You Are the Enemy

Outstanding piece by Preston James at Veterans Today.  ~ BP

There is now a New American War.  It is inside America. It is called the “War on Terror”. The enemy is YOU!

It is a staged, Phony War that has been created by the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

This New War on Terror has an enemy. That enemy is the American People, You and Me.

Every Military Force needs an enemy. Without an ongoing or perpetual war, the War profiteers quickly go bankrupt.

In order to keep their profit stream going from war, war-profiteers need to create successive new wars or a significant threat of impending war.

Creating pretexts for these much needed wars is very hard work and quite expensive too. But war is a business, a very big business, and war-profiteers need to invest big money to make even more in return.

Members of Congress must be bought, and top Generals and Admirals of the Military High Command too.

This costs a great deal of hard cold cash, but that’s okay because the IZCS gets all it needs from fat US foreign aid to Israel, fat contracts with Israeli Defense providers, and fat donations from those wealthy zionist businessmen that the IZCS manipulates, guilts or shakes down.

At this point, a select group of 70,000 K-Street Lobbyists go to work distributing funds to get elected officials on Board. The several select Generals and Admirals are handled more covertly.

If this is not enough revenue to pay off the necessary officials, the IZCS gets the rest directly from its private Central Banksters who can create all the money they want digitally, anytime they want, and give it to tribal brothers or anyone else, anytime they want.

Of course the key thing here is a significant portion of these fat revenues are kicked back to the corrupt, bought and owned members of Congress who voted for them, and to select top Generals and Admirals of the High Military Command who support the IZCS intended proxy wars by America on their behalf.

Under President Obama’s Administration, for whatever reasons, the High Military Command has not been willing to take payoffs and favors and has not been blackmail-able by the IZCS.

[Note: this is a long article and one option is to read the caps first and then any areas you are interested in if you have time]

Here is the new game in the so-called American Defense Industry.  It is a stateside game and it involves magically transforming any and all innocent, Constitutional, law-abiding citizens into Domestic Dissenters,  “Domestic Terrorists” or “Potential Domestic Terrorists.  Either of these categories is considered “reasonable suspicion” enough to place then on numerous “watch lists” and to stalk or gang-stalk these folks Cointelpro-style.

This process of transforming honest law abiding Citizens into “Enemies of the State” is based on categorizing or re-labeling these folks as deviant criminals or “soon-to-be criminals”.  This is an occult, “alchemical” and symbolic processing of the American people (aka “we the people”) into a defined domestic enemy that the USG, DHS, and the Alphabets feel justified in targeting, spying on and waging war against on many fronts–phone and email tapping, massive spying and infiltration of all domestic groupings, even neighborhood coffee parties or local church charities–you name it, everything.

This new redefinition of normal law-abiding Americans into “Enemies of the State” and its internal security apparatus as a threat to national security IS a magical conversion or transformation of the normal American Society, mainstream law abiding America, into a huge domestic national security market. This is all an horrendous BIG LIE.

Actually the real situation is just the opposite–it is the USG and specifically the Fusion Centers and the Department of Homeland Security run by perverts and enemies of “we the people” that are the real risk to the true and actual National Security of America the Republic and to all honest, law abiding, Constitutional Americans. And the USG and DHS and Fusion Center officials are nothing less than world class criminals committing both High Treason and Sedition against America the Republic. The USG has been hijacked and is being run by those who have turned everything upside down.

This redefinition of course involves placing cameras and microphones on almost every street corner in the light-poles and pulsed beam psychotronic generators in many street lamps, turned on full power during rush hour to sedate and subdue the populace in order to keep the masses in line.

Some say that the new Chairman of the JCS, General Martin Dempsey, is a breath of fresh air, a real American Patriot who honors his Oath to defend the US Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.

So far, General Dempsey has resisted major efforts to coerce him to support and engage in any new major American Mideast Air and Ground invasion (that is, he has been resisting AIPAC based pressure to engage in another American proxy war for Israel).

And many believe that our new Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is another America-firster who takes his oath to defend the US Constitution seriously also.
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Hard-hitting Interview with Karen Hudes: The Bankster Scene [video]

This video crossed my path several times in the past week and I see why. You’re awesome, Karen!

I’ve listened to a number of interviews in the past and they’re always great, but this one ventures into some new territory and she fearlessly names names and goes to the top of the Illuminati. (At least NEAR the top). Nothing is taboo with Karen.

