Prayers for Kay in the UK

Normally I don’t acknowledge rude comments, as I’ve said, as I know none of us are interested in reading them, but I’m going to make an exception because I believe someone is in need of our prayers.

Kay in the UK made nasty remarks today (tonight, in the UK), expecting I would simply delete her comment as I do the others, but I think she needs help.

It isn’t the first time Kay has done this, and I feel she must be a very unhappy person if she gets her jollies from verbally attacking people from behind her computer. Perhaps she’s had a few drinks and lost her better judgment. She used “LOL” a couple of times so I know she derived some satisfaction from it.

Kay says that I am “self-absorbed”, a “hypocrite”, and that I “believe everything until the next thing comes along”.

Interesting, as other readers have expressed gratitude for the fact that I present many sides to a story so they can decide for themselves what the truth is.

Kay apparently believes that I agree with every article I post.

I thought I had made it clear that I feel we are better off collecting information, using discernment, and remaining open minded to the possibilities—especially these days— since things are not what they seem, but people will be people.

Most important, it doesn’t matter what we believe because in many cases we will all be wrong. I don’t care if I’m wrong. I’m doing my best to deal with a difficult and complex situation on this planet with ease and grace.

What can I say, Kay, except that I’m sorry you’re so miserable, and remember—others are our mirrors, and reflect back what we most despise in ourselves.

You might want to use a mirror to love yourself a little more.

Love and light to you, Kay. I hope you feel better soon.  ~ BP

Amusing Update from Morocco by Removing the Shackles

The ongoing tale of a group of people who were thrown together to follow their nudges from the Universe;not simply go around the cabal, but THROUGH them—with flair and humour.

Here’s a most amusing and satisfying update from Dani and a glimpse of daily life for these Light Warriors as they dissolve obstacles and bring in a new way of BEing. Kudos to the gang, and thanks for the laughs, Dani.  ~ BP

Transparency in Aouchtam and Morocco

Posted: 15 Apr 2014 08:24 AM PDT

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things…

Most specifically what’s going on in Aouchtam, and Morocco in general.

…. lots of interesting things going on right now my friends. Lots and lots.   So let’s lay it all out transparently, and let the cards fall where they may, ok?    I’m going to lay out all the information that I have, all that I’ve been told, all that I’ve seen, and let’s look at it all, globally and individually and see what resonates.  And see what is hidden and what they’ve tried to hide.

First and most interesting:  The village/valley of Aouchtam was completely without communications- no phone, no cellphone and no internet- for now 6 days.  Most of us use Maroc Telecome cel phones or internet sticks.  Two days ago a few people went to Teteuan and got Meditel sticks and sim cards and “sometimes” they work…  This communications black out is ONLY in Aouchtam.  If we drive up the hills into the valleys on either side of us, we have perfect internet and cell signals.  Stranger still is that the signals on the internet sticks (Meditel) that we have many times show that we have upload and download signal…. and yet neither Skype, PXIII, or any website will load.  I know that there have been a whole lot of people wondering where we’ve all disappeared to, well…. we’re all right here and all DOing very very well- we just can’t communicate with the outside world, lol. ** I’ve just been informed that the apartments up the hill on the coast might have internet signal… so hopefully I can post this without having to drive to the next town! **** edited to add that nope, no internet, so today I will make the trek to the next town to get this posted.

The past two weeks has been a flurry of activity here in the village.  There have been people arriving almost daily- some to see the community, some to help prepare for the QEG,  some to help work on the community “clubhouse”, and some to spy… yep, we’ve got a few agents here along with the awesome engineers, builders, painters and DO’ers of all shapes and sizes!!  The “Agents” have made themselves very visible *giggle*. All agendas are very clearly seen when you have a group of people who can SEE the energetics and sense the “ulterior motives” that are laid out bare for all to view.  Some of the “agents” have tried to mingle with the community groups, but there are many more who are just quietly wandering through the village pretending to be local (PS guys: if you’re going to send in the military and police undercover, you might want to tell them to change their boots.  Just sayin’)

Read the rest of the article…

Karen Hudes Exposes Another “Species” Hiding in the Vatican [video]

Okay, I complained that Karen has maintained there are no extraterrestrials, and now she’s exposed the coneheads in a way that some people may find believable. Is this progress?  Maybe it is. Or maybe Karen just killed any credibility she had.  ~ BP

This is so nuts, it’s hard to believe but it’s true that she said this — Former World Bank Sr. Counsel Says That There is An Existence of a Second Species on Earth — Hiding at the Vatican!

