September 22, 2014: Entry into the Purple Photon Belt – Metatron via Ana Merkaba

More evidence that the stars and planets are aligning to bring about the much-anticipated changes in our reality… -LW

On the 22nd of your September, you are all going to enter a photonic belt of light, for as your solar system has indeed stepped foot onto the new accord, the planet on which all of you re are finding yourselves shall take the next step in its evolutionary process, bringing with it, the peace and harmony of the ages past and the ages that are yet to come. A photonic belt of purple recognition principles shall roll out a new set of accords for your planet. The portals of the past shall reintegrate with the portals of the NOW moment of time.

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Jupiter Trines Uranus on September 25th, 2014 – Ka-ching!

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Jupiter-UranusIt seems the world is watching Iraq, these days. Could this Jupiter-Neptune aspect bring about the long-awaited RV/GCR?  It seems that the planets are aligning… -LW

What makes this cycle of Jupiter moving through Leo even more dazzling is the fact that three times over the next year Jupiter will create a gorgeous supportive trine to the planet of surprises, Uranus. When the planet of luck collides with the planet of sudden developments it literally suggests a swift and major windfall! It’s no wonder that astrologer’s have dubbed Jupiter-Uranus contacts the “Lottery Aspect.” In a certain area of your life, with Jupiter in Leo trine Uranus in Aries you will most certainly feel as if you’ve hit the jackpot!

Obviously we’re not all winning the lottery this year – so please don’t take the terminology literally. What you can count on however, is that Jupiter and Uranus working…

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Tolec: Assurance of Safety of Planet Earth – Regarding Pending Extreme Solar Flare

For those who may not be aware, X-class flares get a lot of attention, but to date, the effects have been minimal. Do you remember Y2K? There were many predictions that X-class flares would wreak havoc with power grids and cell phones. Then, it was predicted that 2011 & 2012 could see power and communications disruptions. Our galactic friends recognize the fragility of our communications networks, and seem to be protecting it from disruption. Tolec seems to concur. -LW

September 10, 2014

“The cause and effect will not be substantial or traumatic to planet Earth. The people of Sartsa, the Andromeda Council engineering biosphere which is the size of planet Venus, has placed itself between your planet Earth, and Sol, your sun. Using its advanced, convex shaped, higher dimensional energy shield technology it will protect planet Earth by reflecting the heavy energy/solar flare outward into space.

This extreme solar flare will not have a substantial effect on Earth’s magnetic fields which will hold their current position.

It is likely small amounts of disruptions may be experienced by those satellites in orbit on the side of Earth facing the sun. And therefore, it is not likely there will be any cause & effect, or disruptions, for those satellites placed in stationary orbit on the back side of the Earth not facing your Sun.

Further, the ozone layers will remain intact, the ocean currents will be fine, and there will be minimal damage, if any at all, to Earth’s surface. Therefore, Earth’s population will not be harmed by your sun’s energy surges of radiation because our shields will protect your planet & reflect the surges outward.

All in all, Earth will be fine.”

This report was provided to me, Tolec, by -

Andramene, Chairwoman of the Interdimensional Telepathy & Communications Advisory Board – aboard the Andromeda Council biosphere: Viera.


Carl Boudreau: Status for September 6th – A Post Script to Yesterday’s Astrology Status

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As you are probably aware, Carl retired from producing monthly astrology videos, earlier this year. This is probably one of the most hopeful predictions he has made in some time. -LW

Some simple messages, often the most important ones, I fear, get lost in the effort to present an overview. So I would like to add this relatively brief post script to yesterday’s status. It gets closer and more directly to my core astrology message for the times ahead.

Let me dispense with all the usual cautions, provisos, qualifications and disclaimers and get right to it – all those things one feels obliged to say so that one can’t be accused of being overly pessimistic or overly optimistic, etc.

That is the message I don’t want to get lost.

Things are going to stop getting progressively worse. At some deep level, they are going to start getting progressively better, despite…

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2014 A-Z – A Galaxial Event of Disneyesque Proportion

This video was published in November 2012, but has been renamed. It’s an excellent description of what has been going on for the last few years, and what to expect. What Marc the Arc presents is in-line with what was predicted in The Starseed Transmissions, where the movement of the Universe is compared to a set of pendulum balls.

When the pendulum balls change direction, they are motionless for one brief instant. This can be compared to the three days of darkness and the sun rising in the west. Further, there is a shift from the Big Bang to the Great Collapse, meaning the Universe stops expanding and begins to collapse, eventually returning to the ball of matter that started the Big Bang.

Scientists have been telling us for years that the expansion of the Universe is slowing, which accounts for the sensation that time is speeding up. This is also presented in this documentary. -LW

Everything you wanted to know about ‘2012’ but didn’t know to ask.
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