It’s a little different than the usual discussions and only 17 minutes long. I think you’ll want to listen.

I think it’s a great snapshot of the current situation on Planet Earth and left me feeling that we are MUCH closer to the victory of the light when the coverup is now part of such an open conversation.  It no longer has that “alternative news” aroma for me when it’s shared so matter-of-factly and key names are bandied about. May it soon be common knowledge.  ~ BP

The Most Important Documentary on America Ever; Destroying America from Within [video]

There is nothing that is taking place in America today that can’t be understood by examining the 100-year history of the efforts to destroy America from within.

This is a documentary that takes an in-depth look at the root of our decline in America. Socialism with the ultimate goal of global communism. This documentary also lays out names and dates and groups that have an active and growing agenda to bring America down, from Karl Marx to the Fabian Socialists to the Weather Underground to President Barack Obama.

Video The Most Important Documentary On America Ever, Destroying America From Within

It also chronicles the methods they have used to implement their agenda, the source of those methods and how they are playing out in our society today.

This movie takes a look at all of the typical leftist/liberal/progressive pet causes and explains how they came to be and how they tie into the socialist/communist agenda.

THE ILLUMINATI intended to enslaved the human race. It was Karl Marx himself, unquestionably the father of modern Communism, who said: “My object in life is to dethrone God and destroy capitalism.” — Karl Marx

Why is Dethroning God and Capitalism so important to the Left and socialist/communist leaders?

Let’s take a look.



America: Oh say, can you see?

You may want to pass this article on to those who still think America is just having a few problems. This might help them realize it’s much more than they know.

When you put it all together in one place, it spells TYRANNY, and doing nothing is the recipe for enslavement.

If people knew how many of their rights they had already willingly given up by not paying attention—by remaining silent—what would they do? 

Is it just conspiracy theory? Is it really? How much evidence do we need?

‘Land of the Free’? Seriously? Reality is much different.  What we are seeing is completely different from what “they” are TELLING us we are seeing. 

“Oh say, can you see?”  ~ BP


It Comes Down to This

Understanding ~ Confusion

Whoever you are: A professional, unemployed, casual laborer or just a person, male or female, young or old none of that matters. You don’t need to be an expert, a commentator, a reporter or political analyst. You don’t need a formal education, all you need are eyes that see and ears that can hear along with a general sense about when you’re being threatened about anything. You don’t need to be a genius to understand what’s happening to you, to your life, or to your country. All you really need is a pulse, a heart and a mind that knows when you are in danger and enough intuition to sense when there are real problems in your future.

For Instance

Civil rights are Gone

Freedom is now Slavery & the Constitution is Dead!

All Political Parties are the same ­ the Party in POWER

Human Rights are a joke.

Self Defense has been Outlawed

Private Thoughts’ are a crime against the state

Thought-Crimes are now a reality

Having a personal opinion is against the New World Order

Anything you might want to do requires government permission

Food, water and even the air is polluted and controlled

Books, newspapers, videos and films,
Have to be approved before you indulge yourself

 There are taxes now on everything,
Including your right to live or work here inside the Gulags

Soon sunlight will probably be taxed along with air.

The state must be consulted about everything
you want to say or do or think

You cannot make decisions for yourself without permission


You can now go to prison for life
without the possibility of parole, for a $10 lid of grass

You cannot be “cared-for” without Insurance;

By law you must buy insurance, even if you don’t want it.

The rainforests are gone
Even though we only managed to study about 10%
of what they contained that could’ve helped humanity
Before we burned them to the ground.

The air is polluted beyond our ability to survive
And nothing is done to change that.

In America the trees have massive disease infestations
The trees are dying, the land is dying
And the Water is now being contaminated by nuclear radiation
That no one is even trying to stop.

The oceans of the world
have been savagely murdered by BP and the nuclear industry

Global-corruption of the air water and land continues
year round. Yet those who do that refuse to
pay for the damages they routinely do, each and every year.

Those that steal whole nations are never charged
with any crimes, much less for


None of those criminals ever go to jail!

Israeli-trained mercenaries wearing police uniforms
routinely murder about 5,000 people a year.