This is so nuts, it’s hard to believe but it’s true that she said this. Karen Hudes was being interviewed by Future Money Trends when midway through the interview about conspiracies concerning global economy, she reveals the aliens that have been hiding at the Vatican. WHAAT?? When executive professionals such as Karen begin speaking out about these coming events, we need to start paying closer attention.  
This is so nuts, it’s hard to believe but it’s true that she said this. Karen Hudes was being interviewed by Future Money Trends when midway through the interview about conspiracies concerning global economy, she reveals the aliens that have been hiding at the Vatican. WHAAT?? When executive professionals such as Karen begin speaking out about these coming events, we need to start paying closer attention.

Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 years.  In fact, when she was fired for blowing the whistle on corruption inside the World Bank, she held the position of Senior Counsel.

Future Money Trends: “Okay Karen, you’re an attorney, you worked for the World Bank for 20 years, what your saying is on the fringe of conspiracy, it sounds crazy so… I mean obviously you have had to come to terms with this. What have you seen that has made you so confident to actually say this stuff publicly?”

For the time-constrained Karen’s alien disclosure begins approx. 23:00 into the video.


Are You an Arcturian “Guardian” Incarnate?

Thanks, K. 

Here’s a fascinating piece about those of us who incarnated as Arcturians to play the roll of Guardians. I imagine many Earthlings can identify with this detailed analysis of character traits and propensities. 

Many races fall into the category of Guardians, according to this article.  ~ BP

Guardians          225x300 Are You a Guardian?In 2004, my husband and I had a unique experience with a Hermetic teacher that informed us we were both Guardians.  He was clearly surprised, claiming that he had “never seen two together”. He didn’t tell us much about who ‘The Guardians’ are or what their purpose is, but often expressed interest in putting a site up just for them.  Years later, after an exhaustive amount of research and personal information from my own Guidance, I decided to set up an area for fellow Guardians to peruse and find a place to connect with others.  Once you begin to read the various material I have compiled, you can see if you “fit” the Guardian profile.

So Where Do You Begin to Read Up on The Guardians and The Guardian Alliance?

There has virtually been nothing available regarding this subject for years, other than Anna Hayes, otherwise known as A’shayana Deane and in recent years Lisa Renee.  I would strongly advise you pick up Anna’s books entitled “The Voyagers I and II” to get a broader sense of the Guardian’s role in this ascension process, because it is immense.  But one thing I can definitely tell you is a bit more information has come forth just within the last year.  Up until this time, there was little to nothing on the Guardians.  The purpose for this is that Guardians have typically been covert and in the background with their “off world” responsibilities.  Before I get into that, I would like to provide a list of the typical characteristics that you will find in A Guardian.  You can see if this resonates with you.

Characteristics of A Guardian – Do They Resonate With You?

