Some Very Interesting UFO Activity Linking Right into Place over Syria [video]

Hello? Is anybody out there? Man, it’s been quiet lately. Kind of eerie. And there have been all sorts of odd things going on with electronics, TV broadcasts, etc. I read something, somewhere in the last few days that said we can expect plenty of that as old Sol’s pole shift develops.

The folks at Syncrenicity have put together an interesting piece, mostly video.

Is the New World Order deranged enough to think they can still pull off a fake alien invasion at this point?  What do YOU think?

At this point we have no idea what kind of ships they may have perfected.

COBRA said an invasion would never happen. Won’t be permitted.

So many of us would be laughing our guts out at a pathetic ploy like that. I think it just might trigger The Event!  Do it! DO IT! Bring it on!  ~ BP


Sync Info: Clearly Some Very Interesting UFO Activity Linking Right Into Place Over Syria. Can We Say It Look’s Like A – F. F. A. I. Prelude? (Video)

“False Flag Alien Invasion – (F. F. A. I.)”


Sync has warned many many times that we have technologies “they” are not telling you about.  Previously, (as in many posts in Sync Archives.)  There are links to some of them there for your edification or other lower down the page.

From Ralf Ring, Otis T Carr, Professor Johnathon Searl and many more have indeed developed, flown and demonstrated their designs in these technologies time and time again, all of which have been stolen by the Industrial Military Complex (Jesuit Based.)  We know these things and we know how they plan to use them to “Trick” the populations into a full blown “New Wold Order” of global control where everything you do is controlled and regulated to the MAX.  Consciousness is rising very fast and we know why, we are waking up!

We show you the “Tools” they plan to use and how they plan to use them from smart Meters to Microchips, H. A. A. R. P. and many other aspects of the “Plan” so you have had the information and it’s encoded all around you to see.  The Solutions to ALL of the problems are here for the taking and the opportunity to take them is right there in your hands.  The only question remains Will You?  What can you do?  Simple, just,

Help Us To Get The Information Out To As Many As People As Possible. That’s It.

The Point is will most of the people fall for this? Obviously those who “know” won’t be rushing to the BBC to get our “news” will we…

The Scenario is below and the “News” is the next few videos down.  Thank you for helping others awaken…


Please go to to see all the other videos…

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