Changes: A Note from BP

As summer winds down and cycles end and begin anew for Gaia and those who dwell with her, cycles of my own are winding down and revving up.

I have been in the same place and stagnant in many respects for approaching ten years, and it’s time for positive change. Time for a shakeup!

My full attention is required in multiple places, like a possible out-of-state move and the research that entails and seeking employment. At this juncture, to keep peace in the valley I can’t continue to devote time to this blog.

Since StarshipEarth:The Big Picture is a significant part of my life and reflects over two years of effort and many people rely on this stream of information and supported the financial end of the WordPress platform, I don’t feel comfortable simply deleting it.

Remember, there are currently 4,163 posts you can reference for great information. Just use the search tool at the top left of the page.

And then of course there are the friends I have here, whom I will surely miss.

As much as I would like for this aspect of the situation to remain status quo, things do have a way of dropping away, adding themselves and morphing in life, so I will take it in stride as best I can.

I tried unsuccessfully to find an associate blogger who could take over for me, leaving things exactly as they are now, and settled for the next best thing.

Lightworker29501 at WordPress blog ‘Our New World‘ will be posting articles as he can, bless his heart. He has a far greater interest and understanding of the financial sector than I and will certainly keep you apprised about the RV/GCR, etc. among other things.

Unfortunately, I will have to shut down comments but let’s anticipate that this is a temporary adjustment to accommodate the Universe’s grand plan for us.

One thing is for certain; whether I am blogging or not, that grand plan will continue to unfold on schedule.

You’ve seen me say countless times… “Everything happens for a reason” and “There are no accidents”, and I believe the Universe DOES conspire in our favour so I will simply say “so long for now”, and you will not be far from my thoughts.

Here is a parting article that is particularly insightful.

Love, Light and Laughter,

Molly  (BP)


Mica Update for July 10, 2014

June 2014 019 Since there’s little world news worth discussing, I’ll do a six month update.

My baby is a baby no more.  He looks a lot like Morgan in this first photo, and he’s almost as big as Morgan was as an adult and he’s only 27 weeks. Everyone we meet says the same thing: “He’s gonna be big.”

We found four of those little needle-teeth lying around and Mica now has a mouth full of beautiful big-boy choppers that aren’t nearly so deadly. I still have scars on my legs from his mouthing of toys as he pushes them up against me while I’m walking. We’re trying hard to break that habit now. Well, at least I am.

June 2014 004Below he poses with the puppy crate I brought him home in; from 12 to 62 pounds in 4 months—and still growing. I don’t know when he’s going to grow into those enormous feet.

July 2014 005Today he went to the vet a male, and shall return a eunuch. Bye, bye boys!

Hopefully that will calm him down a little, but mostly, I hope he stops humping.  I must say, though, that when we hit that six month mark, he seemed to get a little more obedient and better behaved suddenly.

Prior to that he was spending a lot of time in the penalty box and was so stubborn I was beginning to wonder if he would ever submit.

Exercize is so important. And he still brings in the newspapers to earn his keep.

July 2014 003Now that the monsoons are here it’s been very cloudy and cooler so we’ve been going for long walks in the washes at 6:00 am and to my astonishment and joy, Mica is really good off-leash.

We take along training treats and he doesn’t wander off and comes when called, refrains from munching on road apples and trots around at his chosen speed while I have a leisurely stroll in the sand.

This morning a coyote crossed our path in the wash and for a moment Mica looked as though he was considering running after him, but I told him No, Sit, and he did.

We’ve also been going to the nearest dog park—almost 25 minutes away—for the past two months and he’s learning to play and socialize. There have been a few unpleasant encounters, however.

A few weeks ago a pony resembling an Irish wolf hound went after Mica’s neck and was biting his ear and wouldn’t let him up. Mica is very submissive and if another dog intimidates him he lies down or even rolls over, belly to the breeze. Uncle!

Mica closeup2 run dog parkI finally had to grab that monster’s collar to pull him off and he growled at me. Wished I’d had a saddle.

Another day a small, senior mutt was short on patience and when Mica went to say hello they gave a warning growl. When Mica didn’t get the message and went back, they bit him on the nose and he ran away yelping in fear. I don’t think it hurt very much, just scared him, or maybe his nose was still sensitive from the snake bite, I don’t know.

The first visit to the park was the best. Mica was running in a friendly pack across the field and one of them gave him an unintentional hip check and down he went. He was so shocked he just laid there, playing dead, while all the other dogs had continued on. Wished I’d had a camera.

Mica is a real water baby now, as you can imagine, having such an early start. He’s a super-fast swimmer and tries hard to catch Dad. His best performance is while chasing the skimmer net across the pool. Everything is a toy or a game when you’re a puppy.