  • We have had challenging in-utero experiences
  • We have had unusually difficult childhoods
  • We suffer from frightening experiences with “boogiemen” as children
  • We tend to be the “black sheep” of the family
  • We have withstood severe emotional, mental, physical, or sexual abuse or a combination of all four
  • We normally experience hostility from one of our parents
  • We rarely feel like we are a part of the family we are born into
  • We never felt like we fit in socially, especially as children
  • We tend to be loners
  • We rarely felt understood as a child
  • We have been outcast by our peers, especially when young
  • We are typically described as precocious children
  • We may completely walk away from our family of origin and often times need to
  • We knew from the time we can remember that we were somehow here to defend and protect
  • We  are very independent
  • We are incessant truth seekers
  •  Are You<br />
            a Guardian?” src=”″ width=”298″ height=”300″ /></a></li>
<li>We are all about justice</li>
<li>We are strong advocates of all animals</li>
<li>Many refer to us as old and ancient souls</li>
<li>We are very loyal to those we love and can catch ourselves telling our friends that we would die for them</li>
<li>We hold honor and integrity as crucial characteristics to strive for</li>
<li>We are often born into families affiliated with the military</li>
<li>We are open to alternative information and will ponder it for hours</li>
<li>We allow our belief systems to constantly change</li>
<li>We are very protective of our loved ones</li>
<li>We are motivated to defend the underdog</li>
<li>People naturally trust us and share their deepest secrets with us</li>
<li>We naturally find ourselves as peace keepers</li>
<li>We can be diplomatic but are typically direct in our approach</li>
<li>We are bluntly honest no matter how controversial it is</li>
<li>We offer encouragement and support to those that are downtrodden</li>
<li>We switch from very gentle and nurturing to a more intense, empowering “tough love” approach</li>
<li>We are very aware of a variety of perspectives and defend the light by making all sides of an issue known, no matter how unpleasant or controversial</li>
<li>We silently watch the flow of things around us</li>
<li>We tend to be untrusting</li>
<li>We typically learn painful lessons early on by ignoring our intuition and lack of discernment</li>
<li>We observe everything around us naturally</li>
<li>We are defenders of the light and of truth</li>
<li>We make it known those obstacles which could block the progress of spiritual seekers</li>
<li>We have strong memories or sensations of past lives being warriors</li>
<li>We can walk into a room and intuitively know immediately who can not be trusted</li>
<li>We are constant chameleons and often refer to ourselves as such</li>
<li>We respect all paths and beliefs</li>
<li>We can be intimidating</li>
<li>Our auric fields are sometimes too intense for others to handle</li>
<li>We catalyze change within others and this causes us to lose friendships without understanding why</li>
<li>Our messages can often go against the grain of what others believe to be true</li>
<li>We are often blind-sided by hostile attacks and betrayal from associates</li>
<li>Many are jealous of our abilities and we don’t understand it</li>
<li>We can easily confront an attacker and defend those that have been targeted, such as ourselves</li>
<li>We speak ideas to the masses whenever we see an area of concern that needs to be addressed</li>
<li>We are often left open to attack by those of who don’t resonate with our tenacious  presentation of truth</li>
<li>We are bold and upfront</li>
<li>We are willing to take the heat for the Greater Good of The All Is</li>
<li>We are very connected to our animus</li>
<li>We tend to be fearless and adventurous</li>
<li>We astral travel to different planets to protect and observe</li>
<li>We are targeted by The Dark because we are so powerful</li>
<h3>So Who is The Guardian Alliance?</h3>
<div>The Guardian Alliance is the conglomerate of multidimensional Kryst Collective that spans 15 dimensions and beyond.  You can peruse some books written by Anna Hayes at  <a for more information.

What Are Our Unique Qualities as Compared to Other Light Warriors or Emissaries of Light