Nothing is done – they don’t even get fired for murder.
No evidence is needed to kill anyone

No investigations of
Police excessive force or violence is ever investigated

That’s just some of the high-points that never seem to go away—in fact they get worse each and every week. How much have you noticed in your world? Make your own list and ask your friends, if you still have any, what has changed in their lives ­ go ahead!

Ask them this question: Are you better off today than you were in 1999? Can you “trust” anyone in government or inside officialdom anywhere? Ask yourself: When’s the last time that this government ever told the truth about anything they said to the public?

Did you know that it’s a crime to display religious symbolism, unless you’re a Jew? Christmas is against the law, because it offends too many other people. The Christmas Tree on the White House lawn will be replaced this year with a huge Jewish Menorah ­ and congress is all for that one.

No medicine, No law, No Department of Justice, and now we’re all about to be arrested for any one of dozens of things that were all not just legal ­ like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the right to protest against the government, whenever we disagree with their polices—especially during a time of war?

In fact anyone would be hard-pressed to find anything that has been done since 2001 to be legal, publicly acceptable, or just something that people might want to do because they feel-like-it?

SAFETY is the only thing that counts now; even though when it’s carried to that extreme there can be no life that’s still allowed to exist!

Ironically the promised SECURITY has never been such a sham, since that became the only national-concern that anyone in power now cares anything about.

Do people today really believe that in this place with all of our hundreds of thousands of laws—99% of which are illegal—are we really better-off because of those massively-illegal spy-networks which government says are now REQUIRED?

Where have all the jobs gone? Where are the jobs we used to have? Why do we no longer bother enforcing the immigration laws for millions of illegals? Why is the government so anxious to give away the nation to illegals?

What exactly is the “benefit” in being an American?

Our infrastructure is a disaster. Our cities look like the third world and they feel like the fourth world: In many cases even below that of a Banana-Republic ­ yet no one seems to notice. Our Colleges keep on churning out degrees, that most people have to borrow money to get – yet there are no jobs to get when you finally graduate. The functional-illiteracy rate among high school graduates is 35% for a nation that bragged about our graduates, not so very long ago.

Given all of this why has this nation not even begun to experience Days of real Rage & Outrage on a continuing basis? Why has virtually no one in the totally criminal-government not gone to jail or even been charged with any crimes—over the last thirteen years?

Just make your own list and see how many positives you can find in the way the world has been forcefully changed since the Twentieth Century ended.And yes it really is that simple. As some are so fond of saying: “Just Do the Math—because EVERYTHING’S connected!


And I would add to this… (and you no doubt know of additional points)

-  don’t forget that drugs are ‘medicine’ and safe, while effective natural cures are illegal.

– children in some areas are forced to eat toxic school lunches and parents are jailed for refusing vaccines, speaking out about absurd curriculums and public school education on behalf of their children—like 5 + 5 = 11?!!!

– children don’t belong to parents by law, they belong to the state and can and are being removed from the family home by police and even a hospital in Boston.

- and all the false flags to get us to demand the changes ‘they’ want.  ~ BP

See? It’s Escalating! More False Flag Shooter Psy-Ops

Thanks to The Peoples Voice FB groupl

Boys don’t go around shooting up the place. They just don’t. They never did until the Illuminati got serious about disarmament in America. They’ve managed to pull it off in nearly every other country, and the USA is the last holdout.  It’s that simple. 

They can and do orchestrate these mind-control drug ops in Colorado because it’s an Illuminati stronghold full of corrupt police forces: “False Flags R Us”. AND, they get to show off their snazzy new armoured vehicles!

Holmes (the BatmanTheatre Massacre) was never investigated properly because of this corruption. He was just one more patsie.And don’t forget Columbine High.

Some are going to make this into a political thing when it really isn’t, but illustrates the in-fighting amongst the cabal factions.

They seem to have evolved to “victimless crimes” now, where only the shooter is injured—so no more “dummies”? 

