in removing corrupt law enforcement officials from the statutory justice system in Pinal County.

Sycamore Canyon/Mount Lemon are on the outskirts of Tucson, AZ.

Visit the source link to watch the video; the dialogue is below. Looks like the feds are screwing with the sheriffs to make a bad situation even worse. ~ BP

June 17th, 2014

Hundreds of people gathered at a remote desert location in Oracle, Arizona, early Tuesday to both protest and support the delivery of 40 to 60 illegal immigrant children to Sycamore Canyon Academy in the Catalina Mountains.  A press release had been circulated over the weekend that stated that the Department of Homeland Security would be off-loading unaccompanied minors in Pinal County.  Yet as the day wore on, it became apparent that the buses were not coming.

The Sheriff spoke with reporters at the intersection of Mt. Lemon and Webb Road near the boys’ ranch.

“These unaccompanied juveniles should be put on planes and returned to their country of origin and reunited with their families,” Babeu said.

When asked if he has been working with DHS, Sheriff Babeu said that he had been attempting to reach Jeh Johnson and other top officials by fax, email, and phone.

“There’s a lot of confusion,” Babeu continued. “Even here in Arizona.”

Babeu was told on Tuesday that the unaccompanied immigrants were not coming to the ranch.

“Who’s running this operation?” he asked rhetorically.  “This is where I am not only upset, I’m insulted by the lack of cooperation by the Federal Government.”



Michael Jackson’s Cosmic Vision: “Can You Feel It?” [music video]

Turret Arch through North Window

‘Turret Arch Through North Window’ Photo Credit:

Someone shared this music video on Facebook and I’ve never seen it before. I thought it was new but shared old footage of the Jackson Five. Guess I’M new! I believe I was meant to see it today.

This particular video gave me goosebumps. It has a really cosmic feel to the imagery and effects—way before its time.

The opening images are the sacred lands of Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, and they made me want to live in Arizona for decades before I ever did.

We always took turns choosing our next vacation destination and when it was my turn, my husband didn’t have to ask. I always chose Arizona.

The tug of this stunning landscape was powerful indeed, and I’m grateful to traipse around these gorgeous red mesas, chimneys and canyons.

The photo above is part of my hubby’s collection. I recall that particular day when we dodged the raindrops and peered through North Window at Arches National Park in Utah. There’s an energy in these lands that’s palpable.

I believe the energy and magic of Michael Jackson’s vision live in this production. Can you feel it?  ~ BP

Marine tells Feds, “you work for us, we do not work for you” [video] and the Plot Around Immigrant Children Explained

Some interesting info regarding what the shadow government has been up to, and the waves of young immigrants entering the United States in droves… among other things.

As I mulled over the reports of the children/youths being flown and bused into border states, and having been told by Fox that the parents of these children paid thousands of dollars to send their children to America… I don’t believe that is the case.

What I thought was that the parents of these children would more likely have been fed a line and were PAID to send their children here, but this post suggests the poor souls were kidnapped, and that, I feel, is more likely the true situation.

Parents whose children are full of lice and scabies don’t have thousands of dollars to pay to ship them to the USA. 

The cabal, as we know, is well versed in kidnapping children.  Please let the treachery end NOW.  ~ BP


From the Nesara News Network

Marine speaks up and tells Feds, “you work for us, we do not work for you”: Lawrenceville, VA Public Hearing 6/19/14 clip

Vatic Note: I put this up on the 4th of July, to remind everyone about Liberty and freedom and the price we must be willing to pay to retain it. These foreign occupiers of our nation have no clue what we care about and are desperate because they are so far behind in their goal of globalizing the planet.  Now, they have bogused up another event to hide their real agenda which is to begin putting Americans in FEMA camps and either chip us or kill us off, those will be our choices.

Remember the Georgia Guidestones put up by the Luciferian society…… depopulation down to half a billion world wide.  Every soul on this planet needs to war against these khazar satanic zionist  bankers and their co-conspirators. And here is how his handlers planned to do it.

Obama Admins Plan To House Immigrants In Small Town in VA, Quickly Blows Up In his Face.   This is where we should be calling on the Militia, since the Federal government is completely and irretrievably out of control.  IT WAS THE DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY THAT KIDNAPPED THESE CHILDREN IN MEXICO AND DUMPED THEM AT VARIOUS COMMUNITIES AROUND THE COUNTRY.  That is the biggest criminal organization in our country right now as we speak.

