Morgan Update: Dec. 23, 2013

Mo with cold pack

Mo with a cold pack for swelling

We don’t yet see evidence of Morgan’s healing in the physical, but we are still expecting those miracles.

We continue to clear negative energies and visualize his rising like the phoenix. We could sure use your help if you have a moment to send love and healing energies.

Morgan is struggling to be normal, and only presents brief snatches of his former self occasionally. He is exhausted, and prefers to be outside.

His glands are all extremely swollen.

Of course, when company arrives he is alert and maybe on his feet, but often remains lying down, and that is very telling.

Fortunately his aunt dotes on him and has sat stroking him for 45 minutes straight.

He is finding it increasingly difficult to get up off the floor, but the rough patio is much easier. He is shaky on his hind legs when walking and won’t go for walks any more.

Morgan’s appetite has changed. Now that the Prednisone is out of his system he isn’t eating as much and is very choosy about what he will eat.

The stews I have been making for over a year are no longer embraced very often, and we have to feed him with our fingers. Morgan prefers little chunks of things like raw veggies, liver, boiled egg—all fed by our loving hands—especially Dad’s. He even turned down the organic cheese once.

I think the next course of action is meatballs cooked lightly in coconut oil; turkey, beef, sardines, mixed with brown or black rice, some greens, sweet potato or crushed garbanzo beans, hemp oil, and a little garlic power. He even ate raw mushrooms last night when dusted with garlic powder.

For a treat he had half a home-made dog biscuit—but only because a neighbour sent over a small Christmas tin for him.

I continue to be creative to ensure I can administer at least his most important supplements and optimizers, but it’s hard when I can’t toss them in the stew in his dish and have to hide them.

Fortunately he is still willing to drink the MSM and colloidal silver mixed with beef broth and phytoplankton. I don’t think he’s keen on Zeolite drops as they have a curious aroma.

We’ve added Laminine capsules now, as I’m willing to try anything. We’ll see if this “stem cell” treatment that many experienced remarkable results with helps Morgan. He’s also taking MegaHydrate and drinks and eliminates a lot, and that’s of the utmost importance.

HappyHolidaysA very Merry Christmas from our house to yours. Be well, and expect miracles!

Those who know what’s going on with the cabal aren’t at liberty to share what they know just yet, but it’s coming.