Time Sensitive: Webinar with Rod Class

I think this is something a lot of people will find value in and will help them get out of a jam if they’re involved in the corrupt courts. -LW

From: Andrew Bartzis <andrewbartzis@galactichistorian.com>

Date: August 30, 2014 at 9:14:12 PM MST

Subject: Last Call! Explosive information Rod Class has uncovered in his Landmark DC Case.


You are still on time to register to the Rod Class webinar tomorrow Sunday 31st at 5:00pm PST / 8:00pmEST!

Rod Class has been running his popular AIB Radio Show since 2006.  I’ve been a regular researcher/participant for most of those years.

During those years, I’ve watched more and more people get caught up in Court Dramas:  Millions upon millions have lost their homes while the headlines are full of fraudulent practices by Banks “Too big to fail:”  Robo-signers; MERS scandals; BOA and Countrywide and Deutch Bank have had to pay massive fines; Nationstar and other third-party Servicers get slapped on the wrist but keep dragging homeowners into court.

Traffic cops hide on the corner just waiting to pounce while municipalities rake in excessive fines against their own citizens;

Child Support Liens regularly end in Debtor’s Prisons for those with less than $1.00 in their bank accounts;

Year after year, I’ve seen far too many people called into Court who simply do not have any idea what to do.

First, the Court Experience is so traumatic people let fear and intimidation keep them from acting.  They don’t have the funds, nor the time, to do the proper research to figure out what to do.

Or, second, they’re paralyzed by the possibility that they’ll spend months – or even years – of their lives having to write paperwork, or stand up to the Judge, or make excuses to their relatives why they are always in court.   Sometimes it feels easier to do nothing than to take the simple steps to open your mind to the true nature of the courts, and to find ways to prevail in spite of the fear factor.

My Co-Host, Andrew Bartzis and I, have seen these problems time and time again.  We get emails from our listeners on a regular basis.  We know how great the need is.  We’ve decided to do a special online event to show you EXACTLY how to get yourself unstuck in this area.

We’ll be doing this webinar with our friend Rod Class, the most persistent Private Attorney General and Bounty Hunter you could ever hope to meet.

He uncovered massive fraud in the court system, and he determined to do something about it.  What he has discovered will make you determined to join our Team to do something about it, too.  And if you, or someone you know, is caught up in any kind of Court Drama, this is the kind of information that will provide valuable information you MUST have for your own sanity.

Go here to check out the webinar details (the event is 100% gratis):

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As soon as you register, we have a special BONUS I can’t wait to share with you.

WE WILL EMAIL YOU YOUR BONUS AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER: One of our listeners shared how a 20-year old Sovereign in Training got his Traffic Citation handled without a fine or penalty or without coming into the Jurisdiction of the Corporations posing as Court Officials, in Atlanta, Georgia, in June, 2014.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PDF.  It has information you need for your next Traffic Ticket!

BACK TO THE WEBINAR:  You have to realize that Rod Class is THE # 1 RECOGNIZED Expert on how to back the prosecutor and the Judge into a corner and hold them accountable to the rule of law.  How he did it, and how you can learn his techniques, is what this Webinar is all about.

Follow him into his court case; read his paperwork.  We’ll tell you how to access his paperwork.  We’ll send you to sites so you can see for yourself what he uncovered in this Landmark DC Case.

You can learn his methods.  Learn how to read any legal papers you get served.

It isn’t really that difficult the way Rod Class lays it out for you.

Rod Class stands tall as one extraordinary American who dug in his heels and determined to teach himself the law.  His example will delight.  The level of understanding he brings to this subject will astound you.  You will not leave this Webinar untouched.

Once you understand the source of the court dramas, you will know what you must do to change the power structure within this country.

The power belongs to We, the People.  Governance Of, By, and For the People is our Birthright.  It’s past time we claim it.

Remember, this Webinar we’re putting on with Rod Class won’t cost you a dime, and I hope you join us (I promise you it will be worth your time):

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This is THE online event to attend if you’re even vaguely interested in the massive plans underway throughout the world to hold these corrupt Agents posing as Public Officials accountable to the Rule of Law.  Join this movement.  Get in on the ground floor.  Learn about OPERATION SPITWAD.  Learn about the upcoming PAG Training, and more.

Register now by clicking here

See you on the webinar!

Warmest regards,

Adventures in Sovereignty Co-Hosts:

Rebecca Cope and Andrew Bartzis

Webinar Features:

Rod Class, Private Attorney General  (PAG)

PS: If you don’t know what a PAG is, then that one understanding straight from the Congressional Records can set you on a path to recover your Sovereignty.  Join us for this special Webinar on Sunday, August 31, 2014.

PPS: – As soon as you register, we have a special BONUS I can’t wait to share with you.