In AZ, the vehicles that dumped these kids in Arizona with no system set up to care for them and get them back to their families, was done by “homeland security|3″>HOMELAND SECURITY AND WE ALL KNOW THAT AGENCY IS RUN BY SPLC AND THE ADL.   What in the hell are these traitors doing on our soil and running our agencies?   They need to go back to where they came from.

What I am speculating is the DHS is planning on setting up FEMA camps for these kids, but then will use them to haul off anyone of us who is an American and refuses to give up their guns.   So watch out for that.   That is the only reason for what they have done with these kids.



Marine speaks up and tells Feds, “you work for us, we do not work for you”: Lawrenceville, VA Public Hearing 6/19/14 clip   (3 min. 50 sec.)

by Kerry Picket, published June 20, 2014


Border Situation and Bumper Crop of Immigrants: The Other Side of the Coin

Californians Say No!

Californians say No!

Thanks for the heads up, Drake.

Sounds like the feds may have a bigger problem on their hands than they bargained for. The People are not about to stand by and watch the government flood the southern border states with immigrants. 

There was a demonstration in California the other day and they forced the buses full of immigrants to turn around and leave their town.

Who comes up with this crap? Is this another strategy to drain the resources of the USA to put such a burden on the system that Americans just can’t survive here any more? 

Greater and greater numbers of Americans are leaving to live on Caribbean islands and in Central and South America. Hell of an idea.

Who would ever have imagined that the richest, most desired nation in the world would be brought to its knees? Now it’s one of the least desirable and most hated nations in the world.  Such a shame. 

Was this strategy outlined in the Illuminati playbook at any point? I don’t recall seeing it.  Things are just totally absurd now.  ~ BP

Costa Rica

Oath Keepers Update On Border Situation July 01 2014

Seventeen Oath Keepers in leadership positions at State and National levels met Sunday evening, June 29, 2014, on a conference call to conduct our second conference on the issue of the Texas border situation. It soon became apparent to me that this conference was more like a veritable “think tank” than a conference. I was pleased to see the volume of info being shared by our leaders from California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Brief examples: From Oregon, Tom McKirgen furnished info on destination points for the illegal alien youths who are being, with little fanfare in the press, dispersed across America. Gerald Rhoades and Kait Hylton of Arizona furnished insights into southern Arizona’s border Counties. Others revealed the movement of plane-loads of youths to San Diego and several other States. We were given names of installations and military bases to which the illegal immigrants are being flown or driven.

Of special import was the tonnage of info provided by Lyle Rapacki of Sentinel Intelligence Services, LLC, in Phoenix, Arizona. I enjoyed meeting Lyle when he supported the Oath Keepers march/muster at Quartzsite, Arizona, back in 2011. He provided security for the two State legislators who marched with us there. A strong Oath Keeper, Lyle has great sources in unusual places and sends advisory updates to keep Oath Keepers national apprised of nefarious goings-on by Govlish-tainted public servants who’ve forgotten for whom they work.

What we are learning is that this massive importation of children and youths is not a “Freak of Accident”, did not just “happen spontaneously”, but is a well-planned move by the Federal government (and the UN too? – possibly!) in conjunction with State governments and the US military. Implications are being ratcheted up as we dig deeper into this situation. This is growing bigger and bigger as we learn more day by day. It is also growing in import, because it is becoming apparent that the government has planned this – and if that can be proven we’ll have quite a mess throughout the Federal government, starting with the White House.

The U.S. government was advertising for employee hirees to handle the influx of children as far back in time as January of 2014. Read about it:

What does that mean? Among other things, it means that, if true, the U.S. government planned this well in advance. As we seek absolute verification on various facets of the situation, we advise our members to consider the implications thus carried by the knowledge.  If – and I do say, at this point in time, “IF” – this is verified, which we think it will be, we will be faced with something very diabolical on the part of the Fedgov. We will keep our membership posted on developing proof as info is relayed to us.

Further notes: We are beginning to formulate ideas for what each of our members can do in their own communities or spheres. Oath Keepers has on the discussion table this basic plan:

We believe that right now is the time to call for publicity campaigns in the border States. We want our members to ratchet up the pressure on the respective Governors to take responsibility for their States. We do not expect a single Governor to do the right thing. But we think we must first send requests to their offices, asking firmly that Governors step up and honor their Oaths.  We are considering a letter-writing campaign, a phone blitz, and an email barrage, either executed step by step or all at once, as we shall decide, as a beginning policy for the program. The hierarchy of our targets will be like this:



County Commissions

Town/city Mayors and Councils

Veterans organizations such as VVA, American Legion, VFW etc.

