UFO Lands in China with Aviator?

One of the highlights of my holiday season this year was my mother’s unquenchable taste for information and truth via my iPad.

I shared several articles and favourite videos with her from my blog and found that most of the videos had been terminated. I Googled  them, however, and found replacements, which I’ll use to update my posts.

One reader provided me with a link to a replacement video, too, and I’m very grateful for that. Thank you, Erin!

When I was able to show my mother the crash of a flying saucer, an up-close-and-personal liftoff, the WWII German flugelrads in Antarctica, orbs making crop circles, photos from the moon and Mars, pyramids laid out to match constellations and the spectacular arrival and departure of the ship over Temple Mount in Jerusalem, she was astounded at what has been withheld from The People.

What really reeled her in, though, was the interview of the 1947 Roswell crashed saucer pilot, Airl, through Army Nurse Matilda McElroy. Mum always knew there had been a coverup of the ship that crashed there. She wanted to read the book and transcript and spent hours on that but ran out of time before she left. Airl’s version of our history was enthralling, and something Mum will be reviewing in her mind to come to terms with it and formulate a new personal truth.

The following video was posted recently. The comments on YouTube are nearly all in favour of a fake. What do YOU think?