July 2014 048He’s really smart and stands on his hind legs to get his pool toys out of the skimmer, and Dad is teaching him to fetch toys under water.

Will Mica be a deep-water diver like Morgan? We’ll see. He certainly loves towel time as much as Morgan did.

Mica towel in mouth

Mica has um…’interesting’ ways of communicating. For instance, when swimming and fetching toys in the evening, he often starts biting me and growling. That usually means he is tired and wants to go to his room for awhile and chill.

We had to get out the wire crate for him this week as the plastic airline crate was too hot and too short so now he has a big-boy room to go to with a comfy mattress in it.

July 2014 024 The other morning we took Mica kayaking for the first time. While he’s an angel driving in the truck, he was really antsy and couldn’t sit still, even though I’d taken him for a walk very early. I have to keep reminding myself that although he’s a BIG dog, he is only a young pup and always learning.

The sun was climbing and lighting the cliffs and after a brief paddle we went back to the beach, not wanting to push it the first time. Mica enjoyed a swim with Dad and then hopped along the shore in the shallow water for the sheer fun of it.

We had our introductory storm of the season a week or so ago and Mica responded to the high wind and sighing trees—and when the skies opened—the sight, sound and smell of rain. It was his first ever and he went outside for the full experience. Next day he encountered his first puddles.

We’re getting to be smarter dog owners and since this puppy’s favourite treat is a bully ring and they’re expensive at the feed store, we ordered a box on the Internet wholesale. Grass-fed and all natural. I also found what I believe to be some decent quality dog food I can buy in larger bags than I can at the chains for a MUCH better price AND have it delivered free from Goober Pet Direct, so Mica is set for awhile.

July 2014 012We’ve had no more rattlesnakes but we have a beautiful green, red-headed lizard we see on the patio a lot who is becoming quite tame.

Now you’re up to date, and I’m looking forward to camping in the fall, but ready to enjoy summer and the glorious monsoons, first. Can you see the double rainbow?

Life is definitely more interesting when you have a little soul to coach and coddle. As a neighbour pointed out last week, the only problem with dogs is that they don’t live to be thirty. But that is about to change.  ~ BP



Two Urgent Calls for Help from Our Online Community on July 3rd

I’ve heard two pleas for assistance in the past 12 hours or so and decided to pass them on so that anyone who can help, or knows someone that can help, may relieve some of the burden on these poor souls. I feel so helpless. I hope the angels are listening.

Beginning with the most dire:

1.  A dear reader of this blog finds himself in Las Vegas—HE’S NOT GAMBLING—DON’T GO THERE!—through an unfortunate set of circumstances, finds himself with nowhere to live.

He went there to work in a casino because he hasn’t been able to find work in Washington state where he lived and was willing to go where the work is.

To flesh out the details, here is some of what he wrote last night: (I hope you don’t mind me sharing this, but I don’t know a better way to help you, Todd.)

“I’m in Las Vegas dealing the World Series of Poker, and am finding changes foisted upon me and my life that will test my stamina and sanity.  The ‘girlfriend’ I’m staying with here has turned a 180 on me, and no longer is in need of my friendship or services.  At the same time, my lodging in Spokane has vanished, so I find myself suddenly homeless, sigh.  After expenses I have  very little money to find a new home, job, and/or community of like minded people who are willing to take me in.  I will work for food and housing, but at 58 yrs. old am unable to physically last more than a few hours without a break.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.  I am okay mentally and spiritually, and know that somehow I will be where I’m needed.  I guess it’s time for a grand adventure and I have no fear, only Love for those I’m leaving.  Do you know of a commune perhaps, or have contacts with anyone that could use an able body until I find work?  As I am dedicating myself to service to others, my needs are small, and I still feel passionate about aiding in the awakening of humanity.  I was intending to start a blog when I returned to Spokane, but that may have to be on hold for now.  I’m also contacting others to figure out where to go.

So grateful for your friendship dearest, and have been out of the loop on line since coming here in May.  I know there is a place for me somewhere where I can make a difference, and maybe teach or something.  My passion and gift of writing may be another avenue.  At this point I am trusting in the Divine plan to show me my way, ;).”

If you can offer any solutions for Todd, please leave a comment to this post and I’ll put you in touch with this struggling gentle man.

2. This one is a less desperate situation, but Dani at ‘Removing the Shackles’ blog has some cats that need new homes in the Toronto, Canada area.

She posted this today, and you can read her post directly by clicking here .

