Yellow Rose of Texas is back, with an expectation that we will be unplugged from the Matrix, soon, preceded by a Global Announcement. Exciting, isn’t it? -LW



“Hickory dickory dock
The El wound up the clock
The clock struck ONE
The El was done
Hickory dickory dock…”





Linear Time is a construct. It can be altered. It is part of the program, the system architecture. When they invaded, they seized control of that system program. They could drop people in, wherever they wanted, within that program. They programmed the ‘skit’ they wanted that individual to play out. Then erased their memory and layered their minds with a ‘history’, they created. By cording the individual, when ever the individual attempted to gain access to their real memory, the program would activate defense systems that would disallow it in a number of ways. If needed, they sent the nordic/nephli, to manually alter the individuals memory. We had no defense against this. They never remembered they were ‘visited’.

‘Yashua’ is another name for ‘Jesus’ and both are the coven name of a single individual Royal. It was Charles, son of the incestuous twins, whose Egyptian coven name was “Horus”. “Whore Us”. ‘Nimrod’ is simply another coven name. These are all names for the enemy forces, not for mankind. Every time I turn around, they are altering those same books, adding/deleting, to create another myth for public consumption. It was part of the reason they were called whores.

Domine, like the rest of it you’ve mentioned, is all the “new” disinformation they’ve put out there in these recent years. “Domini” is the root word for “Dominate”.

“Holy” is also “Whole E”. When they altered our language, they put their names into every word. People have no idea, that they give the “call” every time they speak.

The El who work for QE & Vatican, rigged Yellowstone. Then they lost control of the simulation. Its much much bigger than they were going to make it, and now they cant stop it. ONE says, they’ll rue it. We get pulled before it can harm us. We don’t live through that. But the elite (EL- ITE = el followers) are going to have a really bad day.

‘New age enlightenment’ was a term used by the Toth followers, and is specific to the Luciferians.

There is no “Invasion”, the Invasion of the past is what we are being freed from. And “Adam Kadmon & Man”…that’s a twist to the extreme. We are not ‘soul centers’ for hybrid Snake and Man genetics. We are stolen souls, forced into a genetically stripped down body for the purpose of possession, slavery and torture. “Adam Kadmon” is simply another of An/Nibiru propaganda.

IMO, The more you ‘study’ their book, BIB-EL, the greater the hold they gain on your mind. Every time you do so, you give the ‘call’ which allows them to approach you. Every time they approach you, they cord you and alter you.

Just to add to your cern info, one of the main things they were doing with Cern, is attempting to open a portal to escape their fate. The other thing, is that the El set it up as a big bomb. Its still rigged. (edit) as far as I know, it is still rigged. Like they rigged Yellowstone.

You are in a server. It is a Virtual Artificially Intelligent, Natural Synthetic, Architecture. Hence the name “Great Architect” which he was not, nor did he create it. What he did do, was Hack it.
This is how the El’s hacked and inserted all those ‘artifacts’ and how they hacked us personally, and replaced our memories. They watch you from an event monitor, and can insert apps into your data stream, which then affect you in the ‘here and now’. Affecting not just memory, but personality traits as well.

The war is between the Father of the branch of Mankind, the One, and the Father of the branch of Snakes, Set/An or Satan, who heads the enemy forces, which are a collective of ‘fallen’ races such as the El (greys) and the Sith (reptilians)  The enemy forces on the planets in our system were subdued, and the planets were filtered, or ‘cleansed’, and placed into an alignment in order for the opening of the gate, so that we can leave.  The system we are in is a ‘construct’ and a multi-layered virtual reality. The images you see are from NASA files. We do not see the planets or space as it really is. NASA lied about everything. We were placed here in an act of war, and now we are about to be rescued and taken back to where we belong.

The money system is part of the slave system the enemy set over us. It does not go forward. You are returned to freedom. Stress of ‘bill(of Exchange Act/Rothschild), money, lack of necessaries or luxuries, are all part of the past.

They want you to ‘forgive’ their esoteric debt. They want you to sit and go “Omm”, and do nothing to stop them. Do not forgive it – that makes YOU assume their debt; understand they will pay for this. The law is, all debt must be paid.