WE WILL EMAIL YOU YOUR BONUS AS SOON AS YOU REGISTER: One of our listeners shared how a 20-year old Sovereign in Training got his Traffic Citation handled without a fine or penalty or without coming into the Jurisdiction of the Corporations posing as Court Officials, in Atlanta, Georgia, in June, 2014.  YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS PDF.  It has information you need for your next Traffic Ticket!

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NesaraNews: NESARA / GESARA Announcement on September 9th, 2014?

This is an interview with “The Dove of Oneness” about NESARA. She reportedly passed away on May 30, 2010.

A few days ago, NesaraNews posted the following:


Since then, the above video has resurfaced on a few YouTube channels. Clearly, people are waiting for NESARA to be announced.

Frankly, NesaraNews has predicted the RV for almost every long weekend for over two years, so I wouldn’t put much faith in this announcement. -LW

The Fascinating History Of Civil Law Versus Divine Common Law

Light Worker 29501:

Update: August 30, 2014 Re: Common Law Grand Jury Status in USA – Please send out to all bloggers to post.

National Liberty Alliance is raising funds. We also need everyone to sign up for the grand jury. Free education on the process . All 50 states are ready to go. We the people will bring justice ! As you are aware this is part of the process of cleaning up our planet and taking responsibility for it. Please help keep this message active.

Thank you, Shannon.

This article was written in 2012, shortly after Neil Keenan files commercial liens against the G7 banks, so some of the links are rather old, but the history is very much relevant to the changes we are seeing unfold before our eyes in the worlds of banking and the restoration of common law. -LW

Originally posted on Our New World:

The Fascinating Process of Self Liberation under Common Law


In the past months, David Wilcock posted an epic work on Financial Tyranny. One of the most interesting parts of that story is a lawsuit against the central banking system that has been filed by Neil Keenan and Keith Scott, a story that had been covered by Benjamin Fulford for quite some time already.

When I investigated this story further, I found out that current International Civil law and thus allthe nations operating under this jurisdiction (including the corporate US government) ultimately are legally nothing but vassals of the Vatican. In other words: (virtually) all nations are legally operated as (de-facto) corporations under the jurisdiction of the Vatican. And as we will see, that gives some very interesting possibilities that may offer some solutions to the problems we are facing.

The story starts with the…

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The Dumbing down of America, Who Profits?

Originally posted on Our New World:

The general public needs to understand that the government’s money does not come from their budget. After all, a budget is merely a plan for income and expenses. The governments money is recorded in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs). This article explains the kinds of things you will find in the CAFRs. This will amaze you. -LW

by Walter Burien – CAFR1


In Reply to Doc Blake’s post copied below the WJB reply:

Doc Blake:

Just so you don’t get played as was intended by the government boys, the illusion spoon fed us that you parroted below: “We have a rubber stamp government, run by large corporations” Well, it was that way in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and going into the 60’s. But a big transition took place going into the beginning of the 50’s to the end of the 60’s that culminated by the…

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Did the CFR Just Tell us About the RV?

Originally posted on Our New World:

In today’s Email update, Doug Stockman criticizes the Foreign Affairspublication of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). A recent article titled, “Print Less but Transfer More: Why Central Banks Should Give Money Directly to the People,” states the following:

“It’s well past time, then, for U.S. policymakers — as well as their counterparts in other developed countries — to consider a version of Friedman’s helicopter drops. In the short term, such cash transfers could jump-start the economy. Over the long term, they could reduce dependence on the banking system for growth and reverse the trend of rising inequality. The transfers wouldn’t cause damaging inflation, and few doubt that they would work. The only real question is why no government has tried them.”

On the surface, it does seem absurd, but what if the “helicopter drops” are the prosperity packages (PPs) and the global currency reset/revaluation (GCR/RV)?

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Dr. Andrew Wakefield breaks silence on #CDCWhistleblower

I wonder how many more doctors will be coming out of the woodwork, in support of Dr. William Thompson, the CDC Whistleblower who exposed the fraud of vaccines. -LW

While other media outlets remain silent on this breaking story, we continue our investigation into the CDC Whistleblower Dr William Thompson… and as a result of Thompson’s statements a collective voice is accusing the CDC of fraud.

Initially Dr. Thompson contacted Doctor Brian Hooker stating the CDC has been hiding self-incriminating evidence for over 10 years now and that he WITNESSED the CDC remove large numbers of young black boys from their case study, because they showed a 340 percent SPIKE in autism after vaccinations.

We’re now turn to an international leader on vaccinations for some answers. In fact, it was HIS research that started a lot of this talk years ago. Our guest today is Dr. Andrew Wakefield one of the first researchers to link vaccines to autism.

Shortly after he first spoke out against vaccinations, the Lancet journal, ABC’s Good Morning America and even the British Medical Journal basically cut him off. The medical community did everything they could to distance themselves from him, while ABC did everything they could to vilify him. It’s been several tough years, yet Doctor Wakefield’s research still reverberates throughout doctors offices and households around the nation and he’s here joining us today to discuss the CDC Whistleblower and his own research.