“The final note for today is a personal request that is very emotional for me.  For the past year since our family moved to Morocco, one of my best friends has been looking after our cats.  We had hoped to be able to ship our cats to Morocco to be with us, but that hasn’t worked out, nor is it in the best interest for our feline family members.   After a year of loving care, my friend can no longer look after them any more as they are moving. We cannot bring them here, and so we need to find them a new loving permanent home. They are in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario Canada.  If you know someone who would like to adopt two loving  cats, please contact Nick at (…since I can’t get into my email account).  Mobius is a Grey and Black tabby striped boy  who is 2 years old and neutered.  Iggy is a 14 month old boy who is white with coloured tabby spots.  Both boys are indoor cats and unvaccinated, they are use to being around lots of kids and love to play- but are NOT good with dogs.   I am hoping that one of my GTA readers will be able to help us find them a new home with a family who will love them as much as we do.   Because of my communications “issues”, this matter has become an urgent need!”


The challenges that are arising for so many of us these days are staggering. Something simply HAS to give!  If all you can do is shower these folks with love-light, please do that.

Thank you everyone.  ~ BP


Odd Military Maneuvers in Arizona on July 1st, 2014

Update: July 1, 8:57 pm: A reader supplied this link. Seems like fear-mongering to some degree. Look at the photo. I didn’t feel anything here in southern Arizona. Perhaps the second troop of helicopters was on the way to peruse the area along the lakes and dams of the Salt River.  Recommend you read the comments below.  ~ BP

This was a first, and on the first. These are terrible pictures as I wasn’t prepared with the iPad with a partially blocked lens. They look like insects.

At 10:45 this morning I heard a familiar but bigger-than-usual rumble, and watched as EIGHT Apaches picked their way across the chemtrail-free sky to the south, with a Chinook slightly behind.  (We haven’t had chemtrails in over two weeks other than perhaps just one day.)

I’ve seen two Apaches and a Chinook together before, but never this many.

8 apaches

In formation, they took the familiar route toward Florence, Arizona—home of the prison and a FEMA camp.

Were they transporting prisoners? Is it cabal-related or border issues related? Just maneuvers? Training? Testing new machines?  It’s definitely out of the ordinary and too far north for actual border patrol.


Then, at 12:05 pm, to the north of us this time, six Apaches, followed a good five minutes later by a Chinook.  Same gang? I don’t know.

The other day I saw 4 military jets flying out of formation in a northwesterly direction towards Scottsdale and wondered if there’s an airshow coming up… or is it something else?

And speaking of the military, when I met a friend and confidante for coffee this week to turn over the 5 (whoopee-do) signatures I collected on the Right to Know petition, there was a tanned and camouflaged fellow sitting outside Starbucks.

He affirmed that I could ask him a question, but when I enquired as to his stand on gun control, he didn’t miss a beat and replied, “I don’t talk about politics, ma’am.”

I said, “Well what do you and your friends think about—” and he cut me off. “I don’t talk about politics, ma’am. I just support the nation.” The personality of a carrot.

I went inside where there were a couple more guys in fatigues and caps getting their drinks. When I told Jane about the exchange she said, “Super-soldier.  Just repeating like a robot? Super-soldier.”

Interesting. Doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies about the military. Missing the human element and too much like an automaton—the kind that shoot first and ask questions later.  ~ BP

Now Here’s an Argument… [video]

As Cobra said in his recent interview with Rob Potter, it’s one thing to surf the Net collecting information, but we need use that information and actually DO something to get us out of  the pickle we’re in. We need to spend time doing things that MATTER.

I’d rather watch other people argue than argue myself. Now that I’ve got that off my chest… we can get back to business, while keeping it Light.  ;0)


I’ll Be a Guest on Revolution Radio/Odyssey Radio Mon. June 9th

One never knows what lies around the corner, and out of the blue (or so it seems) I’ve been invited to join medical intuitive, psychic and author Candia Sanders on her radio show tomorrow night.

The book cover of Soul Rays

Candia is on the road promoting her new book and she is one fascinating lady—a gifted healer with a delightful sense of humour. She signs off her emails with “cosmic goodies”… had to laugh.

I hope to meet Candia face to face later this month when she holds workshops here in the Valley of the Sun.

Candia’s blog

We have a lot in common and it should be a fun evening, beginning 8 pm Pacific Daylight Time on Freedom Slips, “Odyssey Radio with Mike”. That’s in “STUDIO B”.  Candia is not yet listed as a host on the program on the Freedom Slips website. You can listen free via the Internet.

The program with Mike begins at 7:00 (10:00 EDT), but Candia and I will be on at 8 PDT, the second hour, after the ads.

If you can’t make it live, you will be able to listen to the archived call, I think.  If so, I’ll post the link here later.