Do not pass it by without comment to do so means you comply/agree with it (lack spine); but know that it is meant to create fear and this is what you need to ‘pass by’. No fear. They give the appearance that this will not end. It is only appearance.

There is a server, which is a computer server. The “Planets” and the images we are commonly given, are the ‘myth’ because they are a virtual reality. Then there is the Spirits, which are there as well, but masked. And yes, the veil is about to lift and you’ll be able to see and understand it all.

You won’t be disappointed. He’s worth the wait. Everyone above, thinks the ONE is special.
The el-ites were stalling, but that is past now. It is progressing, but on the upper level where we don’t really have knowledge of the steps taken, normally, for the transfer. I can only say, that everyone on the subconscious level, has received the FEN. Failure Event Notice. It is sent to everyone, when they are about to pull the electric/power plug and unplug all of us here.

Our Spirit Doubles are in fact our subconscious minds and they know everything. They communicate w/us through dreams, intuition, promptings.

It is however, about to happen. It will not be quite as I described, due to the changes. However, everyone is sealed, everyone is ready.

The next thing is the Global announcement which we’re waiting for, and that is when we get pulled and we all view these evil people flushed down to the pit.

Groundhog day …

The waiting, is now nearly over, and the Global Announcement is in the process of being ‘translated’ down to us.

So hang in there


Native Americans getting final Cobell payments

Signs that things are slowly changing . . . The US government has settled land-use royalties and land claims with a group of Native Indians. -LW

HELENA – Hundreds of thousands of Native Americans have started receiving the final cash payments this week from one of the largest government settlements in U.S. history, about three years after the deal was approved.

Checks ranging from $869 to $10 million were sent beginning Monday to more than 493,000 people by the administrators of the $3.4 billion settlement from a class-action lawsuit filed by Elouise Cobell of Browning.

Some $941 million is being distributed in this second round of payments, plaintiffs’ attorney David Smith said Thursday.

Cobell sued after finding the government squandered billions of dollars in royalties for land it held in trust for individual Indians that was leased for development, exploration or agriculture. The mismanagement stretched back to the 1880s, the lawsuit found.

She died of cancer in 2011, after more than 15 years of doggedly pursuing the lawsuit, rallying Native Americans around the cause and lobbying members of Congress for its approval.

Cobell’s successor at the nonprofit she created, the Native American Community Development Corp., said she regrets that Cobell is not around to see the checks arrive.

“That’s the sad part. You work all those years and to not to see it to fruition is bittersweet,” NACDC executive director Angie Main said Thursday.

Cobell was present when a federal judge approved the settlement just months before her death. But it took years to work through the appeals and then sort through incomplete and erroneous information provided by the government to identify all the beneficiaries.

Some 22,000 people listed in the data provided had died, while 1,000 more listed as dead were still alive, Smith said.

The government data also listed the wrong or no address for three out of four people, he said.

The payments are the second of two distributions in the settlement. The first distributions of $1,000 apiece went to more than 339,000 people. This second, final round of distributions is based on a formula looking at 10 years of the highest earnings on those individual landowners’ accounts.

The settlement also includes a $1.9 billion land buy-back program now underway in which willing landowners sell the government their land allotments to be consolidated and turned over to the tribes.


Fight for the Future and Namecheap have parked a truck with a giant video billboard directly across the street from the FCC!

Have you seen this? Yesterday was the deadline for comments to the FCC on ‘net neutrality. -LW

This just in! We’ve teamed up with our friends at domain registrar Namecheap to bring the overwhelming public outcry for real net neutrality protections directly to the agency’s doorstep.

As the hours count down to the FCC’s net neutrality comment deadline, we have obtained a permit to park a truck with a giant video billboard on top directly across the street from the FCC facing the agency’s headquarters! It’s amazing! We’re attracting tons of attention already.

Got something to say to the FCC? Send us a link to your video and we’ll play it on the billboard!

Are you in Washington, DC? Join us, Free Press, and Popular Resistance on Tuesday, September 16th as we gather near the billboard to call for the FCC to get out of DC and listen to the public! More info here.