We may ask our membership to arrange to send letters to County Sheriffs along the border, requesting them to step up and do the right thing in their respective Counties. We do not think the Sheriffs will take appropriate action unless a groundswell of public pressure is mounted by constituents – same as with the Governors.

As well as seeking relief from the Governor and the County Sheriffs, we will ask our members to also put pressure on local Mayors and County Commissions and City Councils. Additionally, we intend to target the VFW clubs, the American Legion Posts, the VVA chapters, and other civic and/or Veterans groups to step up and bring pressure to all the above.

Here is a lengthy example of the spirit of resistance we intend to engender across America through Oath Keepers local and State chapters. This was sent to me by John Oetken of Orange County Oath Keepers in California:

Read more at the web site…

Also see this article…

Arizona Collecting Signatures to Add the “Right to Know About GMOs” to the November Ballot

A reader asked for information about the collection of signatures so they could also pass this on and contribute to the initiative.

If you live in Arizona and would like to volunteer, you can visit the web site:

On this site it says they have 20,000 signatures. We need 175,000. Deadline for submitting signatures is JUNE 25, so please take action immediately if you’re serious about contributing.

Also visit the MeetUp page for details. (see below) If you are not a member of already, you will need to create an account to be able to access the page for Right to Know Arizona.

There are specific instructions for adding signatures and the way information is included on the signature sheets, so please take note so signatures aren’t disregarded.

Go to this site below for the forms to sign. They would need to attach the initiative itself to the signature sheet, sign it and send it to someone.

SIGNERS NEED TO BE REGISTERED VOTERS IN ARIZONA, and must use their registered voter address.

RightToKnowAZ-Logo2B  and

Remember to use a separate sheet for each county, and write the county in which they are registered in the top right corner of the signature sheet.
Go Arizona!  Let’s show California and Washington State how it’s done!   ~ BP




Third US Military Jet in 3 Weeks Crashes While Pilot Bails Safely; Coincidence? [videos]


This piece from RT (thanks, Patrick!) reports an  FA18 Super Hornet crashed off the coast of California late on June 4th, following the Harrier that crashed in the Imperial Valley the same afternoon, and I recall that on May 9th of this year, an AV-8B Harrier also crashed just south of Phoenix, AZ on native land—that plane ALSO out of Yuma, and again… the pilot ejected and was retrieved safely.

Harriers are the craft that can land and take off vertically, like a helicopter, so they’re ideal for aircraft carriers.

I doubt if these crashes are coincidence.  What do YOU think? 

Was it sabotage? Or something else?  

Maybe the military industrial complex has such exciting electro-gravitic technology these Harriers are just old news; a tired, old liability— but they threw in a Hornet to throw us off the scent. Could they collect insurance money? The cabal is so broke I wouldn’t put it past them—not after offing so many bankers for insurance money—if that tale can be believed.

Three families in the Imperial Valley escaped injury from the Harrier crash under interesting circumstances, so perhaps there are otherworldly forces at play here. 

Regardless, I can’t WAIT to hear how they explain this—and watch for more plane crashes because the cabal doesn’t know when to quit.  ~ BP

F/A-18E Super Hornet jet (image by US Army)

F/A-18E Super Hornet


Second US military jet in 24 hours crashes off California coast

A US Navy Super Hornet jet fighter crashed in the Pacific Ocean off the southern coast of California late Wednesday night, the US Navy said. This is the second crash of a US marine jet in the area in 24 hours.

The Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet jet “impacted the water” as it approached the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) at about 10pm local time (6am GMT) Wednesday.

“The pilot ejected from the aircraft, was recovered safely and is currently aboard Carl Vinson in stable condition,” the Navy said in a statement.

The jet was part of the Strike Fighter Squadron (VFA) 81 based at Naval Air Station (NAS) Oceana in Virginia. The jet has not been recovered from the crash.

An investigation has been launched into the crash’s causes, while all operations have been halted aboard the USS Carl Vinson.

The remaining airborne aircraft operating in the area were diverted to NAS North Island in Coronado, California, and landed at about 11 pm local time (7 am GMT).

The Carl Vinson and Carrier Air Wing 17 have been conducting a Joint Task Force Exercise “to test a strike group’s ability to operate in hostile and complex environments with other US and coalition forces,” the official statement of the Navy said. The exercise was carried out ahead of the group’s upcoming deployment.