LightWarrior 300x225 Are You a Guardian?
  • All of the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Aethiens (Mantises), and Zionites are Guardians
  • Note that the techniques/drills are referred to as Round Tables and that King Arthur and his Indigo team (knights of the Round Table) were continuing this same mission (the Christos Realignment Mission), attempting to disconnect Wormwood, from where Jesheua (Jesus) left off. The techniques apply a 12-code pulse which corrects the reversals and misalignment making the NDC-grid ineffective.
  • They protect your species and planet from interference both multidimensionally and galactically
  • The IAFW was also commissioned to implement Genetic Bio Regenesis Programs to assist the Fallen Angelic Races in reclaiming their original genetic integrity, so they could fulfill the intended evolutionary objective of Ascension out of the Time Matrix
  • They promote egalitarian political arbitration, progressive spiritual-science education and genetic Bio-Regenesis evolutionary healing opportunities among all manifest races, to inspire peaceful co-creative evolution and healing among all races manifest through continuation of the Founders Races’ Emerald Covenant Co-evolution Agreement treaties.
  • The IAFW is a massive Universal Service Organization assembled by the Yanas and Breneau Founders Races 250 Billion years ago upon restatement of the Founders Emerald Covenant. The IAFW was created to protect our Time Matrix from Fallen Angelic race dominion, to restore the structural integrity of our Time Matrix that was damaged by Fallen Angelic warring and to offer Melchizedek Cloister Bio-Regenesis rehabilitation and ascension programs to the Fallen Angelic Legions in our Time Matrix. The Founding Races of the IAFW created the Azurite Eieyani Grail Line race strain and the Azurite Universal Templar Security Team 250 billion years ago and the Guardian Alliance 570-563 million years ago.
  • The Palaidia Maji Grail Line races that have been progressively incarnating on contemporary Earth for the past 100 years and referred as the “Indigo Children Type 1 and 2” in preparation for the Sacred Mission of the long awaited 2000-2017 Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC). Maji Grail Line Indigo Children are born with the 6th-Strand Template of their 24-48 Strand DNA Template activated at birth, whereas the Angelic Humans with 12-Strand DNA Template are born with three strands of 12 activated. The Indigos are are in truth representatives of a very OLD BREED of consciousness once prevalent on Earth.
  • Earth humans that have 12-Strand DNA potential (Angelic Human Heritage), through which they can reclaim their rightful Ascension heritage (“Christos 12-Strand DNA Template Potential”), serve as conscious guardians of the Halls of Amenti Star Gates on Earth and be free to exit the Time Matrix into the Energy Matrix consciousness level.
  • The ability to fully embody the Eternal Life Currents within a physically manifest form is conditional upon having a minimum 12-Strand DNA potential, a “Holy Grail Line” or ”Christiac” genetic code.
  • Density-4 (dimensions 10,11 and 12) and above are embodied, a biological being can undergo full cellular transmutation, returning to the Density-4 Liquid Light Pre-matter state for full Ascension out of Density, rather than experiencing repeated cycles of death and rebirth within the Density system life cycles. A being with a sustained activation of 12 DNA Strands and resulting embodiment of the Maharata and its corresponding 12 dimensions of conscious awareness is known as an embodied “Mahara” (bearer of the Maharata eternal life current), “Avatar” or “Christed Being”.
  • The primary earthly human lineage is an Angelic Human Christiac Grail Line the carries the dormant 12-Strand DNA Template potentials; certain portions of earth human Grail Line population carry the 24-48 Strand DNA Template of the Rishi and Yani (Yanas) “Eieyani Grail Lines.”The Eieyani Grail Line humans presently incarnate on earth are known as the Type 1 and 2 Indigo Children.
  • Through the Founders Sacred-Science Teachings of the Inner Christ (Freedom Teachings), humanity could learn to re-activate the Angelic Human 12-Strand Template, so humans would again become capable of utilizing advanced Planetary Templar Mechanics, which are run through the human DNA Template. If humanity can reawaken the dormant Angelic Human DNA Template, the human body can biologically interface with the electromagnetic functions of Earth’s Planetary Templar star gate system, as it was originally designed to do.
  • In actualizing the Angelic Human potential, humans would not only set themselves free, but could also assist Guardian Angelic Nations in setting Earth free, by securing Earth’s Halls of Amenti and regaining the Sun’s Sol Star Gate-4 under Guardian Nation protection.
  • The Angelic, Human Race was created as a race of beings who could come into this system and assist other life forms and races who have forgotten their True Nature of the expression of Source. Therefore, other life forms are depending on the success of the Angelic, Human Race to become the Guardians we were created to be.
  • Without the weight of the dark ones, we will all feel the lightness we have always known was possible. It will make our next steps on the path of ascension much faster and easier.
  • It was Mother Earth’s act of Free Will to end this destruction of her Body, with the accompanying imminent danger of losing All and everyone on it, that was the origin of this Ascension Mission.
  • It is accountability which makes it impossible for this form to exist in this place any longer. Anyone choosing to not be of the light can no longer sustain the vibration of 5D reality. We call this Terra Nova.
  • By our studies we knew that synchronization with the energetic center of your galaxy, the Pleiades was not possible at that time in history. Your earth was spinning too fast keeping it with aligning from the galaxy. Now your scientists understand that the earth is beginning to slow down.
  • Despite the failures of Akhenaton’s campaign, he had successfully reintegrated the Annu peoples into the Sphere of Amenti morphogenetic field, so a similar arrangement was made in reference to the Templar and Templar-Axion Sealed race families.  This time, not only would the races be restored to their place within Amenti, the entire Sphere of Amenti would be realigned with the original 12-strand DNA pattern.
  • Throughout the evolution of the races, guardian races attempted to awaken humanity to the reality of its evolutionary destiny. All of the major Earth religions were seeded at one time or another by guardian groups, to help the races prepare for their eventual ascension out of HU-1. Though the teachings are often quite different or seemingly contradictory and all religions have suffered manipulation and distortion at the hands of man and covert intruder ET forces, they are united through their original purpose of achieving ascension and freedom from the illusions of matter.
  • Guardians and the Morphogenetic Field
    • God/Source. So Ascension is a religious concept and a scientific concept all at once.
    • The process of Dimensional Ascension and biological and planetary Evolution is the process of accretion or of drawing of successive multidimensional frequency bands into the morphogenetic field. As the planetary body or human body evolves through frequency accretion, the energetic capsules within the Auric Field progressively undergo transmutation of form.
    • Once a Morphogenetic Field has accreted most of the frequency bands from the three dimensions that compose one Harmonic Universe, the energy capsules that correspond to these three lower dimensions begin to dissolve.
    • The particles contained within the dissolving auric capsules open into the auric capsules of the next three highest dimensions, in the next Harmonic Universe up. This is the energetic dynamics by which forms and consciousness progressively evolve from one Harmonic Universe to the next.
    • An Ascended Master is a highly evolved Ultra-terrestrial gestalt of consciousness, in pure ante-matter wave form, that exists BEYOND the dimensionalization of the Time Matrix, within the 3 levels of the non-dimensional Energy Matrix.
    • Though all beings in time (Time Matrix) originally began their journey of individualization through such an Ultra-terrestrial Collective, and thus each being has, as part of its higher identity anatomy, 3 levels of ascended mastery consciousness, a being within the Time Matrix is not considered to be the embodiment of an Ascended Master unless the being has experienced a full projection into the Time Matrix and a full 15-Dimensional ascension back out of the Time Matrix, before returning to manifestation within time.
    Guardians, Time, and Stargates