When will the insanity end? They’re going to hammer this home if it’s the last thing they do—and it just may well be.  ~ BP

2 Armed Boys Arrested In Denver Middle School, Situation Ongoing, 3rd Active Shooter Situation In Last 24 Hours

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Denver police have 2 males in custody following reports of armed men at a local school, Noel Middle School.  No students are there of course and its not sure they will open today.  Police will now conduct a precautionary sweep of the school in Denver after 2 males were taken into custody. This is the 3rd active shooter scenario in the last 24 hours.
Update: The 2 suspects arrested at a school in Denver are juveniles, police confirm as they search the school.
The first was at Central Connecticut State University where 3 armed men entered a building on campus. No shots were fired and nobody was hurt, all 3 were arrested.
Then of course you have the shooting at the Garden State Plaza mall in Paramus, New Jersey.  The guy only shot security cameras and himself.   Nobody was hurt, totally bizarre.  There are several conflicting reports with the official story here.  Check those out here.  3 active shooting scenarios today, nobody hurt but 1 of the shooters themselves.  Colorado, New Jersey, Connecticut, all of which voted for Barack Obama I might add.  Interesting…   Thoughts?  -Mort     Source

America is AWAKE!!! Endless Photos and Videos from Across USA

My friends, I am verklempt. I went to the BeforeItsNews link to see updates and I scrolled, and scrolled, and scrolled and scrolled and never got to the bottom before I had to share it.

I am so overwhelmed with the show of support, awareness, patriotism, and whatever other words and emotions could possibly be applied to this situation—and I didn’t even GET to the Veteran update.

There are photos and videos from all over the States, not just Washington.

Go now and see what is unfolding in America, my friends. This is historic. The truckers have done it.

HSBC Whistleblower Speaks, Uncovered Terrorist Financing


The truth will out!

Originally posted on All About 2012:

Luke Rudkowski interviews Everett Stern, a former employee of HSBC that uncovered and blew the whistle on the company knowingly financing criminals, terrorists and drug cartels.

To find out more about Everett Stern check out

View original

Two Anti-Gun Grabber Recalls in Colorado; Duplicate the Process!

From Project NSearch’s Glenn Canady. Looks like The People are on a roll—taking our power back in so many arenas and making the PTW a non-issue.

Kurt Bardella, a communications consultant for the recall, said in an e-mailed statement, “The people of Colorado have made history tonight sending a loud and clear message that will reverberate through out the county and alter the terrain of the gun-control debate.”

This sets a precedent and we need to keep up the momentum, America!  Please share this where you can. ~ BP

Sept 11, 2013

Two Gun Grabbers RECALLED in first Recall in Colorado State History!

This is going to be one of the biggest stories of 2013!

This morning we learned that two anti gunners in Colorado have been recalled!

“We the People” have taken action!   Recall petitions can now be used around the country to vote out new world order traitors to our Constitution!

This is a HUGE story and I need your help pushing it to all your friends and to your Facebook, Twitter accounts etc!

Push this link everywhere you can today!  Recall petitions are the key to everything and we just got two HUGE victories today that must be spread virally now!

Spread this story with everything you have.  We should have been doing recalls for decades now!

Help pound the nails into the coffin of the new world order by sharing this story so others may know that there is a solution now – Recall petitions!  It just worked in Colorado!

Spread the good news and comment on the story PLEASE!  Thank you!

Note from Glenn Canady:  Some of you have asked why I continue to expose Alex Jones when he’s “done so much”!  Alex Jones has had 19 years to push the concept of recall elections!   He’s known all about them because he’s not stupid!  With his money and reach, he could have EASILY setup recall petitions around the country to vote out ALL who break their oaths to the Constitution!  He has NEVER done that!  Stew Webb and myself with no money had to start to tell exactly how this recall petition was done in Colorado and now through the hard work of all those in Colorado, it’s  been successful!  When I checked Alex’s websites today, there is no mention of these recalls!   What a joke!   A search for “recall” on his websites returns nothing as of today!  Why would a “patriot” hide the biggest weapon in voting out new world order scum?  In my article on the front page of Project Nsearch have proved that Alex Jones has lied, censored and directly aided the Illuminati through his actions and inactions!  His censorship of the entire Recall Petition solution for over 19 years shows that he is a GATEKEEPER to keep the sheep asleep to REAL solutions!

Glenn Canady

Spread the word!  The Recall Petition Sword has just vanquished two new world order gun grabber types that voted for the worst gun control law in the country!  This story is being censored!  I need your help to spread it everywhere!  Stew Webb reports that the new world order is ANGRY that this recall petition was successful because it sets up many more in the future and they KNOW this!

Morse, Giron lose recalls over gun laws support

Full article with Video!…

DENVER – Two Colorado state lawmakers who backed gun-control measures in the aftermath of the mass shootings in Aurora and Connecticut last year have been ousted in recall elections.