This incident is the second military jet to crash in the region of South California in 24 hours. Earlier on Wednesday the Third Marine Aircraft Wing AV-8B Harrier crashed into a residential area in Imperial Valley, Southern California. At least two houses caught fire.

There were no reports of injuries on the ground. The pilot successfully ejected from the aircraft and was not hurt. The jet was stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona, officials said. The causes are being investigated.



Sheriff Mack Calls Out Glenn Beck over the Bundy Standoff [video] & Arizona Reps Go to Nevada

Thanks to Ben Swann for bringing this to our attention.

I’m clapping, can you hear? Oh, if we only had a handful of sheriffs like Mack in every state… America would be a very different place.

I hope people who are trying to understand the situation (or believe they already do) will listen to this. It doesn’t get any clearer.

Harry Reid is doing his best to obfuscate the issues and point the blame—and the guns—directly at Bundy, while Bundy and his family are heroes and setting an example for ALL Americans.

If The People don’t stand up for their rights, they are acquiescing to the will of the corrupt federal government and will be powerless. If you don’t say ‘NO!’, you’re saying ‘Yes’.

That’s what all this is about; steamrolling the constitutional rights of Americans and hoping The People will continue to ignore the situation and go about their business while their country and their constitution are destroyed—right under their noses. 

Everyone—including militias and constitutional sheriffs—within a thousand mile radius should be on that ranch and standing with Bundy. Then we would see how insistent the feds and their hired guns are.  That is what it has come to.

Are Americans going to continue to roll over and play dead, or fight for what is theirs?  If this is handled well, the feds will just have to leave—never to return.  And maybe someone will arrest Harry Reid and his son.  ~ BP


Aha! Look what I just found. Take a look at the notice on the CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) web site today.  ~ BP

Sheriff Mack travels with other CSPOA members to stand with Nevada rancher against the BLM

Many of you have called or emailed regarding the storm brewing between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the BLM.  We all know how we feel about the all-too-frequent bullying of individual citizens by various Feds with their usurped, unconstitutional powers.  It’s an epidemic that must be stopped.Well, we want you to know we ARE doing something about it, and thankfully this time we’re not alone.  Sheriff Mack is leaving early Saturday morning for an emergency trip to Bunkerville, Nevada, along with other members of the CSPOA posse (hopefully that’s some of you!) to stand vigil and find a peaceful resolution to this conflict (i.e., the feds going home).

AND this late-breaking news as per Lyle Rapacki today:

State Senate President Andy Biggs and House of Reps Speaker Dave Livingston have both agreed that Arizona should be involved in supporting CSPOA and Oath Keepers in going to Bunkerville, NV to support the movement for freedom there with the Cliven Bundy family. State Senators Al Melvin, Chester Crandall, and Kelly Ward along with State Reps Brenda Barton, Bob Thorpe, Kelly Townsend and Warren Peterson are all planning to be at the Bundy ranch by Sunday morning. Furthermore, they all plan to attend the Press Conference Monday afternoon with the CSPOA and Oath Keepers along with the Bundys and other sheriffs and public officials from across the country.


We hope you understand how HUGE this is, that state senators and reps are supporting the CSPOA and the Oath Keepers!  We are not alone!

We want to see YOU at this event.  The more support we show in numbers, the more seriously they will take us.  If you are not able to attend, please consider donating to a special fund we have set up for this cause.  We have dozens, possibly hundreds to help pay for and feed. For those of you who can’t make it and would like to help CSPOA and Oath Keepers pay for this huge undertaking, please contribute whatever you can.




Populace of Las Vegas Sprayed with Chemicals via Aircraft at Night in Gov’t Test

Proof: Populace of Las Vegas sprayed with chemicals via aircraft at night in recent government test

As an aside, in the article referenced by the link ‘entomological warfare’, they mention Mark Dice. I have noticed that Dice uses a tactic to gain readership that involves mocking the truthers to such an extreme degree that he incites anger, which further drives people to his web site where he no doubt stands to profit from more traffic and perhaps advertising dollars. I have purposely avoided mentioning his name before to avoid assisting him. Dice is no stranger to the Illuminati’s tactics and the reality of our world because he was on Jesse Ventura’s program about  Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBs). He apparently likes to rant and insult people. Enough said.  ~ BP

Astonishingly, we now see proof that the people of America are being sprayed like cockroaches at night

By Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — On the night of March 4, going into the morning of Wednesday, March 5, 2014, the city was bombarded by chemtrails released from militarized aircraft conducting geoengineering applications and possibly even entomological warfare on the citizens of Nevada. This was pointed out by YouTuber “Dutchsinse” who located signs of scalar resonance and cloud seeding.