    Tolec Expects the Financial Reset Any Time

    Reblogged from…

    February 22, 2014
    Back on May 6, 2012 – Joe Marra of “A Guiding Lite” & I discussed the failing banking system.  Today, I fully expect a complete reset of the global financial system… is ‘right around the corner’.
    For many years the United States of America - was - the world’s richest nation.  No longer.  Now, it is the world’s largest debtor nation in the amount of trillions of dollars.  An authorization to “…raise the debt ceiling” – will fix nothing.
    For years, the United States Dollar [USD] has been the international reserve currency against which all other currencies of the world were based.  All international oil buying/selling transactions were done in USD.  No longer.
    The country of China for years was buying massive amounts of U.S Treasury [debt] paper.  Today it is selling off much of its holdings in U.S Treasuries.  Billions worth.  It also holds, and continues to buy, a substantially growing amount of gold [a precious metal] against which currencies used to be based.
    And, there has been massive, global international bank fraud for years.  [This information has made it to the mainstream media.]  And right now – people in key strategic international banking positions are dying because of what they know.
    This is all part of the overall process of massive change this planet is about to experience.
    I believe this breaking news story is worthy of your interest – if you are seriously interested in what is going on with global banking today… and what is about to happen to the USD, and as a result, the U.S economy.  Massive changes are coming.
    The things these men discuss absolutely have relevance & will have a direct impact on your lives as the lid blows off of this issue & things finally come to a ‘head’:

    Dead JPM Bankers “Knew each other and had uncovered something”

    BOMBSHELL Dead JPM bankers “Knew each other and had uncovered something”

    Here’s a slightly different twist on that story. I’m sure more details and disinfo will be forthcoming. They do their best to cloud the issues. ~ BP

    Wednesday we reported that another JP Morgan banker has been found dead, as the latest banker to meet a sudden and untimely demise is Ryan Henry Crane, the Executive Director in JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group.