With El Paso County completely tallied, 50.96 percent of voters cast ballots to remove state Sen. John Morse, a Democrat, from office and 49.04 percent cast ballots to keep him, according to the Colorado Secretary of State.

Pueblo voters in Democratic Sen. Angela Giron’s district approved her recall, with results coming in late Tuesday. Earlier returns showed voters favored keeping Giron in office but later results showed 56.01 percent of voters favored a recall for Giron while 43.99 percent did not, according to the Colorado Secretary of State.

Morse called the loss of his Senate seat “purely symbolic” during his concession speech in Colorado Springs. He reminded the crowd that Democrats still have control.

Morse was an appealing target for a recall because he narrowly won re-election in 2010. He supported several Democratic-sponsored gun bills this year.

Republican Bernie Herpin won 100 percent of the ballots to assume Morse’s seat.

In Giron’s race, voters chose Republican George Rivera, a former Pueblo police officer, to replace her.

Her working-class district favors her party but includes Democrats who are big supporters of the Second Amendment.

Both legislators voted for 15-round limits on ammunition magazines and for expanded background checks on private gun sales.

Gabrielle Giffords

The heated race pitted gun-control supporters against advocates for gun ownership, and attracted heavy hitters such as the National Rifle Association and former U.S. representative Gabrielle Giffords, severely injured in a 2011 gun massacre in Tucson.

The race attracted millions of dollars in support from either side. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who helps lead a mayor’s group against gun violence, contributed $350,000 into the election, while the National Rifle Association expected to spend $500,000 on mailings, phone banks and TV ads.

Kurt Bardella, a communications consultant for the recall, said in an e-mailed statement, “The people of Colorado have made history tonight sending a loud and clear message that will reverberate through out the county and alter the terrain of the gun-control debate.”

Gov. John Hickenlooper statement: 

Our democracy gives the people the right to vote for their elected representatives. Tonight, voters in two Senate districts have spoken. We are certainly disappointed by the outcome of the recall elections.

It’s now time we refocus again on what unites Coloradans — creating jobs, educating our children, creating a healthier state — and on finding ways to keep Colorado moving forward.


JFK Calls for the Release of Bradley Manning from Beyond the Grave [video]

Thanks, Richard.

John F. Kennedy was independently wealthy and for that reason was unable to be bought by the shadow government.

He worked to bring life to his ideals and to protect the nation of the United States of America. He butted heads with the inherited administration who tried to continue in their corrupt and secretive ways.

Ultimately, he gave his life to uphold the Constitution and to build the country held in the hearts of Americans when they envisioned The American Dream and Land of the Free.

Within days of advising that he was going to share certain taboo truths with the public, JFK was gunned down in cold blood by the ruthless, soul-less beings that have controlled the planet up until now.

How many times have those who have done the right thing—the honourable thing—been violated, incarcerated, or their Light snuffed out? We will never know the full scope of that. It’s beyond our comprehension.

Soon we will embrace the world Kennedy dreamed of, fought for, and died for. It shall be ours.

But for now, we have unfinished business. We have yet to take to task those who seek to disembowel America with their lawless governance and torture of innocent citizens—our heroes. We know who the traitors are. It’s all too apparent who is committing treason here.

Bradley Manning said he would do it again. How many of us would do it even once?

Is America worth fighting for, or did we give up?

This is our wake-up call. Something is dreadfully wrong and we must fix it.

Time and time again ONE person has sacrificed all for the many. Now it is time that many sacrifice just a little for the ONE; one more hero. I salute you, PFC Bradley Manning.

JFK Demands Release of Manning

A Voice from the Grave…

From Gordon Duff, Veterans Today

Despite the smears, no real American doubts that John F. Kennedy was our greatest president.  Today he speaks from the grave, in no uncertain terms, demanding the release of Bradley Manning.

We gladly add the name, “Bradley Manning” to the two dozen Nobel Prize nominees at Veterans Today.  (We nominate each other.)

Manning, not Snowden nor Assange nor Murdoch nor Netanyahoo, [I'm going to assume that spelling is intentional] deserves our thanks and our efforts to gain his freedom.

Look for the day that West Point, the viper-school of brown nosers and whiners is renamed:

The Manning Institute for American Military Ethics