We’ll be here until the end of the day Tuesday playing a steady stream of videos about net neutrality. The FCC needs to hear from everyone — but not everyone can make it to DC to speak out. The billboard gives us all a platform from which to speak, just like the free and open Internet!

Internet, send us your videos! Take a short 1-2 minute video of yourself explaining why net neutrality matters to you, and we’ll play it on the billboard for Tom Wheeler and everyone at the FCC. Use the form below to submit your video or email it directly to with the subject line “Billboard submission.”

Need some inspiration for what your net neutrality video should be like? Check out this awesome video that Namecheap made! They’ll be playing it once an hour to make sure the FCC gets the message.

Namecheap gets that Internet Freedom isn’t just a good idea, it’s a critical fight for the future of the entire web. Not only are they making the billboard action possible, but they’re helping raise funds for Fight for the Future to support our ongoing work for net neutrality. Head over to and share the video there and they’ll donate to us each time!

Need more encouragement to submit your own video? Get ready for Harry Potter to break it down for you. Thanks to the Harry Potter Alliance.

See below for some more great photos. More coming soon! Press inquiries contact or call 978-852-6457.

Crowd gathering right now outside the FCC as the billboard attracts attention from press, FCC employees, and passersby.

Folks from Namecheap are there with flyers to talk to FCC employees and pedestrians about why the Internet cares so much about net neutrality.

The billboard directly faces the FCC’s headquarters, and FCC employees can be seen looking down from the windows. Impossible to ignore.

The billboard will play a steady stream of videos in support of Title II net neutrality. Internet users are encouraged to submit videos to play on the billboard through this form.

Photo credits: Namecheap team. These photos are available for use by press.


VIDEO American Delusion: Distracted, Diverted and Insulated from the Grim Reality of the Police State

(The video is at the bottom of the article)

obama-sunglassesSeptember 03, 2014 By John W. Whitehead

“In the age of advanced technology, spiritual devastation is more likely to come from an enemy with a smiling face than from one whose countenance exudes suspicion and hate. In the Huxleyan prophecy, Big Brother does not watch us, by his choice. We watch him, by ours. There is no need for wardens or gates or Ministries of Truth. When a population becomes distracted by trivia, when cultural life is redefined as a perpetual round of entertainments, when serious public conversation becomes a form of baby talk, when, in short, a people become an audience and their public business a vaudeville act, then a nation finds itself at risk: culture-death is a clear possibility.”—Author Neil Postman

Caught up in the uproar over this year’s latest hullabaloo—militarized police in Ferguson, tanks on Main Street and ISIS—Americans have not only largely forgotten last year’s hullabaloo over the NSA and government surveillance but are generally foggy about everything that has happened in between.

Then again, so much has happened in the year since Edward Snowden first appeared on the national scene that it’s understandable if the average American has a hard time keeping up with and remembering all of the “events,” manufactured or otherwise, which occur like clockwork and keep us distracted, deluded, amused, and insulated from the reality of the American police state.

This is not to say that many of these events are not critical or important. However, when we’re being bombarded with wall-to-wall news coverage and news cycles that change every few days, it’s difficult to stay focused on one thing—namely, holding the government accountable to abiding by the rule of law—and the powers-that-be understand this.

In fact, Professor Jacques Ellul studied this phenomenon of overwhelming news, short memories and the use of propaganda to advance hidden agendas. “One thought drives away another; old facts are chased by new ones,” wrote Ellul.

Under these conditions there can be no thought. And, in fact, modern man does not think about current problems; he feels them. He reacts, but he does not understand them any more than he takes responsibility for them. He is even less capable of spotting any inconsistency between successive facts; man’s capacity to forget is unlimited. This is one of the most important and useful points for the propagandists, who can always be sure that a particular propaganda theme, statement, or event will be forgotten within a few weeks.”