    Today, Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”, who predicted that a wave of banker hits was imminent when the very first bankers began dropping last week, has dropped a bombshell regarding the death of Ryan Henry Crane.

    V states that Crane oversaw all of the trade platforms and worked closely with Gabriel Magee of JPM’s London desk (who fell 32 stories off the JPM London roof moments after texting his g/f he would be home shortly), and that the pair had access to the exact same info.

    V concludes Crane & Magee: “Knew each other and had uncovered something“.

    V’s update on the latest JPMorgan banker to turn up dead is below:

    From Steve Quayle’s banker source “V”

    One other thing he was the head at the program trading desk. Meaning he over saw all of the trades and was familiar with all of the software (trade platforms) that these trades were done in. This job works closely with guess what? That’s right the London desk and who died last week in London? That’s right Gabriel Magee the one who jumped off the 33rd floor. What was his post? Head of IT and trade platforms meaning he had access to info that Ryan Henry Crane would have.

    They knew each other and uncovered something they were about the same age and these hits happen when two big announcements by JPM.
    1. They are out of commodities, and
    2.  The wholesale selling of their HQ downtown to the Chinese.

    “V” The Guerrilla Economist



    Report Due on Sandy Hook Shooting Investigation

    We already knew, but there is clearly a coverup; one of many over the centuries. How is it legal to conceal evidence in ANYTHING that transpires on this planet? The People have a right to know EVERYTHING that goes on. Soon there will be no secrets from us.

    As we’ve established time and time again, the only reason for secrecy is to conceal that which The People would not approve, and if we don’t approve of it, it is not permissible. End the lies.  ~ BP

    Report Due on Sandy Hook Shooting Investigation

    November 24, 2013, ABC News/Associated Press

    Investigators planned to release a long-awaited report [on] the Newtown school shooting that could provide some of the first official answers to questions about the history of the gunman and the police response to one of the worst school shootings in history. The summary report by the lead investigator, State’s Attorney Stephen Sedensky III, comes nearly a year after the massacre of 20 children and six women inside Sandy Hook Elementary School. The report … will not include the full evidence file of Connecticut State Police, which is believed to total thousands of pages. The decision to continue withholding the bulk of the evidence is stirring new criticism of the secrecy surrounding the investigation. Dan Klau, a Hartford attorney who specializes in First Amendment law, said the decision to release a summary report before the full evidence file is a reversal of standard practice and one of the most unusual elements of the investigation. Sedensky has gone to court to fight release of the 911 tapes from the school and resisted calls from Connecticut’s governor to divulge more information sooner. The withholding of 911 recordings, which are routinely released in other cases, has been the subject of a legal battle between The Associated Press and Sedensky before the state’s Freedom of Information Commission, which ruled in favor of the AP, and now Connecticut’s court system. If the recordings are released, the AP would review the content and determine what, if any, of it would meet the news cooperative’s standards for publication.

    Note: For more on government secrecy, see the deeply revealing reports from reliable major media sources available here.


    Rabobank to Pay More Than $1 Billion in Libor Settlement; Chief Resigns

    Originally posted on All About 2012:

    “Rabobank to Pay More Than $1 Billion in Libor Settlement; Chief Resigns” by CHAD BRAY via NYT Business Day

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    False Flag: ‘Operation Urban Shield’ in California Goes Live Oct 25

    Thanks to ThePeople’sVoice on FB.

    It’s been a little too quiet, hasn’t it?

    Check out what DAHBOO77 has to say about this “set-up”, this “drill going live” in California.

    It began on October 25th. He says it’s the same guys who executed the Boston Marathon bombing. with Blackhawks, the whole works.

    Gangs have fought back and there have been casualties. He says this is just the beginning of a 100-city sweep.

    About: Published on 25 Oct 2013

    Day 1 of their sweeps, 2 Cops Shot and they already have a whole city on lockdown! RED ALERT For Anyone in Cali From 10/25-28th! 100 Cities are in this drill going Live as a False Flag on the people !……