STOP Paying Attention to Statute: Codes, Regulations, Acts, etc. (These are not “Law”)

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Some good information about dealing with our legal system and Common Law (not to be confused with the Freeman movement). -LW

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Spiritual Economics Now » STOP!

Stop paying attention to statute: codes, regulations, acts, etc. which are called “law” but which couldn’t possibly be “law” because ‘legislation’ (Statute) is subject to change and repeal. THE (true) LAW has always existed, is unchanging, and is never-ending.

The “justice system”, using Statute, is what enslaved us; so it cannot possibly liberate us. Appealing to titled tyrants and their thug lackeys has done no good. ”Slavery” and “common law” have both been addressed but have seldom been implemented.

So, until we stop them, their abuse won’t stop. For them to ‘learn’, they must experience the same pain and fear by which we learned. They exist only to rob our estate (status) to fund their pensions, and, if they do not stop their fraud, they will reap what they have sown. We will no longer tolerate their bullying.

The “end of tyranny” comes from several insiders who are as frustrated…

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The Foolishness Of The Sanctions War: Russian Money Gushes into Hong Kong

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So, Obama and the G8 group of nations declare sanctions, and what happens? Businesses in Russia are trading their reserves of US dollars for Hong Kong dollars. This is one more brick in the wall around the US. The world is slowly making the US irrelevant. Good job, Wall Street and corporate congress. Banks in both the US and EU are losing deposits to China.

Did you know that Russia and Iraq are have some of the largest oil and natural gas reserves on the planet? Somehow sanctioning them and bombing them, respectively, doesn’t seem to be a winning strategy for the US, does it? -LW

By Wolf Richter

The sanctions, the last batch of which took effect on Friday, are targeting with ever increasing intensity the Russian economy and a growing number of key individuals. The defense, financial, and energy sectors have been hit the hardest. Oil and gas…

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A Tiny Creature Was Caught on Camera in Argentina ~ 2014

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Since the small creature isn’t green, I am confident that it isn’t Marvin Martian. ;) -LW

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Those friendly seven dwarfs are the main attraction of Snow White story that ends well. We do believe dwarfs are the end product of writer’s imagination. But not in this video, it shows a dwarf running fast to avoid detection from anyone in the room.
The actual video was recorded on January 2011 in Santa Fe, Argentina. The video was captured by a certain Silvia who was filming his son’s activity.
According to Sylvia, her son Benjamin, was playing and talking with someone in the hallway. The family notice this many times the strange behavior of their child, and filming his activity out of curiosity. Then, suddenly at the back of the child, a ‘little thing’ keep running out fast to avoid detection from Sylvia, or maybe a playful dwarf started to tease the camera but was unexpectedly captured on film.

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U.S. Plans to Collapse Europe | Jim Willie (Part 1)

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Jim Willie offers some insight into global events involving Germany, Russia, China, the Ukraine, and NATO. -LW

– The U.S. wants to destroy European Economy ►1:24
– How will Russian sanctions impact U.S. Dollar and European Economy? ►6:53
– U.S. isolating itself from the rest of the world ►10:37
– Germany not co-operating with move toward fascism and breaking away from the EU ►20:16
– NATO being undermined by sanctions and war ►33:45
– Petrodollar continuing to be threatened ►38:52

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Jupiter in Leo – Remapping the Middle East

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JupiterThis month is already seeing a lot of activity in the Middle East. Historically, Jupiter in Leo involves Middle Eastern countries and oil, as this article describes. -LW

From July 11 2014 until August 11 2015 Jupiter, the largest planet of the solar system, will travel through the tropical sign of Leo. Jupiter in Leo has an undeniable connection with western incursions into Middle East nations, especially where oil and political manipulation is involved.

The king planet was moving through Leo when English geologist George Reynolds tapped a 75-foot gusher in the remote Persian desert sands at Masjed Soleyman during the pre-dawn hours of May 26 1908. It was the first significant oil discovery of the Middle East, and set the pattern for years to come.

The British government became the secret investor in the oil company and their interests became paramount in the subsequent remodelling of the Middle East…

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For the record, X-class flares have the potential to knock-out parts of the power grid, but none have done so, thus far. -LW

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Scientists with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration say an “extreme” solar flare has been detected and while Earth appears to be in the bull’s-eye, exactly which part of the planet will see the biggest impact isn’t yet known.

Such phenomenon can disrupt power grids, radio transmissions and other electronics, and in a worst-case scenario could actually take such systems down, perhaps for extended periods.

Officials with the federal agency said the flare is near the center of the sun and happened at 1:45 EDT Wednesday.

“Impacts to [high frequency] radio communications on the daylight side of Earth lasted for a little more than an hour. … Initial information suggests that [coronal mass ejection] is likely associated with this event, however, further analysis is underway at this time.”

Tom Berger, of the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado, told the Associated Press, “There’s been a giant magnetic explosion on…

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Earth Heal – Full Harvest Super Moon: September 8, 2014 ~ Healing

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Did you get to see the Harvest Supermoon, last night? It is said that we feel the effects of the full moon from the day before and two days after it occurs. -LW

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Image source

By Carol Ann Ciocco

If you remember back in July, we embarked on a Triple Supermoon experience. The Full Harvest Moon coming up on September 8, 2014 is the third one of the Trinity. The previous two Supermoons occurred on July 12 and August 10.

Click here to read my previous newsletter on the July Supermoon.

Click here to read my previous newsletter on the August Supermoon.

The Supermoon is a beautiful sight to behold and it also holds powerful energy for emotional clearing. This moon in particular has healing qualities. Scroll down for some information on this, as well a look ahead at the exciting month of October. In October we have an important Eclipse Portal that is cradled within a Mercury Retrograde cycle.


On September 8, 2014 at  9:38 pm EDT we have the Full Moon with the Sun in Virgo and…

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