Consider if you will the regularly scheduled trivia and/or distractions that have kept us tuned into the various breaking news headlines and entertainment spectacles and tuned out to the government’s steady encroachments on our freedoms:

In late August / early September, we were treated to Justin Bieber’s run-in with police after a bout of reckless driving, the FBI’s investigation into the leaking of celebrities’ nude photos, Brad and Angelina’s wedding, James Foley’s carefully staged beheading, Robin Williams’ unfortunate suicide, the riots in Ferguson over the police shooting of an unarmed black man, growing threats from ISIS, and the ALS ice bucket challenge sensation.

That was preceded by reports of immigrant children flooding over the border, Israel and Hamas’ on-again, off-again fighting, Germany’s victory in the World Cup, Ebola breakouts in West Africa, the Malaysian Airlines passenger jet crash in Ukraine, the exchange by the U.S. of five Taliban prisoners for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the growing legalization of same-sex marriage by the states, and the kidnapping of 280 Nigerian girls for use as sex slaves.

Before that, there was the shooting rampage by an Iraq war veteran at the Fort Hood Army base, the uproar over LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks, the Veterans Administration’s failure to provide timely care to vets, Russia and the U.S. in a tug of war over control of Crimea, the disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines flight—this one en route to China, the 2014 Winter Olympics hosted by Russia, the Seattle Seahawks’ first ever win at the Super Bowl, Gov. Chris Christie’s role in the George Washington Bridge lane closings scandal, and the outpouring of tributes over the death of Nelson Mandela.

No less traumatic and distracting were the preceding months’ newsworthy events, which included a devastating typhoon in the Philippines, France and Germany’s displeasure over the NSA spying on its people and leaders, the U.S. government’s 16-day shutdown over Obamacare, public opposition to President Obama’s plans to take military action against Syria over its alleged use of chemical weapons, another shooting rampage—this time at the Washington Navy Yard, Russia’s granting of asylum to Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning’s announcement that he is in fact Chelsea Manning, which came a day after he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified documents, the birth of a new prince to British royals William and Kate, George Zimmerman’s acquittal of murdering Trayvon Martin, the Supreme Court’s striking down of the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional, and Edward Snowden’s leaking the first of what would turn into a more-than-yearlong series of revelations about the government’s illegal surveillance programs.

As I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, these sleight-of-hand distractions and diversions are how you control a population, either inadvertently or intentionally, advancing your agenda without much opposition from the citizenry. But what exactly has the government been doing while we’ve been so cooperatively fixated on whatever current sensation happens to be monopolizing the mainstream “news” shows?

If properly disclosed and consistently reported on, the sheer volume of the government’s activities, which undermine the Constitution and dance close to the edge of outright illegality, would inevitably give rise to a sea change in how business is conducted in our seats of power.

Surely Americans would be outraged over the government’s plan to turn our most casual statements into hate crimes using Truthy, a $1 million online database being created to track “misinformation” and hate speech on Twitter, as well as “detect political smears, astroturfing, misinformation, and other social pollution.” Or that the Pentagon is spending millions to find ways to put down social unrest, starting with lawful First Amendment free speech protests.

There would be no end to the uproar if Americans understood the origins of ISIS, the latest hobgoblin in the government’s war on terror, whose funding appears to track back to the CIA, which helped fund its guerilla tactics in Syria.

Parents would be livid if they had any inkling about the school-to-prison pipeline, namely, how the public schools are being transformed from institutions of learning to prison-like factories, complete with armed police and surveillance cameras, aimed at churning out compliant test-takers rather than independent-minded citizens.

Taxpayers would be up in arms over the government’s end-run tactics to avoid abiding by the rule of law, whether by outsourcing illegal surveillance activities to defense contractors or outsourcing inhumane torture to foreign countries.

And one would hope American citizens would be incensed about being treated like prisoners in an electronic concentration camp, their every movement monitored, tracked and recorded by a growing government surveillance network that runs the gamut from traffic cameras and police body cameras to facial recognition software and the armed surveillance drones that will soon blanket American skies.

Unfortunately, while much of this information can be discovered through a focused study of alternative media reports, it does require quite a bit of digging and even more determination on the part of the citizenry to take an active role in their governance—which, of course, is the key to maintaining freedom.

