The Law Hidden from Americans for 200 Years; the REAL 13th Amendment

William Wagener does a lot of important videos that share truth about the current circumstances in the U.S. A. 

For example, he exposed the rigging of the Diebold Voting Machines.

Here’s another video he’s produced to share a secret the U.S. Government doesn’t want the citizens to know.

Proof by Certification by State Archives of N.H. that in 1812, at least 6 states had ratified the ANTI-LAWYER Amendment; basically preventing anyone who had a BAR membership, accepted a title of Nobility form foreign King, Prince, Power from even being a US Citizen, much less holding any OFFICE . This has been hidden since Pres. Abe Lincoln erroneously named the ANTI-Slavery amendment the “13th”, when actually that one from the Civil War was the 14th ratified amendment.