Alaska’s ‘Dark Pyramid’

I can’t recall which channeled message recently mentioned that the existence of a pyramid or pyramids in Alaska will be confirmed, but I happened to stumble on this info and it rang a bell. It’s the first I’ve heard of anything like this in Alaska.

Here is evidence of just one more government cover-up, and an intriguing one. There are no photos, unfortunately, because it’s a subterranean pyramid and still denied but from the intel we DO have, it’s a doozie—and not only because it exceeds the size of the largest Giza pyramid.

Linda Moulton Howe presents much damning evidence including photos, maps and mp3s. I think we have something exciting to look forward to with regard to this one.

Unfortunately, reproduction of any of Linda’s info is prohibited, so you’ll have to visit her site to learn about the “Dark Pyramid” Underground in Alaska.

It’s well worth the trip, I think, as there is so much information that it’s handled in several parts and updated as available.

Note that the info on Linda’s site will be archived after 120 days and unavailable to those who are not subscribers.

You can, of course, Google more info from other sites who covered this story.

For an update from Jan 3, 2013, click here.