In the video’s description dutchsinse wrote what he saw in the radar imagery:

“Multiple aircraft leaving man-made clouds which were then imaged, and pulsed by the National Weather Service via their NEXRAD RADAR stations, seen for multiple hours via multiple stations across Nevada, Utah, and Arizona.”

“Look at that aerosol distribution going right out over Vegas”, Dutchsinse went on to point out in the video.

Interestingly, Dutchsinse also points out in his video how the public’s version is edited without the chemtrails in view, demonstrating the diabolic nature of the National Weather Service itself as they strive to cover up such experiments.



Taliban Setting Wildfires in Southwestern USA

This is an interesting update from the Phoenix, Arizona Militia via email today.

I posted several months ago after the Yarnell fire that took so many lives from an elite firefighting unit out of Prescott; concerning fires being deliberately set by government operatives to destroy property.  ~ BP

The government just issued another warning in Northern AZ, that the Taliban is suspected of setting wildfires in the western USA. This latest bulletin from Northern AZ is a series of warnings from the government including the FBI that this is happening and is “out of control.” The bulletin includes data that 30,000 arson fires were set in 2013

Militia note:
Terrorist are getting better at this and evidence of arson is harder to find. The forest service keeps track of all fires on average 18k fires are natural each year it’s suspicious to see that number double in a single year. California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada seem to be getting the brunt of the spikes in suspicious fires.

General Shawn Dutton, Phoenix Militia

Rant Alert!

I have already blown a gasket and sent a 2-page letter to Apple corporate, but am still seething…

On Saturday my dearly beloved (who came close to being my dearly departed) downloaded iOS7 on my iPad without consulting me.

Now I’m stuck with their $#*&)(*$  new operating system and can’t do a damn thing about it.

Sure, I got their clever little notice a few months ago that iOS7 was ready to download, but I’m not a sheep and I wanted to do some research before I changed what was already working fine for me.

Besides, I’ve just got comfortable with iOS6 and still have a lot to learn.

I saw a LOT of negative feedback from Apple users online regarding the iPhone, iPad, and other devices that were upgraded (I consider it a downgrade)  and decided NOT to change until I’m forced to.

Sure, they say you can turn off the NSA GPS tracking, but do you believe that? I don’t. Just because you flip a switch doesn’t mean they will honour the request. I don’t trust the NSA OR Apple.

May I go on?

As if it wasn’t difficult enough to read the small print with aging eyes, now they’ve changed the browser tabs in Safari to “grey on grey” which is even harder to read, and that friggin’ little X you use to close the tab—the one that half the time I missed and got the keyboard popping up? Now it’s so small I can hardly see it.

The icons on the desktop are gaudy colours and look like someone in kindergarten designed them.  They make the iPad look like a toy—a very expensive toy.

And in Gmail, the message subject is black, but the preview is grey. Grey on white! Have they lost their ever lovin’ minds?

This is what I have discovered in just the last day or so in the few hours I was using the iPad. No doubt there are other equally infuriating things, like when I try to read outside in the bright Arizona light.

Worst of all, my mother—two thousand miles away—is on iOS6 and just got comfortable with email and browsing, and now it’s going to be even more frustrating trying to help her by phone because my iPad is no longer the same as hers. I doubt very much if she wants to switch now.

What really gets my goat, though, is the fact that you cannot revert to iOS6. The only way I might have been able to do that was if I had synced my iTunes, but I’ve never plugged the iPad into my PC because I don’t use the iPad for music. So I’m stuck. And I’m pissed. And I’m not alone.

Here’s a web site I found when looking for a work-around to restore my previous version. Check out all the happy customers’ comments at the bottom. I tried to download a signed iOS6 file but there isn’t one for my iPad with the coveted green checkmark next to it.

If Apple knows what’s good for them they will stop telling their customers what they can and can’t do and try harder to make them happy.

Now that COBRA’s financial reset/Event issues have come up, I fully understand my meltdown is nothing in comparison to the huge things at stake now, but I feel better having vented AGAIN. Thank you for listening.

Rather than sell my iPad, I will put it to good use. Our bedroom windows are not working well and it will come in very handy.

Facebook photo: Mac now supports windows.