Professor Morris Berman suggests that the problems plaguing us as a nation—particularly as they relate to the government—have less to do with our inattention to corruption than our sanctioning, tacit or not, of such activities. “It seems to me,” writes Berman, “that the people do get the government they deserve, and even beyond that, the government who they are, so to speak. In that regard, we might consider, as an extreme version of this… that Hitler was as much an expression of the German people at that point in time as he was a departure from them.”

So where does that leave us?

As legendary television journalist Edward R. Murrow warned, “Unless we get up off our fat surpluses and recognize that television in the main is being used to distract, delude, amuse, and insulate us, then television and those who finance it, those who look at it, and those who work at it, may see a totally different picture too late.”

Filmmaker John Carpenter delivers this same warning in his film They Live, in which a deluded, blinded, indoctrinated, enslaved populace finds that the only way to break free of their oppressors is by donning a pair of special Hoffman sunglasses. Only then are they able to see clearly and distinguish between what is real and what is a carefully fabricated and expansive lie designed to keep them sated, satisfied, distracted and in the dark.

If we do not awaken to the truth and open our eyes soon, then we may well find ourselves staring at a far different, far less pleasant picture before long, and by then, it will be too late to alter our reality.

Time to don a pair of Hoffman sunglasses?


After two cops attempted to enter his home without a warrant, Avel Amarel stands up for his rights and sends them away





Changes: A Note from BP

As summer winds down and cycles end and begin anew for Gaia and those who dwell with her, cycles of my own are winding down and revving up.

I have been in the same place and stagnant in many respects for approaching ten years, and it’s time for positive change. Time for a shakeup!

My full attention is required in multiple places, like a possible out-of-state move and the research that entails and seeking employment. At this juncture, to keep peace in the valley I can’t continue to devote time to this blog.

Since StarshipEarth:The Big Picture is a significant part of my life and reflects over two years of effort and many people rely on this stream of information and supported the financial end of the WordPress platform, I don’t feel comfortable simply deleting it.

Remember, there are currently 4,163 posts you can reference for great information. Just use the search tool at the top left of the page.

And then of course there are the friends I have here, whom I will surely miss.

As much as I would like for this aspect of the situation to remain status quo, things do have a way of dropping away, adding themselves and morphing in life, so I will take it in stride as best I can.

I tried unsuccessfully to find an associate blogger who could take over for me, leaving things exactly as they are now, and settled for the next best thing.

Lightworker29501 at WordPress blog ‘Our New World‘ will be posting articles as he can, bless his heart. He has a far greater interest and understanding of the financial sector than I and will certainly keep you apprised about the RV/GCR, etc. among other things.

Unfortunately, I will have to shut down comments but let’s anticipate that this is a temporary adjustment to accommodate the Universe’s grand plan for us.

One thing is for certain; whether I am blogging or not, that grand plan will continue to unfold on schedule.

You’ve seen me say countless times… “Everything happens for a reason” and “There are no accidents”, and I believe the Universe DOES conspire in our favour so I will simply say “so long for now”, and you will not be far from my thoughts.

Here is a parting article that is particularly insightful.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Molly  (BP)


Mica Update for July 10, 2014

June 2014 019 Since there’s little world news worth discussing, I’ll do a six month update.

My baby is a baby no more.  He looks a lot like Morgan in this first photo, and he’s almost as big as Morgan was as an adult and he’s only 27 weeks. Everyone we meet says the same thing: “He’s gonna be big.”

We found four of those little needle-teeth lying around and Mica now has a mouth full of beautiful big-boy choppers that aren’t nearly so deadly. I still have scars on my legs from his mouthing of toys as he pushes them up against me while I’m walking. We’re trying hard to break that habit now. Well, at least I am.

June 2014 004Below he poses with the puppy crate I brought him home in; from 12 to 62 pounds in 4 months—and still growing. I don’t know when he’s going to grow into those enormous feet.

July 2014 005Today he went to the vet a male, and shall return a eunuch. Bye, bye boys!

Hopefully that will calm him down a little, but mostly, I hope he stops humping.  I must say, though, that when we hit that six month mark, he seemed to get a little more obedient and better behaved suddenly.

Prior to that he was spending a lot of time in the penalty box and was so stubborn I was beginning to wonder if he would ever submit.

Exercize is so important. And he still brings in the newspapers to earn his keep.

July 2014 003Now that the monsoons are here it’s been very cloudy and cooler so we’ve been going for long walks in the washes at 6:00 am and to my astonishment and joy, Mica is really good off-leash.

We take along training treats and he doesn’t wander off and comes when called, refrains from munching on road apples and trots around at his chosen speed while I have a leisurely stroll in the sand.

This morning a coyote crossed our path in the wash and for a moment Mica looked as though he was considering running after him, but I told him No, Sit, and he did.

We’ve also been going to the nearest dog park—almost 25 minutes away—for the past two months and he’s learning to play and socialize. There have been a few unpleasant encounters, however.

A few weeks ago a pony resembling an Irish wolf hound went after Mica’s neck and was biting his ear and wouldn’t let him up. Mica is very submissive and if another dog intimidates him he lies down or even rolls over, belly to the breeze. Uncle!

Mica closeup2 run dog parkI finally had to grab that monster’s collar to pull him off and he growled at me. Wished I’d had a saddle.

Another day a small, senior mutt was short on patience and when Mica went to say hello they gave a warning growl. When Mica didn’t get the message and went back, they bit him on the nose and he ran away yelping in fear. I don’t think it hurt very much, just scared him, or maybe his nose was still sensitive from the snake bite, I don’t know.

The first visit to the park was the best. Mica was running in a friendly pack across the field and one of them gave him an unintentional hip check and down he went. He was so shocked he just laid there, playing dead, while all the other dogs had continued on. Wished I’d had a camera.

Mica is a real water baby now, as you can imagine, having such an early start. He’s a super-fast swimmer and tries hard to catch Dad. His best performance is while chasing the skimmer net across the pool. Everything is a toy or a game when you’re a puppy.

July 2014 048He’s really smart and stands on his hind legs to get his pool toys out of the skimmer, and Dad is teaching him to fetch toys under water.

Will Mica be a deep-water diver like Morgan? We’ll see. He certainly loves towel time as much as Morgan did.

Mica towel in mouth

Mica has um…’interesting’ ways of communicating. For instance, when swimming and fetching toys in the evening, he often starts biting me and growling. That usually means he is tired and wants to go to his room for awhile and chill.

We had to get out the wire crate for him this week as the plastic airline crate was too hot and too short so now he has a big-boy room to go to with a comfy mattress in it.

July 2014 024 The other morning we took Mica kayaking for the first time. While he’s an angel driving in the truck, he was really antsy and couldn’t sit still, even though I’d taken him for a walk very early. I have to keep reminding myself that although he’s a BIG dog, he is only a young pup and always learning.

The sun was climbing and lighting the cliffs and after a brief paddle we went back to the beach, not wanting to push it the first time. Mica enjoyed a swim with Dad and then hopped along the shore in the shallow water for the sheer fun of it.

We had our introductory storm of the season a week or so ago and Mica responded to the high wind and sighing trees—and when the skies opened—the sight, sound and smell of rain. It was his first ever and he went outside for the full experience. Next day he encountered his first puddles.

We’re getting to be smarter dog owners and since this puppy’s favourite treat is a bully ring and they’re expensive at the feed store, we ordered a box on the Internet wholesale. Grass-fed and all natural. I also found what I believe to be some decent quality dog food I can buy in larger bags than I can at the chains for a MUCH better price AND have it delivered free from Goober Pet Direct, so Mica is set for awhile.

July 2014 012We’ve had no more rattlesnakes but we have a beautiful green, red-headed lizard we see on the patio a lot who is becoming quite tame.

Now you’re up to date, and I’m looking forward to camping in the fall, but ready to enjoy summer and the glorious monsoons, first. Can you see the double rainbow?

Life is definitely more interesting when you have a little soul to coach and coddle. As a neighbour pointed out last week, the only problem with dogs is that they don’t live to be thirty. But that is about to change.  ~ BP